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Snapchat : A Revolution in Digital Marketing?

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No matter how much engrossed youth are in their lives, they always find some time to stay in touch with their friends in the world of social media. For any news they feel like sharing, they tend to take shelter of Facebook, Twitter and now the more engaging version with Snapchat.

Snapchat is still a moderately cornered interpersonal platform, always contrasted with Facebook or Twitter, however its more than 100 million users speak to a lot of other potential clients, and today’s sharp digitally active marketers want to be always in action.
If we go by the books of definition, Snapchat is more popular amongst the Gen-Z’s and Millennial. Its unique way of sending a 10 seconds video defining your current mood or the last night concoction sets it apart from other ‘Thumb crunching’ Messaging Apps.
Snapchat plays in its own ways. The video-driven online networking application as of late attacked standard purchaser mindfulness, particularly among individuals less than 35 years old, by intertwining its “disappearing” video with a brilliant outline, addictive substance conveyance techniques and some unique twists.


Snapchat has a hundred million users who spend an average of twenty five minutes to half-hour on the app on the daily basis. In distinction, Facebook has one billion daily active users, roughly ten times as several as Snapchat. Nonetheless the platforms are too close to call on video views, with around 8 billion views each day.

Is Real Time attracting the Marketers?

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The real time nature of Snapchat is reinventing digital media and, as a result, it is also redefining marketing. In around years, Snapchat created a platform that’s ‘absolutely loved’ by a colossal core user base of teens. Snapchat is ‘fully mainstream’ nowadays, however some marketers are still hesitant to embrace the service. Snapchat, may be a leader in camera social media and a tough construct for marketers to understand at first, not to our surprise is crowned as one of the best socially content sharing loved by public.
According to Adweek, Snapchat lately launched a huge growth for promoting with a bunch of latest Snapchat for trade points. The most important exchange might be Snapchat’s rollout of Snap commercials between snaps. Which is simply what it seems like—ads will now start to appear between Snapchatters’ experiences. They’re skippable, and will not be inserted into the stories themselves, however will sometimes appear full display with sound when Snapchatters’ transition from one story to the following.

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Perhaps Snapchat is overrated at this moment, however what it does is- open up that model, open up that thought that you can make associations with youngsters in the showcasing circle without profiling, without diving deep into their own information, as Facebook has done. By venturing back and permitting them to develop in that space, it’s not simply promoting this but truly having an advantage.
Moreover, business advertisements will for the first time be licensed by external agencies now not just via Snapchat itself, which has been the case up till now. Corporations shall be in a position to decide on further actions when customers swipe up on trade content material. Your small business can direct them to another video, direct them to an internet site or article (without leaving Snapchat), or ask them to install a further app.
For those who’re still now not satisfied, we’ll just say “everyone who’s any one is doing it.” Snapchat prompted 10 scan trade companions including universal portraits, GE Transport, Paramount snap shots, Verizon, Procter & Gamble, Warner Bros.
In the event that Snapchat keeps on developing and advance as it has amid the previous year, it will progressively turn into an unquestionable part of any advertiser’s media blend. Some of the sources say that in three years, Snapchat promotion purchases will be accepted much like Facebook or YouTube.
Here are some of the Best in class Brand Promotions on Snapchat:


ge holiday travel filter exampleJust in time for the holidays, GE has launched a holiday travel filter that users can place on their photos. The geofilter is useful to Snapchatters because they can make their followers aware of their locations at all times. For example, if a Snapchat user is at JFK traveling to Milwaukee, she can put the geofilter on her photo and write where she’s going as well as her flight number, gate, and seat.

Learning: Give Snapchatters something useful that will allow them to connect and stay in touch with their friends, family, and followers. Remember to keep the emphasis on practical content, and not just on your brand.

RED – Donate with a SNAP!

Snap REDThis fall, (RED) collaborated with Snapchat and celebrities to make unique filters for users’ images and motion pictures. On every occasion a consumer tried out a filter, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation given $3 to (RED), upto $3 million. The marketing campaign ran throughout international AIDS Day.
Learning: Millennials love to make positive contributions to the world and participate in causes. Pick a cause that’s near and dear to you that users can jump on board with and create content around.


msl imageMLS ran a week of Snapchat takeovers featuring its star soccer players. The players took videos and photos of themselves doing everyday activities, and created hilarious content for their fans. It cultivated fan-player relationships and gave followers of the MLS a look at what life is like for the players.
Learning: MLS’ Snapchat campaign humanizes their league. Fans only get to see players on the field usually and not in their everyday lives. Let your team’s leaders take hold of your account and show what it’s like to be them. Give exclusive peaks about the life of your CEO or owner, for example, and show what’s involved in running a business.

Snapchat and Generation Z
We are beginning particularly to see this with era Z. Era Z  – the definition fluctuate however for the most part it refers to high schoolers and the more youthful you. So we’re discussing the up and coming era of customers coming through. So anyone looking at that business sector must stop for a moment.
In the event that you need to be effective with eras Z, you must begin now. You got the opportunity to plant the seed for what’s occurring in ten years’ time.
On the off chance that you take a look at the Apple accomplishment with the millennial business sector that was the aftereffect of what they did 20 years ago. That wasn’t the consequence of an overnight achievement or outline rationality. It bodes well that the organization’s image is thinking long haul; thinking 10, 20 years down the line.
They’re going into these trusted stages, building connections right off the bat before there are some undeniable substantial business advantages; they are putting resources into that relationship in stages like Snapchat. We are beginning to see organizations like Ford, for instance going, in and truly attempting to begin a discussion with youngsters, much sooner than youngsters were continually going to end up being the purchasers; and that is an issue that a considerable measure of businesses are confronting. We’re talking a 20 year decrease in youngsters making decisions of driving a car; they are burnt out on the protection cost; they are worn out on every one of the costs required in owning an auto however despite everything they need to have an auto.

Here’s the issue, it isn’t going to be altered overnight by a fun, hip promoting effort.

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What will be required is a long haul system putting resources into connections and that isn’t going to happen fundamentally on online networking stages like Facebook it will happen by going in the building where the trust is. So my message to advertisers with respect to technique is to go where the trust is; don’t pursue the eyeballs; pursue the worth; pursue the trust; go where the trust is; begin fabricating your relationship there.

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Snapchat : A Revolution in Digital Marketing?


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