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17 Best Winter Gloves For Women In 2020

Dealing with cold climatic conditions, such as snow and temperatures that drop below zero degrees, is easier when you have the right Winter wear. Besides jackets, shoes, and caps, Winter Gloves are also essential to protect your hands and prevent frostbites.

Winter gloves are designed to protect you from the cold while keeping your hands from sweating. A good pair of such gloves can be handy when you are working outdoors or driving. In this post, MomJunction has listed the best winter gloves for women to choose from. Keep reading to find one that is for you.

17 Best Winter Gloves For Women That Made Our 2020 List

1. Achiou Winter Knit Gloves With Thermal Soft Lining Elastic Cuff

Created with touch-sensitive materials on three fingertips of each hand, these are among the best winter gloves for women that enable easy use of touchscreen devices. The palm area has silicone material that keeps items from slipping out of your hand. The elastic cuff around the wrist ensures that the wind does not enter and chill your hands. The breathable material of the gloves stretches to provide a comfortable fit and keeps hands from sweating, which is essential if you are driving a motorcycle.

The gloves come in ten color options.

2. Hindawi Winter Slouchy Beanie Gloves For Women Knit Hats Skull Caps Touch Screen

This set of two gloves and a slouchy-style beanie is available in several color combinations. The gloves are made from acrylic and have an inner lining that provides extra warmth. Two fingers and the thumb of each glove has a touch screen friendly material that makes it easy to use mobile devices. The anti-skid technology used on the palms helps users keep a secure hold on devices while the beanie is ideal for daily wear, and pairs effortlessly with various outfits.

3. Tomily Women’s Touch Screen Phone Fleece Windproof Gloves

Featuring a fashionable design with three buttons at the wrist area, these are among the best women’s winter gloves as they provide hands with the right amount of warmth and are very comfortable to wear. The thumb and forefinger are covered with a material that allows for the accurate use of a device with touch screens. The material used in the creation of these gloves is breathable and keeps hands from sweating while ensuring that they remain warm.

4. Pvendor Winter Gloves Touch Screen Warm Knit Gloves

Made with material that is a combination of 30% wool and 70% acrylic, these gloves keep your hands warm. They are lined with wool, have an elastic cuff, and are suitable for use in temperatures up to -20℃. Three of the fingertips of each glove are created with material that provides high sensitivity and allows for accurate use of touch screens. The rubber used on the palm makes it anti-slip, allowing for you to keep a secure hold on mobile devices or the steering wheel of a vehicle.

5. MCTi Ski Gloves, With Wrist Leashes And 3m Thinsulate

These gloves come with 3m Thinsulate, which allows moisture to evaporate and keeps hands warm. The leather patch between the thumb and finger provides the gloves with extra durability, while the PU leather on the palm allows you to maintain a secure grip. The fingertips allow for easy use of touchscreen devices, and there is a portion that is covered with nose wipe fabric. Elastic leashes keep the gloves attached to your wrist and they have an exterior that is made from waterproof material.

6. ViGrace Women’s Winter Touch Screen Gloves

Created from Chenille, these winter gloves are soft and are ranked among the best women’s winter gloves for cold weather. They come with elastic cuffs that prevent wind from entering the sleeves. Three material also has smart tips that allow accurate use of devices with a touchscreen. The material also allows moisture to be wicked away and keeps hands dry and warm.

7. Dsane Women’s Winter Driving Lambskin Gloves

One of the warmest winter gloves for women, these are made from PU leather and feature durable stitching. The black gloves are lined with lambskin or cashmere, and all fingers can be used for accurate control of devices with touch screens. The wrists are covered well and provide the right amount of windproofing to keep your hands warm when driving.

8. isotoner Women’s Spandex Cold Weather Gloves With Warm Fleece Lining And Chevron Details

These gloves are made from stylish black spandex but are also available in several other colors. They have chevron detailing for an attractive look, while the smarTouch material used on the thumb and index fingers of each hand allows hassle-free use of touchscreen devices. The palm has a patch that provides a secure grip on objects. The innovative material used to create the gloves is lightweight and has been enhanced with smartDRI technology that repels water and ensures that your hands remain dry.

9. Carhartt Women’s Quilts Insulated Breathable Glove

Made from 100% polyester, these gloves are lined with microfiber and provide added warmth to your hands. The palms and fingers are covered with a material that allows for phones to be easily gripped. The gloves are also waterproof and ensure hands are kept dry. Breathable material also keeps hands from sweating, and the cuff is stretchable.

10. Alepo Women’s Winter Warm Gloves With Sensitive Touch Screen Texting Finger

These gloves have a striking design and come in a variety of colors. Each glove has three elegant buttons that provide a decorative touch to the area around the wrist. The non-inverted material used in its creation is breathable and prevents sweating. It is soft and is lined with fleece and keeps your fingers and hand warm even when working outdoors. The thumb and forefinger are covered with a material that allows for easy use of smartphones that have touch-sensitive screens.

