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The Jujitsu Test That Happened Months Ago

So, this is an embarrassingly late post. I generally try to update this blog with what's new in my life, but as you might have noticed, there was a period of time where I was simply too swamped to post anything new.


So, I got my green belt in Jujitsu! Yay! Wait, you knew that already? Because I've had this green belt for a couple of months now? Oh, well... I know for a fact that you haven't seen pictures! Because VikingDad took hundreds of pictures and I had to go through them and sort them and well... I just didn't feel like it until now.

(I can't be too sorry about not devoting hours of my life to going through hundreds of pictures. Meh.)

Most pictures are basically white blurs anyway, because, let's face it, it's really really difficult to get a good picture of someone performing martial arts.

(...Like this one, for instance. White blurs. Except for the higher ranking students in the background standing in judgment. Eeep!)

Anyway. I didn't feel ready for my test, so I was super nervous.

(I think my expression says it all.)

After bowing in, we had to demonstrate how to fall properly.

(I.E. not on your head.)

I really like that picture, because it looks like I'm falling straight onto my head, and that's hilarious to me. In reality, I started from a headstand and was flipping over. So, just in case you were worried, I did not, in fact, break my neck.

(This one looks kind of cool, though.)

(...Although sometimes the landings are kind of rough. LOL)

After intentionally falling down a lot, it was time for joint locks.

(In other words, how to break someone's wrist in all conceivable ways. This is one way.)

(Here's another way.)

(We also frequently break thumbs.)

(And even do the occasional neck crank.)

I did pretty well on joint locks, but next came the throws! Throws are far and away my weak area in martial arts.

(To my surprise, they worked pretty well!)

(One of the few non-blurry throw pictures.)

(I also demonstrated a submission hold or two.)

(Setting up a Makikomi throw.)

(And the test ended in a throat crush. As all good things should.)

I passed my test! And not only that, but I did my best, too. I'm pretty happy about how it went. After the test, I took my first throws as an official green belt.


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The Jujitsu Test That Happened Months Ago


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