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From Newbie to Digital Marketing Expert in Record Time

Becoming a Digital Marketing Expert is an opening even for technophobes

A Digital Marketing expert? Me? Are you kidding? 

Just a short introduction about my start-up in the online business world. As a complete newbie and technophobe, something got me into this fantastic world of online entrepreneurs. More about that further down.

Today it’s Tuesday, and it’s not a random Tuesday out of the 52 Tuesdays during the year.

It’s the Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you haven’t unplugged your computer, cellphone, or any other device, for sure, you have been bombarded with the most incredible offers. That’s the way it works. You don’t need to visit a shop or a shopping center to come across all offers available in the market.

As a reader of my blog posts, if you remember the article published five days ago, the changes in the entire set up of these two commercial mega-events are changing everything.

From being a typical “go-and-shop” happening, the actors are now grabbing their potential customers before they even got their shoes on. And they do it long before Black Friday even starts.

The traditional retail stores that refused or forgot to be up to date with the new shopping trends are more frustrated than ever. In some cases, they have even disappeared from the market.

Every Minute a New Digital Marketing Expert is Born

A New Digital Marketing Expert is Born

Compared to any other significant infrastructural change in our society, this time, it’s completely “silent.” You need to have a particular interest and dig into the official statistics to know that the most important sales event during the year now is represented by online sales to a degree of 59%. With the two-digits annual growth for online sales, you can imagine where it all will end up with a few years.

It’s not a strange coincidence that Amazon soon will take over after Walmart as the biggest retailer in the world. When a lot of people saw Jeff Bezos as a weird person trying to sell books on the Internet 25 years ago, they didn’t see what today is Amazon’s success.

Jeff Bezos started like so many other people with a burning entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and conviction. To be a digital marketing expert, you don’t need to start up big. You don’t need to tie up capital as before. That’s one of the main reasons why we today see more people than ever before in history, starting their own online business. Many do it even during their spare-time, to assure a “safe” corporate income, while the online business is taking off.

A lot of businesses taking a huge piece of the $700 billion something Black Friday and Cyber Monday cake are small online entrepreneurs. To become a digital marketing expert is something possible for anybody.

Take the test

So far, it all makes sense, right? “But, it’s different with me, I never had the opportunity to learn all these modern technological things,” might be your argument.

At least that was my argument six years ago. At the same time, I made a test I found online, to figure out if I belonged to the complete technophobes or where I was on the scale.

Make the test yourself!

My result wasn’t that bad. At least I was not qualified as a technophobe but as a technodip.

The story could have stopped here, but it didn’t. At the same time, when surfing around on the Internet, encouraged by “only” being a technodip, I found something that changed everything. You need to know that I was the scariest person on this planet to become a victim of scams and false promises, where people only tried to get hold of my credit card number. 

By the way, this is one of the most important arguments from technophobes refusing the new digital era; that all people out there are individuals taking advantage of your lack of knowledge.

Of course, there are a lot of scams and false promises out there, the reason why it’s essential to be in good hands if you even should think about entering this business.

It’s Time for You to Become the New Digital Marketing Expert

My Banner
When starting my entrepreneurial journey online, the immediate goal was not to be a digital marketing expert. If I could start a business out of my passion and commitment, it is enough for me.

Once inside in the member’s area, a completely new scenario opens up. It’s not a question of charging you money day in and day out but sincere support to let you find your own identity in this amazing world of online entrepreneurs. 

After six months of part-time online marketer, the time was there to go all in. Starting to build a business that allows you to create something you think is close to impossible.

Click the banner on the left-hand side to join the movement. You will get the opportunity to do something that too many still see as an illusion. 

Aaaah, doing that test again it now turns out that I’m a technonut, according to the test table. If that means that you are a digital marketing expert, it’s up to other people to judge.


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From Newbie to Digital Marketing Expert in Record Time


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