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11 Confusing Thoughts A Man Has Before Going Down On His Knees

11 Confusing Thoughts A Man Has Before Going Down On His Knees

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It definitely sounds magical and fairy tale like. But how easy is proposing to a girl? As easy as it sounds, proposing can make the guy jittery when he is all set for it. Guys can get nervous and anxious before they get on their knees and spell out the four magical words, “Will You Marry Me”, while secretly wishing ‘yes’ for a response. They might either be a nervous wreck with shivery hands or cool as cucumbers doing the act in perfect style. As the big moment of Proposal draws close, here are some of the fleeting thoughts that go through the guy’s mind:

  1. Will she accept or reject my proposal: The guy might know the girl’s reaction in his heart, but there’s also this fear of rejection that crosses his mind now and then. So, he is in a major suspense until the girl clears the air. So, watch out if he keeps his fingers crossed tight.
  1. Is she the one: Guys are impossible! Even in the last minute, they will wonder if the girl they are about to propose is the one for them. Thoughts about the perfect wife, real soul-mate, ideal mom, et al, engulf him.
  1. Will she meet my expectations: The guy wants his girl to be smart, independent, manage home, and take care of his parents as well. With so many requirements, will she fit the bill?
  1. Will she like the ring: Oh God! The ring! The guys generally spend a fortune on it and hope that she will like it.
  1. Will I meet her expectations: Guy will probably freak out thinking about his girl’s expectations. Which is why he would try hard to impress her to yield a ‘yes’ from her.
  1. Hope her parents will like me: No proposal goes beyond marriage without the approval of the parents. The guy does pray hard and wish that he is liked by the girl’s parents. As there is little control over the mind, they might also think, ‘does her family hate me?”
  1. Can’t wait to get married: He is already planning the big day in his mind – the costumes, venue, food, photo shoots, and guests – he has it all planned already.
  1. Am I getting hooked for real: Guys love their freedom and hate restrictions of any sort. There’s this nagging thing at the back of his mind of whether this will be the beginning of the time to settle down for good.
  1. Am I doing the right thing: Guys can get paranoid about commitment, so they are scared out of wits to take the big plunge. they will remain doubtful right until the end.
  1. Will she be a good mom to my kids: Guys who think that far into the future are certainly going to make a great husband. Or, at least we hope so!
  1. We will rock the marriage: For all you know the guy might be fantasizing – he and the girl as a happy couple with two kids, a great house, a luxury car, and a six digit salary. He has the entire life reeling before him in those few minutes.

It’s so endearing to be proposed – no girl can ever resist the moment. But, girls don’t try deciphering or decoding the thoughts that go through your guy’s mind at the big moment, instead be in the moment and live it.

So, all you guys out there, tell us what goes on in your mind before you pop that big question to your dream girl. We would love to hear from you.


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11 Confusing Thoughts A Man Has Before Going Down On His Knees


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