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If You’re Pregnant, Your Partner Can’t Smoke – Even If They Don’t Do It Around You!

If You’re Pregnant, Your Partner Can’t Smoke

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Everyone knows Smoking isn’t good for health. Admittedly, to choose cigarettes or not, that’s an individual call for personal health. But during pregnancy, you’re not just responsible for yourself. There’s a child involved. And your smoking habits can have a negative impact on your baby. Everyone generally tends to tell the mother to not indulge in smoking those cancer-sticks, but actually, the husband or friends smoking around the pregnant woman isn’t acceptable either.

Studies show that in the presence of another person smoking a cigarette, you’re just as exposed to all those chemicals that are cancerous, as in the case of being a smoker yourself (1). And since that’s the case, your child is just as prone to inhaling those chemicals that are dangerous to one’s health.

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If you continue to smoke or be around smokers, at home or outside, you’re likely to increase the chances of facing difficulties with your delivery (2). On top of that, if you do end up giving birth to a newborn and return to a smoking environment, be ready for news that informs you about the ill health of your child (3). Judging human tendency, no mother or parent would want any of the aforementioned consequences. So, please be sure that there is no smoke in or around you while you’re trying to have a baby.

You must also know that cancerous chemicals released by tobacco make their way into garments, sofas, mattresses, and curtains to name a few (4). Remember that sweater you wore while smoking? Yes, that contains the very same toxins. This is not a one-time instance; the chemicals get absorbed and become more harmful over time. Fondly remember that day, six months ago, while watching a movie on the couch you finished a pack of cigarettes with that bottle of wine? That’s right. That is now a permanent home for those cancerous chemicals. What’s worse is that you may not even be aware that the pillow you’d been resting on this whole time actually contains carcinogenic chemicals.

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Moreover, these highly dangerous chemicals are quick to get cosy in the blood flowing within your circulatory system, which is also connected to your little one. If they get too comfortable, the chemicals might cause breathing issues for your baby. So, take extra precaution! And, in case, living with a smoker is unavoidable, then ask them to smoke outside and put on extra clothing on them when they light a cigarette. This way, you can immediately take off that extra cover that absorbs most of the chemicals when they come back indoors. This will help a little in avoiding some amount of the threat to you and your child’s health. But certainly, not smoking at all would be best.

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Many times, it just so happens that parents let go of their smoking habits to ensure a better future for their child. After all, cigarettes cannot be more powerful than human beings. When thinking of a new life together as a family, plenty of individuals prioritize family over tobacco. They practice self-control and perseverance in the presence of support and love of their close ones.

But sometimes, even after repeated attempts, the smoker fails to let go of tobacco. It’s unfortunate but it happens. Often, it’s because they have been smoking for way too long, and their body reacts horribly once they give up. In such cases, if the struggle to quit is overwhelming, consult your doctor and look into joining ‘stop smoking’ programs that are offered by hospitals.

The health of your unborn child is of the ultimate importance – don’t ever compromise on it! So, follow the abovementioned precaution tips, and consult your doctor when in doubt. We wish you a safe and smoke-free pregnancy term!


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If You’re Pregnant, Your Partner Can’t Smoke – Even If They Don’t Do It Around You!


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