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15 Best Baby Lotions In India 2020 – Recommended By Doctors

While, the Almighty has made them all so beautiful with flawless Skin, do they really need lotions to keep them smooth? Your baby’s skin absorbs anything that’s you put on it. So, should you use any product that contains alien or chemical substances at all?

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A baby’s skin loses moisture upto 5 times faster than adults which makes them vulnerable to dry skin which can cause rashes, itching, infection, flaking or irritation. Your infant has nothing touching while being a new-born. With days passing by, it battles air-borne irritants, foreign elements when a family/friend comes in contact, while playing with toys or while travelling.

Best Baby Lotions In India 2018

Every product has unique benefits to suit your baby’s skin. You want to be confident that nothing questionable enters your baby’s skin to cause any potential harm. It’s better to choose lotions without a fragrance.

For most parents who think creams & lotions function similarly, here is a journal to choose the best alternative to hydrate your baby’s skin. To moisturize your baby’s delicate skin you can either choose –

  • A Baby Lotion – Thin consistency with >65% water content. After-bath application leaves them with a beautiful fragrance that’s sufficient for everyday use of normal skin. Lotions can be avoided for dry skins & heightened skin sensitivity.
  • A Cream – Contains 50% Oil & 50% Water. Great for normal skin conditions since they are light on application.
  • An Ointment – Contains of 80% Oil & 20% Water and hence effective for dry skin since they are greasy. If your child has skin irritation, it’s best to use an ointment. Avoid if he/she is prone to acne.

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15 Best Baby Lotions In India 2020 – Recommended By Doctors

Sebamed – Best Baby Lotion For Ideal pH

Sebamed Baby Lotion

Price – Rs.1152 for 400ml

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Cetaphil – Best Baby Lotion For Winter

Cetaphil Baby Lotion Reviews

This is a wonderful organic baby lotion with very mild fragrance. It is sulfate & paraben free, with no additional colours, alcohol & mineral oil also hypo-allergic, hence also suitable for sensitive skin types. Highly recommended by paediatricians.

Cons – It has a relatively strong smell

Price – Rs.599 for 400ml

MotherSparsh – Best Baby Lotion In India 2020

Made from only from plant, essential oils & herbal extracts, it blends organic Shea Butter, Avocado, Jojoba, Apricot & Coconut oil to give nourishment to your baby’s gentle skin. This non-greasy formula absorbs quickly & prevents drying & itching. It is free from phthalates, parabens, dyes, SLS/SLES, harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances that means a natural, gentle & non-irritating solution to use on baby skin.

Price: Rs.280 for 200ml.

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Aveeno – Best Baby Lotion For Extreme Dry Skin

Buy Aveeno Baby Lotion

Aveeno is great for application on dry skin as it contains oatmeal to normalize pH and glycerin which deeply moisturizes the skin. Aveeno is fragrance-free, steroid-free and absorbs quickly. Works well for kids with acne or chapped skin.

Cons – The pump design(packaging) may not be very effective.

Price – Rs.580 for 227ml

CeraVe – Best Fragrance-Free Baby Lotion

Best Fragrance Free Baby Lotion In India

One of the few fragrance-free, sulfate free, paraben free baby lotions for babies. Great for sensitive skin and eczema. It is light & non-greasy, and repairs skin very well, and thus, easily ranked among the Best Baby Lotions In India 2020.

Cons – Not organic. It maynot be suitable if skin is chapped (red or broken).

Price – Rs.1198 for 237ml

Puracy – Best Organic Baby Lotion In India

Best Organic Baby Lotion In India

It is a plant-based, food-grade, non-toxic, bio-degradable, vegan, gluten-free, and not tested on animals that suits sensitive & dry skin as well. It is light, hypo-allergic & non-greasy. Magical ingredients like Aloe Vera, Grape Fruit Oil essentials & Sunflower Oil make Puracy one of the Best Baby Lotions For Kids In India.

Cons: Contains additional fragrance.

Price – Rs.2099 for 355ml

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Eucerin – Best Baby Lotion For Eczema

Best Baby Lotion For Eczema

Clinically proven, Eucerin is one of the Top 3 Baby Lotions For Eczema since it does not contain dyes, steroids or additional fragrance & hence causes no irritation to the baby’s delicate skin suffering from rashes and itchy skin.

Cons: It is greasy and maynot work very well if there is an eczema flare-up.

Price – Rs.1649 for 400ml

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Aquaphor (Healing Ointment) – Best Baby Lotion For Extremely Dry & Chapped Skin

Best Baby Lotion For Dry Skin In India

Eczema in babies causes extreme discomfort due to itching. A normal lotion cannot heal the condition. You would need an ointment to cure eczema. Aquaphor’s has high oil content & locks the moisture in the skin also allows the skin to breathe.