11. C.C BeanieTail Messy High Bun Cable Knit Beanie And Anti-Slip Touchscreen Gloves Set

This beanie and gloves set is designed to appeal to women who like to match the clothes and accessories. The gloves are made with light-colored cable knit material, and two fingertips are covered with smart tips material that allows for easy use of touch screen devices. The palm area of the gloves has suede patches that provide a secure grip on objects and steering wheels when driving vehicles. The beanie has space for pulling a ponytail or braid through it, making it fashionable and ideal for all-day use.

12. The North Face Women’s Osito Etip Glove

Created with fleece and polyester material, these gloves are available in several colors that are preferred by women. Each has powdered fleece on the palm area and has Etip fingers that allow for easy use of touchscreen devices with any of the five fingers. It also helps you maintain a secure grip when driving. The gloves are designed to allow for the natural relaxation of your hands. Durable nylon is used over the knuckles and fingers, and the gloves are long-lasting and good alternatives to Maxprotect Winter Tech gloves.

13. OZERO Winter Gloves -30°F Cold Proof Thermal Glove Warm Fleece Insulated Lamb Wool

Ideal for those who participate in winter sports or work outdoors, these Ozero gloves are water-resistant and keep your hands dry even when they come in contact with the snow. Two fingers, the thumb, and forefinger are covered with a material that allows for easy use of touchscreen devices. The palm has a leather patch that helps wearers keep a firm grip on objects or handlebars of motorcycles. It is lined with a thick layer of lamb wool fleece, and the gloves can be easily cleaned and maintained.

14. Alepo Winter Wool Warm Gloves For Women

These are made with material that is a blend of equal parts of acrylic and wool. They are among the warmest gloves for women and young girls and easily fit their hands. They feature a fleece lining that keeps the hands warm, and two fingertips are coated with touchscreen-friendly material and allow for accurate use of mobile devices. With the faux suede patch incorporated into the palm area of the glove, they provide superior grip on steering wheels and are ideal when driving.

15. ELMA Women’s Fleece Lined Gloves

Available in attractive colors, these gloves are made from a material that is a combination of wool, rabbit fur, and nylon. They also have 100% lining, which is similar to fleece and provides added warmth to your hands. Two fingers feature touchscreen-friendly material and allow for you to take calls or use your phone when wearing gloves. The exterior has a knitted design and gives the gloves a feminine touch.

16. Chanvi Women’s Mittens Winter Thick Gloves

These thick gloves are designed with attractive color and are made from long-lasting material that is a combination of 70% wool and 30% acrylic. They are among the warmest winter gloves for women, have a mitten design, and, therefore, are ideal for wearing at home. A knit design on the exterior provides an attractive finish, while the interior lining made from fleece keeps your hands warm.

17. Isotoner Women’s Ski Gloves

Designed to be ideal for skiing, these are among the best winter gloves for women and feature a zippered pocket for storing cards and other similarly-sized items. There is an elastic band around the wrist that prevents wind from entering. While the gloves have an added layer of insulation that keeps hands warm when skiing. A fleece cuff is provided for added protection while a hook and loop closure keeps the gloves secured.

How To Choose The Best Winter Gloves For Women?

Getting gloves for winter wear is often overlooked and sometimes forgotten when buying clothing and other essentials for the season. As a result, many go online to pick winter gloves. However, you need to use the correct method and information when selecting the best winter gloves for women, especially if you plan to give them as gifts. Continue reading to find the information you should use to find the right gloves.

  • Ensure your gloves suit your hand size

Gloves for the winter provide essential protection for your fingers and hands, but they are only effective if they are of the right size. Manufacturers have different methods to measure hands for gloves, so use the one specified to find the right size.

  • Get lightweight or heavier gloves depending on the winter climate

Getting gloves made of lightweight materials is ideal if you live in an area with mild winters or if you do not go out often. These gloves are usually cheaper and are suitable for everyday use. Alternatively, heavier gloves that provide more insulation and water-resistance are perfect when living in areas with extreme cold.

  • Pick a glove with breathable liner material

Liners used in gloves sometimes cause you to sweat, especially if you are using them for work and can result in your hands feeling cold and wet. So, ensure your gloves have a breathable liner that wicks away moisture and keeps your hands dry.

  • Match the gloves to the activity you are doing

If you plan on doing a lot of work outdoors in the snow all through the day, you need gloves that are durable and provide the right amount of warmth. Also, ensure that your gloves have leather or suede on the palms, which will give you a better grip on steering wheels and handlebars.

Also, when working and driving, it is important to have gloves with good flexibility. Such gloves keep your hands comfortable and prevent cramps.

  • Touchscreen friendly fingertips are vital

Gloves that have touchscreen-friendly fingertips do not all have the same accuracy. So, ensure that the material and technology used to create the fingertips allows you to operate a touchscreen easily.

  • Get special gloves if you are skiing or taking part in outdoor sports

Gloves that are specially designed for skiing are waterproof and not just water-resistant and provide better grip on ski poles. So, if you are going on a ski vacation, it is ideal that you get ski gloves.

The best winter gloves for women are not very hard to find, and you can easily find the perfect pair online. Do let us know if the list of top winter gloves that we outlined above helped you find the right pair this year.

Disclaimer: MomJunction may earn a commission when products are purchased through affiliate links given in the article. However, this partnership does not influence the editorial content featuring in our list.

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17 Best Winter Gloves For Women In 2020


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