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Sebrinah Yeo Blog
Mother Of 2 Boys, Social Media influencer, Blogger & Mumpreneur @ , Freelance Writer/Graphic Designer, Access Bars & Facelift Practitioner
51Talk Online English Learning Malaysia
2022-07-25 09:19
 As a mother in today's digital era. Many will wonder what is the current change in education. And for me I feel personally that education is important but traditional methods of educat… Read More
MURAD Power Pairs Serum With Sunblock
2022-03-30 18:55
Have you guys heard of MURAD? If not let me give a quick intro, in 1989, Dr Howard Murad a dermatologist and pharmacist founded Murad, Inc. the first modern doctor brand of clinical skincare… Read More
2022-02-15 17:48
It's boxing day today! So we got up early to head out for maaaakaaaaaannn! We've always wanted to explore Klang side but we're abit clueless where to get nice food in Klang. Really need some… Read More
2022-02-15 17:27
A place where you should drop by to visit. LaLaport Mall at Bukit Bintang KL is now open to the public. The Grand launch in January before Chinese New Year 2022, was held at the WOW plaza an… Read More
Tobacco Harm Reduction Alternatives
2021-11-25 03:44
If you or you know someone who is a smoker, then I am sure this article can help you or your loved one. Because today I wanted to bring this topic into awareness; the "Tobacco Harm Reduction… Read More
2021-11-13 13:31
Today I'd like to share abit more of a personal experience of mine in my household item. Which is the fan! Yes, I know it may sound simple but when you start shopping for one, you would want… Read More
BookXcess @ MyTOWN Shopping Centre
2021-11-05 18:44
Have you heard about the latest BookXcess outlet in MyTOWN Shopping Centre? If you haven't then let me bring you through this beautiful place that will blow your mind away in an aesthetic ki… Read More
PROVITAL Immuna Plus Immunity Calculator
2021-09-22 16:43
Remember last month, I tried a new adult milk that is to boost immune with key nutrients from the PROVITAL Immuna Plus milk?My parents have been consuming this since as they are above 40 yrs… Read More
Madammoselle Hair Brush Collection Malaysia
2021-09-14 13:13
Being a woman who just loves my hair! Actually, let's rewind back a lil. Since young, my mom always ask me to cut "boy cut, boy cut" and it's really annoying really. I never liked short hair… Read More
2021-08-04 05:22
The topic many dread about! Maths! But every child growing up can never avoid this because it will eventually become a part of our life! Mathematics is one of the most important subjects wor… Read More
Lumispa VS. Hand Washing
2021-07-12 05:43
Still cleansing your face by hand? It may not be as clean as you think it is. This was what people told me before last time and it is true. I always thought, we can just be natural. Just wat… Read More
2021-07-12 01:06
I've tried many cookie's in my entire breastfeeding journey, especially the ones that promotes boosting breastmilk. And out of the many I've tried and reviewed before, this one was my favour… Read More
2021-06-25 16:16
 Staying home will only mean one thing. Staying sane! And staying safe of course! While many are following the news around the pandemic, lest not forget to continue to have healthy good… Read More
2-in-1 Cleaning Tool For All Household
2021-05-27 08:47
Regular cleaning of your home is actually beneficial for you and your family as it prevents the build-up of dust and other allergens which may trigger allergies or breathing problems. Now th… Read More
ArtVenture With Sarah Playdough Review
2021-05-12 13:50
 I'm so excited to share with you about this! Seeing as we're all pretty much in at home for awhile now and for god knows how long more. With all the hustle and bustle out there, we def… Read More
Malaysian Big Bad Wolf Sale May 2021
2021-05-02 06:58
 It's back! The big bad wolf is back and this time it's back with its "Hybrid Book Sale". Dubbed as "The World's Biggest Book Sale", the BIG BAD WOLF is back and kicking off their "Mala… Read More
Tapaulah Nasi Lemak Malaysia
2021-05-01 08:08
Yes! Yes! Yes! When it comes to food, especially asian food, there's no denying that Nasi Lemak is a true winner! It is the food staple of every Malaysian home! You must atleast have had Nas… Read More
2021-03-27 19:14
 Being an entrepreneur in my field while building my dreams along my NuProfessional journey has been an exciting and fun experience. The best part of this is I am finally able to realiz… Read More
Growing Up With Dutch Lady Maxgro
2021-03-16 11:40
The title kinda says it all. Like literally, growing UP and I mean in terms of reaching the optimal height a child should be at their age is important! That's why when I heard of the latest… Read More
What Is Obesity?
