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7 Secrets Tying Runners And Entrepreneurs Together 

Runners and entrepreneurs together share the same core values and are on the same mission

If you compare Runners and entrepreneurs together, you will immediately notice that they are two different activities. Or, perhaps they aren’t that different after all. Being both, belonging to the fantastic group of runners and entrepreneurs at the same time, I’m continuously searching for the right words that tie these two fascination activities together.

And I think I found it!

On Quora. This growing and flexible site where you can get answers to literally everything.

Recently I found on Quora somebody asking for the secrets only known to runners. The person taking a grab on the question and delivering an answer just nailed it. I mean, I can relate to every single of the 7 secrets exposed. But the most fantastic about all this is that it ties runners and entrepreneurs together in an unbelievable way.

So, let’s dive right into it, and you’ll understand it all while comparing.

The Glue between Runners And Entrepreneurs Together

Runners and entrepreneurs together

In several articles, I have done my very best to find what ties runners and entrepreneurs together. The most recent one was published just a few months ago.

Thanks to the Quora article, I believe I got the correct answer to the question.

Here follow the 7 “secrets,” that doesn’t seem to be something from another planet, but indeed appeal to all runners. As you will notice, real entrepreneurs can also be put into the same frame.


Freedom for runner and entrepreneurs togetherA non-regular runner will never understand this. But the freedom is priceless when you are out there running. It’s you, your footsteps, heartbeat, the wind, the sun, sometimes the rain. You feel completely free. 

No-one forces you to do it. It’s completely voluntary, but you love it. It’s freedom in its purest and fundamental nature. Some people call it for mediation, and I think they are right.

We, runners, know, that the best thing to do when you’re tired, in a bad mood, stressed, or whatever makes you feel not comfortable with yourself, is to go for a run.

When you take the step to become a true entrepreneur, you’ll get the same kind of freedom feeling. It’s you, your values, your vision, and mission. The freedom to develop something that is your creation, without any boss that is “interfering” in your ideas that is freedom.

Appreciation of nature

As a runner, you get an exceptional relation to nature. All these small things, almost invisible to other people, start to be part of your environment. You can see the beauty of the trees and how they change during the year. Personally, I love the sounds of all birds around sunrise. You learn a lot from all this. The simplicity, but at the same time, complexity is a fascinating thing to explore.

Appreciation of natureRunners and entrepreneurs, in a sense, appreciate the same things. The nature of an entrepreneur may be of another dimension, but the passion for the simple but yet complex structure of a small company, remain the same as nature for a runner.

When working for a big corporate company, no matter how successful it is, or the importance of your position in the company, it’s like being lost in a big stressful city. As an entrepreneur, you start small, learn to appreciate all little details around you that will conduct to a prosperous and a highly successful business.

Entrepreneurs pay attention to all circumstances, the same way a runner listens to the songs of the birds.  Or, as Neil Patel puts it:

“You avoid mistake by, you got it, paying attention to detail. Paying attention to detail is foundation of business.”

Pure intent and focus

FocusAll real runners always have goals for their training. Usually, a future race is a goal. Personally, I run 2-3 marathons per year, a couple of half marathons and some 10k races. The marathon races always represent the core of my training. We, runners, know that there are no shortcuts. You have to use a training program with discipline and full focus.

The discipline and focus from the run training is one of the most valuable assets you can apply to your entrepreneurship. No matter how many “get-rich-quick” lies you come across on the web, there are no shortcuts…period.

Shortcuts are something very different from automation and efficiency. The advantage that you have as an entrepreneur today is that the online business industry offers you incredible systems and platforms. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Further, once you have captured a significant number of potential customers, you can automate the whole marketing process. That isn’t a shortcut but and automation of the process.

We, as runners and entrepreneurs, always search for efficiency in what we are doing. This makes us high achievers.

Body awareness

Body awarenessEverything in life comes with a risk. For runners, training hard to achieve our goals also brings the risk of injuries. With the injuries, we also become more sensitive about what is moving your body. We are aware of our muscles, joints, and bones, and learn how to prevent any possible injury. 

