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The Ultimate Guide to Automating Periscope

Automating Periscope

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If you are here you must know what Periscope is already so I won't bore with all the basics of how to setup and use Periscope. I will just dive in and give you some actionable advice on automating periscope. That is why you are here right?

There are a two areas you can use to automate your periscope the front end and the back end. Sorry, you can't automate the live stream or your presentation that part is all up to you. However, the key to making this whole system work is YOU! If you don't bring value or give helpful information on Periscope all of this automation will be wasted.

Now I have only done 2 Periscopes I am not or claim to be a periscope expert because I think that title is total crap. But, that is for another post, today let's focus on helping you automating Periscope. I have tested and utilized this strategy to help my clients double their Periscope attendance and leads from Periscope. You can now have it for FREE!!!!

Let's break this down into a 3 easy steps.

  • Step 1: How To Get Leads From Periscope
  • Step 2: Getting People To Show Up
  • Step 3: The Follow Up

Step 1: How To Get Leads From Periscope

Let's be real here you only want to use social media to help drive your business or at least have some tangible ROI from using it. Whether that ROI is traffic, leads, subscribers, branding etc. We all want something and very few people just do something for the hell of doing it when it comes to business.

So, how can you build your list or get leads from Periscope. Easy!

Optimize your thumbnail and use call to actions. Let's put this into context so you can see how this will work for you!

Optimizing Your Thumbnail

When you first start your live stream on Periscope you may notice that it takes the first thing recorded and uses that as a thumbnail. You can optimize this by using an an image like the one I created to let people know what the scope is about and where they can go to get more content, visit your website, subscribe etc.

The image I created is a crap example but it shows you the layout you can use I build this using Canva.automating periscope


**This helps you be creating a visual call to action to visit your landing page. I would highly suggest using a shortened url from or just buying a short domain and redirecting it. This will help increase your conversions from Periscope to your landing page. Long urls are hard to remember and decrease your conversions.

Use Call To Actions

The second way to to get leads from your scopes is to make a call to action. Yes, its sounds simple but if you don't ask no body will take action that simple. During your scope just simply ask them to visit your url and make sure you give something away like a free report or guide in exchange for their email address. Simple enough right?

Step 2: Getting People To Show Up

This whole process of automating Periscope is useless if nobody shows up to your scopes. Here is how you can get people to show up to your live scopes with a little bit of setup.

  1. Start by going to and create your free account.IFTTT
  2. Create your first recipe Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.51.54 AM
  3. Select New tweet by you with hashtag
  4. Enter the hashtag #periscope and press create trigger
  5. Connect to the social media account of your choice make sure to select create link post so your periscope link will be attached (eg. Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin)
  6. Create action and repeat for each social media account you want to connect.
  7. When you go live on Periscope press share to post the tweet that will kick this process off.

*Caution: This recipe will run these actions every time you use the #periscope in a tweet.

This little piece of automation will help you boost your Periscope attendance and views on the replay. You will be casting a wider net that will allow you to get more people to show up. Thus, allowing you to boost your leads, subscribers etc. Now on to the last step of automating periscope.

Step 3: The Follow Up

Now you may think that this is common place but so many people forget to do this. When sending traffic to periscope you want to send them to a dedicated landing page for a targeted offer. During your scope make sure you are pushing people to visit your dedicated landing page.

Ideally you will be giving away something you talked about on the live scope. You can create a landing page for this using LeadPages, OptimizePress, or Instapage.

You will naturally want to connect this with your email marketing software or autoresponder to deliver your free stuff and follow up with the contacts.

Now don't forget this step because all the work of automating Periscope will be wasted if you don't get any ROI from it in terms of leads and subscribers.

You can setup the social media automation for getting people to show up but forget the backend landing page and autoresponder and your scope will be wasted. If your goal is to build your list, grow your business or grow your brand you want to keep in contact with people. The easiest way to do that is via email.


Automating Periscope Conclusion

This whole process is a system that depends on each other to produce the best possible outcome. You will need to social media automation along with the backend landing pages, autoresponders, call to actions and images to make it work. Automation is there to help make your life an your business easier. Once it's setup you can refine it and make it work better but I have outlined a great place for you to get started with automating Periscope.

Use this and let me know how it works for you in the comments below.

If you want this system in a condensed PDF get it below for FREE!

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The Ultimate Guide to Automating Periscope


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