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7 Silly Things Every New Mom Does

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Silly Things Every New Mom Does

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Motherhood comes with a package of mixed feelings. Soon after your child arrives into the world, not only are you overjoyed but also have moments of fear, anxiety, worry and you fret when there is no need to. If you are a first-time mom, you might do some things that are needless, but you do because you have had no prior experience, or simply because you are extra careful in handling and doing things for your little one. Somehow, the most sensible of the mothers seem to lose their rational as they end up doing things that are often unnecessary. Here are a few of them:

1. You begin to call your husband ‘Papa’:

Might sound ridiculous to those around you. But you mean to say, “Papa of my baby”. It is your way of acknowledging his position in the household. Funny enough, he doesn’t object to it. He understands what you are meaning.

2. Speed-eating is the order of the day:

There is no such thing as having a meal at leisure. After all, those hours you spent in diaper-changing your baby, bathing, feeding and rocking your baby to sleep – even though you were hungry – just make you go berserk. No sooner than you sit down to have a meal peacefully believing that your baby is all asleep, does it give a little cry and you flit out forgetting all about your food. But once you revert to the dining table, you make sure you shovel up just as much as possible in one go.

3. You go hazy about your life and purpose:

OK, now you are a mother. Then what? With the never-ending sequence of tasks that your baby suddenly throws upon you, you forget yourself. But when you do get some breathing space, you wonder what you are doing, where you are heading, and whence your baby arrive! Is it for real?

4. You keep carrying your baby in your arms more than needed:

You have the tendency to hold your baby very often because it’s just the natural instance of a mom. But you might be overdoing it. Making too much skin contact with the baby does not promote a balanced growth – as goes grandma’s tale – but you could somewhat logical in a way that you don’t let your baby get independent. Once your baby falls asleep, it’s the best to put him or her back into its baby cot or cradle.

5. Investing in diapers too early on:

So there was this Thanksgiving Day sale and you bought loads of diaper packs. What you don’t realize is that your teeny-weeny looking baby is soon going to outgrow those diaper sizes you got! Plus those bibs, the pair of socks, the mittens and so on. So some wise investment must be your call when it comes to baby accessories.

6. Checking your baby’s breath:

Yes, you’ve heard and read so much about the unwanted things happening to babies. You fear for your child when you hear about SIDS or other forbidden syndromes. If your baby has been sleeping for too long, you might stealthily check for its breath and then heave a sigh of relief!

7. Counting the number of hiccups your baby gets:

Hiccups are common in infants and babies as they happen due to the contractions of the diaphragm. It is not so much of an irritation to the baby as it is to adults. So, when your baby hiccups, you get a bit unnerved. Moreover, you begin to take the count of them.

And it’s not just these. You are loaded with things you never imagined you would do. Until you have your baby, you would least care about throwing a soiled diaper of a friend’s baby and keep up with the stink. It all changes with your baby coming into existence.


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7 Silly Things Every New Mom Does


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