2021-02-12 19:10
 Today I want to talk about something serious here. I'm sure many of you are aware or maybe many of you are unaware that Obesity is the main cause of many health compications! And in So… Read More
Enfagrow A+ MindPro Malaysia
2021-02-08 10:22
 Since the Covid-19 struck us all around the world; Many parents like me will tend to worry about their children and their future. Most importantly especially on our children's immunity… Read More
Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream Recipes
2021-02-08 09:06
This time of the year, everyone is searching for recipes, because it is the new norm! So if you're stuck at home like me, then time to turn things up a notch! With Chinese Niu Year 2021 arou… Read More
A Niu Year With SHOPEE 2.2 CNY SALE
2021-01-27 03:18
 This Chinese New Year festivity may be a tad different, but Shopee and its Brand Ambassador ANIU welcome you to celebrate “A Niu Year” with them at the 2.2 CNY Sale that is… Read More
Wearing My Baby My Way With MamaWay
2021-01-19 11:39
I love the headline of this article. Because it is personalized to suit me and my baby. As a mother of 3, with 3 kids day in and day out even from home during MCO, it can be extra tiring. Bu… Read More
PG Mall Revlon Year End Clearance Stock
2020-12-31 08:34
It's the end of the year! And Year-End Clearance sales are the best bargains that you would ever wish for! So today, I wanna share this amazing Clearance sale from Revlon that all you beauty… Read More
1MK Delivers To Your Doorstep
2020-12-27 01:55
 Omg! Remember the time I told you that you could get what you want at your favourite mall for the price of 1 shipping fee? Well this time it's the same but at another mall that not jus… Read More
Happy Birthday Shopee! Love, Gong Cha
2020-12-07 04:47
Happy Birthday Shopee! Love, Gong chaHappy Birthday Shopee! In conjunction with Shopee’s 5th birthday celebration, Malaysians’ favourite bubble tea chain Gong cha has curated a n… Read More
2020-12-05 02:47
Shoppers looking for creative gifting ideas from premium brands can now get inspiration from Shopee Premium. Starting on 7 December, Shopee unveils 7 Days of Exclusive Gifts campaign this 12… Read More
Ordering From MyCITTA Mall
2020-12-01 07:38
Welcome to the new norm! If you're in 2020, then you will know what I mean. Since the Covid-19 pandemic happened across the globe, many industries are now finding ways to survive through the… Read More
Shopee 11.11 Amazing Big Sales
2020-11-10 07:49
With just one more day to 11 November, over 1,200 brands and retailers, as well as 800,000 sellers on Shopee are ramping up their offers and bringing Malaysians the biggest bargains and kick… Read More
The Big Bad Wolf Online Book Sale 2020
2020-11-03 18:52
The most anticipated event of the year is finally here! From 4th to 11th November 2020, an 8 day book sale fiesta is set to blow you away! With 20million books over 40,000 book titles. Malay… Read More
ElderloveMissi Nursing Home For The Elderly
2020-08-19 11:21
Today I would like to share with you a heartfelt post about humanity. This part of humanity relates very much and very dear to all of us, no matter where we are from. It is about caring for… Read More
PG Mall Malaysia No.1 E-Commerce Platform
2020-08-12 03:44
I bet most of you Malaysians have already received your E-Penjana by now? If not then quickly redeem it on your favourite e-wallet as PG Mall is having this amazing event in conjunction with… Read More
Documentary Of Malaysia MH17 : In Memory
2020-07-14 03:04
It has been 6 years this coming 17th July since the tragedy of MH17 that was shot down en route to Kuala Lumpur. I remember the time it happened; it was a heartfelt moment of sadness that sp… Read More
PG Mall Birthday Celebration 2020
2020-06-25 11:42
Yes! You heard that right! It's PG Mall Birthday Celebration! And I am equally excited for this celebration because of the amazing line ups of events that you will surely benefit the most fr… Read More
JOYLEE Covid-19 Battle Pack For My Family
2020-06-21 13:15
Since the pandemic, many have been pretty paranoid over the Covid-19 that has no solution to yet! With its unpredictable speed at affecting millions around the world, as a parent, I myself a… Read More
CLiPtec BTW308D Exclusive Launch On Shopee
2020-05-23 03:39
With the drive to exceed customers’ preferences and produce excellent, high quality, user-friendly technology that is essential to the ever- changing digital world today, CLiPtec is n… Read More
ONLY ORGANIC No.1 Baby Food Brand
2020-04-03 15:24
As a mother of 3, I always look for the best for my baby. And being an experienced mom for the 3rd time, I always keep myself updated with what's the best out there in the market. Especially… Read More
Duduk Rumah, Shopee Hantar