Cons – It contains alcohol & mineral oil.

Price – Rs.799 for 190ml

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California Baby Face & Body Sunscreen- Best Baby Lotions For Face

Best Baby Lotions For Infants

This vegan formula contains naturally derived organic ingredients. It contains calming essential oil like French Lavender, light consistency & get absorbed quickly. This is the Best Baby Cream far face which is an award winner brand hailing from Southern California which can also be used in conditions like Chickenpox, sunburn, insect bites & poison ivy but expensive for the size.

Price – Rs.2488 for 192ml.

Nature’s Baby Organics – Best Organic Baby Lotion

Best Body Lotions For Kids In India

Baby Organics Chamomile Verbena is recommended by paediatricians since it is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil & petroleum. It contains the goodness of shea butter, olive oil & avocado oil making it one of the Best Baby Lotions For New-Borns.

Price – Rs.745 for 502ml.

Weleda Calendula – Best Baby Lotion For Delicate Skin

Best Baby Lotions In India Review

A Mother can’t stop kissing her baby! I’m not an exception. Constant contact with the baby’s face(by everyone) can cause acne, irritation or eczema. Weleda’s cream contains 96% organic ingredients with Calendula (no petroleum, chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrance). 100% certified natural.

Cons – Needs a shake before use. Not pocket friendly.

Price – Rs.1545 for 200ml

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Dove – Best Baby Lotion For Dry Skin

Best Baby Lotion In India 2018

Baby Dove beautifully captures the moisture in your infant’s dermis round the clock. It is fragrance-free & hypo allergic. Perfect for everyday use. Does not require multiple applications and hence definitely qualifies for the Best Baby Lotions In India 2020.

Price – Rs.156 for 200ml

Mustela – Best Baby Lotions For Sensitive Skin

Best Baby Lotion For Sensitive Skin

Plant based ingredients provides quick relief from harmful friction with rough toys or bedding. Jojoba oil & almond oil are rich in Vitamin E & help in relieving irritation.

Cons – Strong over-powering odour.

Price – Rs.1450 for 300ml

The Honest Company Healing Balm – Best Organic Baby Lotions For Kids

Best Baby Lotions In India

As the name suggests The Honest Company soothes irritated & cracked skin suffering from eczema, dryness and redness. Made from plant-extract, it is sulfate, paraben & petroleum free.

Cons – It is expensive for the size.

Price – Rs. 1524 for 86ml

Chicco Baby Lotion – Best Moisturizing Cream For Babies

Best Body Lotions For Babies

Chicco is a known brand among baby products. It has no alcohol content and is free from paraben & dyes. It contains derivatives of almonds which helps keeping the skin soft and well nourished.

Price – Rs.479 for 500ml

Burts Bees – Best Natural Baby Lotion For Children

How To Choose The Best Baby Lotion For Your Child

There is nothing better than natural for your baby’s delicate skin. This water-based lotion consists of 96% natural ingredients like buttermilk, shea butter & sunflower seed. It is very long-lasting and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, added fragrance & petroleum.

Price – Rs.1875 for 340ml

Earth Mama Calming Lavender – Best Fragrant Baby Lotion For Infants In India

Best Baby Lotions without Chemicals

Gentle with subtle fragrance, Earth Mama is an amazing organic baby lotion with magical ingredients like aloe vera, orange popsicle & Calendula flower extract; also a good whitening cream for babies.

Cons – Priced for the affluent segment.

Price – Rs.1265 for 240ml

Neutrogena Free & Pure Baby – Best Baby Lotion With SPF

Best Baby Lotions With SPF

With very few lotions that fight the harmful rays of the sunlight, Neutrogena baby lotion is possibly the best baby lotion with SPF. It is dermatologically tested and is safe for all skin.

SPF50 provides 100% mineral sun protection & is safe for your child’s delicate skin.

Price – Rs.3341 for 88ml

Ingredients To Avoid In Baby Lotions –

  • Parabens – It is used as a preservative to prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria. These can be carcinogenic.
  • Sulphates –They bring a frothy effect & hence used in soaps & shampoos. Avoid products with SLS & SLES.
  • Phthalates – They are used as lubricants or stabilizers. Look for DEHP, DOP or BEHP as they can cause cancer.
  • Proplyene Glycol can cause skin irritation & is toxic to health.
  • Fragrances – Ideally best to use Baby Lotions Without Additional Fragrance. Don’t worry, your baby will still smell as sweet! 🙂

The best time to apply Baby lotion is right after bath since it traps the moisture & prevents drying of skin.

Do you think this article is helpful? Do pour in your experiences or queries. Your feedback is important to us and many other mothers who are looking for the best for their child.

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15 Best Baby Lotions In India 2020 – Recommended By Doctors


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