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What’s my secret?

My friend Amanda shared an article with me that made me chuckle (and cry at the same time.) I enjoyed this article so much that it inspired me to write a response! 

So what’s my secret? How do I stay sane if I never get a second to myself? On behalf of moms of two under two (and also a preteen in my case), let me be brutally honest: 

  1. When I wake up in the middle of the night or morning, I don’t look at the clock because it’s just better not knowing
  2. If my son is obssessed with a movie, we are watching it because it keeps him out of trouble
  3. I nurse my youngest to sleep because I cannot take anymore crying
  4. When I need to cry, I cry
  5. I use a vaccuum to clean the high chair and my toddler
  6. Routine!!!!!!!!! and I work hard to make sure both babies are on the same or close enough schedule
  7. I use baby nap time to prep my preteen’s meals and to clean and to marinate dinner’s meat 
  8. By the end I only get 10 minutes to myself and I use it to go on social media because it makes me feel connected or I go online window shopping
  9. Baby lullabies is now my meditation music
  10. I let my toddler explore freely as long as its not scissors or anything else harmful, just let him.
  11. If i find left over food on the floor I eat it because i’m too tired to vaccuum and too lazy to go to the garbage can
  12. I am teaching my toddler to put diapers in the garbage can so I don’t have to walk over 
  13. The babies take baths together so I don’t have to do it twice
  14. Wine and chocolate.
  15. I wash dishes throughout the day as I go to avoid pile up
  16. Packs of diapers everywhere for convenience
  17. If the shirt smells clean, it’s clean
  18. I put on make up every day to feel more awake
  19. I take the babies to the grocery store for socialization….for me
  20. If the babies refuse to nap they still stay in the crib for rest period so I can catch up on house work (unless they’re crying then I take them out)
  21. I plan playdates for my preteen so it keeps him busy and happy 
  22. I take a break and touch up my make up when I feel overwhelmed 
  23. I’m learning to say no
  24. I let tantrums take its course and count to 10 (for me)
  25. I don’t brush my hair anymore because it takes up too much time and if my hair gets tangled, I just cut the knot off
  26. I read alot of self help and meditation books for motivation
  27. I plan activities for my toddler to keep him busy and happy 
  28. I learned to take 5 minute showers
  29. Sometimes I don’t eat because it takes too much time to prepare a meal for myself and i’d rather lie in bed
  30. I make a big batch of bone broth and that has beeen my quick go to meal
  31. I make sure I drink lots and lots of water throughout the day
  32. I don’t know what my babies’ cries mean and I am guessing all the time, my first guess is rarely right but I get it eventually (I don’t know how some moms can tell what cries mean what, kudos)
  33. I take long deeps breaths throughout the day
  34. I call my mom alot 
  35. Luckily organizing and cleaning are therapeutic to me, so it works out
  36. I’m learning to zone out things I don’t want to hear 
  37. I look through videos and pictures of the kids throughout the day because it makes me happy 
  38. I wear the same tank top and shorts almost everyday
  39. I stopped folding and sorting the babies’ clothes and I just shove it in the drawer
  40. I have a basket of assorted baby clothes in the living room so I can just change them on the spot when needed
  41. I worked hard to ensure both babies are use to each other’s sounds so they don’t wake up if one starts to cry or babble
  42. I am constantly finding ways to reconnect with myself though hobbies, meditation, business ideas, writing this blog etc. 
  43. I have no sense of style anymore, and I don’t care
  44. I am in bed by -right after the last baby falls asleep-which is usually 8-8:30ish
  45. I let go of the ECE in me and just be a mom
  46. I forgive myself alot 
  47. I tell myself that there is something to learn after every challenge to make it less stressful
  48. I give one hour of structured activity and free exploration/play for the rest of the day
  49. I try to get some fresh air with the kids every day especially when tantrums are strong that day
  50. I’m learning self-care


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What’s my secret?


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