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These Are The People You Will Totally Hate After Having A Baby

These Are The People You Will Totally Hate After Having A Baby

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You’ve done it! You successfully carried a Baby for nine months, went through hours of labor and gave birth to that gorgeous bundle of joy. Congratulations on that. But don’t pat yourself on the back so quickly. There’s more to come – Post Partum EVERYTHING! There is more to it than the sleepless nights, breastfeeding and hormonal instability.

People, people all around you will bother you every moment after the baby is born — from friends to family and the next-door neighbor who wants to give your child a little cuddle. Everyone has a tendency of getting on your nerves around this time. Let’s make a list to prepare you, not scare you. Keep up your patience levels around the following people and try to spend as less time with them as possible.

1. The Visitors

The list topper! Although most new moms may be excited and happy to show off their new baby to everyone, there are other factors which may annoy them. Physical changes, aches and pains from leaky breasts to bleeding down they may cause discomfort for you. However, not many people will understand that and many more will stay and talk regardless of your convenience. And the pointless questions that ensue are worst! “does she sleep?”, “is she happy?”, “did he poop?” OF COURSE, HE/SHE DOES!

2.   The ‘I-Know-It-All’ Aunty

This ‘aunty’ could just be any woman, who has the experience of being a mother, and by that virtue has a lot to suggest. While she is stocked with knowledge, no, you don’t want to know about the best bra to sleep in for proper milk stimulation or what to do if your baby sleeps late. The worst is when the comparisons come with other moms she knows, and the worst part is when she thinks the other new moms are doing a better job than you. Also, prepare yourself for the “when do you plan to shed the baby weight?” talk.

3. The Friends Who Swore They Would Help You

Ah, the false promises of “hey don’t worry about it, I’ll help you out.” Smells like betrayal doesn’t it? They may help at times but not enough. In many cases, they’ll come over to play with your baby until he or she poops, cries or throws up and then you’ll be asked to take them back. Have I forgotten to mention that you would’ve been cooking, cleaning and attending to them until that moment?

4. The Mothers Who Offer Unrequired Advice

Nothing worse than another mom saying “well, do you know what I did?” You sure as hell don’t! They’ll come in and tell you how to take care of your baby all the while watching the whole scene unfold as they munch on the snacks provided.

5.  The Husband

Notice how his title does not need much of an introduction? The husband, while he may be the most helpful in the world (this baby is half his after all), the moments when people are around is when he disappears! So there you’ll stand taking care of everything while he enjoys the glory of either fleeing the scene or taking in the praises of the child while you slog away.

Finally, I don’t need an intro for this person. You.

There will be a point when you will hate this entire agreement. The sleepless nights, broken routine, bodily fluid and soiled nappies, everything will upset you. But don’t lose hope. Do you see that little bundle with everything perfect in the world looking at you? The one who at this precise moment looks at you with more love than anyone else has ever shown? This is all worth it for that precious smile. Don’t worry about the sleepless nights, nosy relatives and the smells or sounds you will experience. Over time they will all disappear and this, this baby will be completely worth it.


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These Are The People You Will Totally Hate After Having A Baby


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