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First period after delivery? Here’s what everyone’s hiding from you!

I don’t know about you, but I was happy beyond words when I finally got my first periods after Delivery. I could never ever imagine going through those nine months again. So, as I was getting used to sleepless nights, changing diapers and trying my best to enjoy motherhood, I was overwhelmed to see my lady parts bleed again finally! Sure, those nasty cramps were not easy, especially with a newborn by the side, but then I just could not fathom the idea of being pregnant all over again.

So here’s what happens when you finally start Bleeding down there!

1.     Blood clots are normal

Your period is returning after a good one year. So expect it to be back with a bang (literally). Clots, heavy bleeding, darker stains and a little more cramping are perfectly normal. However, if this does last longer than a week, its time to see the doc.

2.     You can get pregnant before your period starts

Yes, that’s true! Science is awesome or what! You have all the possibilities of getting knocked down over again, before you start bleeding again down there. So, get your birth control in place before you are at it already!

3.     Your cycle may be different

It is pretty common for your cycles to go haywire after delivery. Your body has gone through way too much and your nasty hormones will need all the time on earth to calm down and finally listen to you. Plus, you will be breastfeeding your baby, which means there’s all the more reason for your menstrual calendar to behave badly. So, pamper yourselves a little until then! Maybe a good set of period underwear might serve the purpose.

4.     Stay away from tampons

While tampons vs pads vs menstrual cup is a completely personal choice, you need to look at what will suit your body at that moment. With bleeding and stitches in your lady parts, we are not sure you will be happy inserting yet another foreign body into your dear vagina. Give it some extra care. After all, it was not easy to get that little human out of there!

5.     Cramps can be worse or light

Cramps can get harder after delivery, welcome to motherhood! On the other hand, delivery has also been a blessing for some women. Some women also experience lesser bleeding and milder cramps. It all varies from person to person. So, listen to your body and do ONLY what it wants.

6.     You won’t be embarrassed by your period anymore!

After lying but naked in front of a team of doctors, we are sure no woman will think twice to discuss the colour of her period blood or to scream out for a pad from the washroom. That’s what having a baby does to you. Your period becomes as normal as pregnancy.

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First period after delivery? Here’s what everyone’s hiding from you!


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