2020-03-26 10:07
Shop safely from home with RM0.44 deals and free shipping with RM8 minimum spend. The government has recently announced the extension of the Movement Control Order (MCO) till 14 Ap… Read More
E3 Largest Hairdressing Group In Asia
2020-03-11 19:39
Gratitude is the first thing that I will start my post with today. Because I travelled all the way through into the hearts of Kuala Lumpur to E3 Hair Salon Masjid Jamek to pamper my hair.Ps… Read More
MiSSi Care Home Nursing Malaysia
2020-03-10 20:12
It has been awhile! Since being involved in weight and health wellness care, I was privileged to be able to come across MiSSi Care that offers services for looking after the elderly folks in… Read More
AvatarOn By Schneider Electric
2020-01-29 13:42
Festivity Decorations and Designs Made Possible with AvatarOn by Schneider ElectricHappy Chinese New Year everyone! Hope you are enjoying your 5th day of Chinese New Year with lots of firecr… Read More
Sweet Pineapple Treat At Swee Bee
2020-01-23 06:47
Growing up in my Chinese culture, Pineapple tarts is like a must for every Chinese New Year! It is the ultimate treat to have and the best to savour wherever you go for visiting! However now… Read More
Good Morning To A Good Day With VGrains
2020-01-18 16:02
With the evolving trend of today's era; Technology is something that is an emerging market where it is undeniably huge with potential! That being said, everything has its pros and cons and b… Read More
Family Fun At Best Western I-City Shah Alam
2019-12-19 04:31
For school holidays, parents all around will surely be brainstorming to plan where to go with the family for some fun moments to enjoy together! This time around, we brought our kids to Best… Read More
KidZania Official Partnership With BFM 89.9
2019-12-09 09:17
Bringing my kids to KidZania Kuala Lumpur is my most greatest joy. Because I get to watch my kids learn life and explore new adventures and watch them grow.Although there are some establishm… Read More
New Safi Youth Radiance In Malaysia
2019-12-08 16:08
As a local Malaysian, we also have a range of beauty products that is suitable for our asian skin. And these days, everything is about anti-aging formula. One of the known brands in Malaysia… Read More
KidZania Be A Star Is Back! (Season 2)
2019-11-30 19:03
This time of the year is my favourite! School holidays gets even better with KidZania Kuala Lumpur’s Be A Star variable school-holiday programme that is now back for a second season by… Read More
2019-11-22 14:13
For 2 days only, Shopee will be having a Baby Fair that will benefit all parents out there and especially to all young parents - congratulations on your newborn!While your hearts melt at the… Read More
HP Little Makers Challenge
2019-11-14 18:55
With the school holidays coming up, I had to come up with ways to educate and spend time with my children. Thankfully, I knew of the HP Little Maker Challenge that I took part in before; And… Read More
Save More On Electronic Products On Shopee
2019-11-08 03:55
Check out the Electronics Deals on Shopee this 11.11 Big Sale with discounts up to 50% on some of the most popular searched products with the lowest price guaranteed. To add to the thrill, S… Read More
ASUS ROG Phone 2 Exclusively On Shopee
2019-10-11 15:34
Oh-M-Gee! The long-awaited ASUS ROG Phone II is officially coming to Malaysia this 16 October! You can get your hands on the official Malaysian sets from ASUS Mobile Official Store on Shopee… Read More
SkipHop Collection Malaysia
2019-10-04 16:29
My kids has been bugging me for a certain collection for awhile now and out of all the brand's, SkipHop is still my no.1 brand that I will pick anytime over the others.For its convenience an… Read More
Anchor Legendairy 133 Celebration
2019-09-27 19:19
Anchor Legendairy 133 Celebration, celebrates 133 years with their valuable partners of great food that feeds great businesses! Today's celebration thanks their partners for the their trust… Read More
BabyKoala Labels For Bottles
2019-09-16 17:34
As a 3rd time mother, I never thought that I would ever needed to pump and store milk for my baby. However, this 3rd time around, I would have to do that because of my active lifestyle and m… Read More
BioGaia ProBiotics For A Healthy Gut
2019-09-16 17:14
As a mother of 3 kids, I always knew probiotics is an important source of supplement for a healthy gut. But I never really knew how important it was for newborn babies until now!I've heard o… Read More
Lulu Hypermarket Crazy Sales!
2019-09-12 17:47
Lulu Hypermarket Crazy Sales is not to be missed! Back again with their special bargains to beat! They have had a series of sales that has captured the hearts of shoppers since Merdeka Eve!O… Read More

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