To have a feeling of the status of your body, you also become more in tune with your mind. The sum of it is that you learn how to be more emotionally mature.

What can be more useful than this when creating your own business as an independent entrepreneur?

Indeed, entrepreneurship is very much about trial and error. However, you never make the same mistake twice.

This famous quote by Thomas Edison is so brilliant to exemplify what I mean: 

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

That is what it’s all about. Knowing your business inside out and not be afraid to fail. Every single failure will teach you something, and after a while, you’ll know your business, the same way a runner knows his or her body.


It’s true that all runners are very much alone when out there getting the necessary millage to the training program. However, we all are friends and greet each other when passing each other on the road.

CamaraderieWe all help each other. The last miles on a marathon when most people start to struggle, we help and support each other. It can be with extra water, energy gels, or only some motivating words. There is never an atmosphere of winners and losers. We are all winners and wish each other to succeed.

As an entrepreneur, you spend a lot of time on your own, the same way a runner does on the road. However, the network between likeminded people striving for a prosperous business is essential for your success. You will have difficulties to succeed if you aren’t networking.

Failures of yours can be the key to success for others, and vice verse. The market is big enough for all enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and by benchmarking failures and successes, we’ll all be winners.

Physical fitness is mental fitness

Physical fitness is mental fitnessWith the drive to succeed, all runners learn quickly that except the needed physical fitness to race a marathon, you also need mental fitness. As a marathoner, you know that the last 10 miles are more about the mentality than anything else. To challenge these mental obstacles over and over again makes you a better and stronger person.

What can be more accurate than this comparison between runners and entrepreneurs?

This quote by Charlotte Whitton, says it all:

“It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success.”

Have you ever heard a story about any entrepreneur who didn’t fail and fail a lot? Probably not. Failing and struggling is part of the journey.

Mental fitness is the same for runners and entrepreneurs. 


Running is fun if you have the correct attitude. If you see running as a way of losing weight or only improve your physical condition, the probability is quite high that you will fail.

Runners and entrepreneurs have funWhy?

Because the fun part is missing.

Starting a business, offline or online, if your only goal is to earn as much money as possible, the risk is high that you will fail.


You’re missing the fun part.

The fun part is to see your business grow based on your values, vision, and mission.

When Bill Gates was working around the clock in his parent’s garage together with a small group of friends with the same enthusiasm, do you think it was to become a millionaire?

When Steve Jobs did the same in his parent’s garage, was the money the driver?

Noooo! They both had in common something much more important. They had a vision, and they had a mission. That they both become billionaires is a side effect of their mission.

To have an idea and to translate it into a vision and a mission is one of the most exciting things you can do in life. When starting your journey….do you think you’ll have fun?

Conclusion Bringing Runners And Entrepreneurs Together

The inspiration I got from this Quora story, finally gave me the answers I have been searching for since long time ago.

Not necessarily, you have to be a runner to be able to compare the synergies with entrepreneurship. I would say that any sport or activity is valid, where a strong commitment and long term training program exist.

If you’re a runner, these “secrets” revealed in this article are no news for you. Maybe the tight ties to entrepreneurship is a surprise for many.

But now you get the recipe:

  1. Freedom
  2. Appreciation of nature
  3. Pure intent and focus
  4. Body awareness
  5. Camaraderie
  6. Physical fitness is mental fitness
  7. Fun

Fortunately, I have a training program that fits exceptionally well into my life. After 24 marathons, not a single injury, and still more races to come.

In the same way, I have found a perfect balance between the run training, which is time-consuming, and entrepreneurship. The system and platform I joined 6 years ago, gives me the freedom to work at my pace, where I want, and how I want.

The mission to continue with many more marathons, in spite of my age (67), is the same as the anxiety to help other people to find their path to total freedom by creating their own online business without having to rob a bank to afford it.

If interested to know about my running program, drop me a message. If you would like to join the world of enthusiastic online entrepreneurs, and finally find your real freedom with a lot of fun, click the banner below.


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7 Secrets Tying Runners And Entrepreneurs Together 


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