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Struggle for traffic

Having a site up and running is not enough. Having a great content isn't enough also if you don't have audience to present it. This is the main struggle every webmaster, blogger and site owner has to face at the start. This is happening with this site also at this point. From experience I know that it will change if working hard and smart. There are ways to increase traffic and visitors and some are even free. Don't expect results overnight as they are a long term investment that will help increase your traffic over time. Here are some free ways to increase traffic:

Keywords one of the main elements of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics. In fact keywords are key-words that You have on your site telling about the topics of your post and your site content. For example description of this blog is: my experience with computers, technology, internet and online income opportunities. Logicaly keywords here are: experience, computers, online income, opportunities. You have to use them (incorporate in your content/posts/image description) as much as possible but not force it - do not spam with same content repeated 10 times.
10 years ago keywords consists mainly of single words, but now days with a web saturated with too many sites in all niches all having good content and lot of traffic, using a keyword phrases of three, four, five words and longer is recommended.

Almost forget to tell you where to put keywords?
In your description, in your meta tags, incorporate them smartly in to your posts.

This is a SEO technique to incorporate some html tags into your site and it is free. Meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page’s content, its author, keywords and some other stuff. They are not visible to the visitor unless you right click to see the page source/code. Meta tags are important because they are first thing to be read by search engines such as Google, Bing etc. and smart use of some of them can greatly improve visibility and amount of traffic send to you by the search engines (this is also called organic traffic).

These are links from other sites pointing to yours. Backlinks are maybe the most important factor to have real organic free traffic to your site. They can be links from other simmilar sites, blogs, directories .
Quality over quantity matters here but wouldn't bother me at all if million sites link back to this one. Backlinks from sites and blogs about simmilar subjects are valued the most especially from well known, respected, infuencial site that runs for years. Link directories as the name says are list of sites ordered in categories and submission is usualy free or requires reciprocal link back. Links from directories are easiest to aquire (at least several hundreds).
There are automatic software and online scripts that submits your site automaticly to thousands of sites that have no similarities to yours, and which might do more harm then good for your site rating.

This is the one best and most valued ways of driving traffic. You write an excellent post for a site about similar subjects and place link about your bio and or to your site. Problem with guest posting is that you have to be well know, respected blogger/writer/influencer or running a well established business or website.

Similar as previous but much easier to get as there are still article sites running which are accepting articles after registration and have them published online when approved if good enough.

Can share/tweet/folow/like short summaries and links to you site pages and blog posts on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc. By the way there are hundreds of social media sites you and I have never even heard of. It is a good practice to create a facebook fun page or join a group about simmilar interests to share links and ideas with other members to increase audience and followers. Incorporate share/tweet/like buttons on your site/blog. This will help visitors even first time ones to share your content if they found it interesting and usefull.

This might be handy as You as a forum poster incorporate a link to your site into your post that has a value for the forum topic. Or make a forum signature that incorporates link to your site.

This is a very good and efective practice but stay close to your niche or your comment will be erased. Lately there is and will be a trend commenting on blogs which by default is usaully enabled to be closed and you'll not be able to comment here. These for some SEO reasons I'll talk about some other time.

RSS stands for Reach Site Summary. This means that summary of your post contents can be shared among blogger communities. This lets spread your content but also makes it repetitive as it appears somewhere else except on your blog.

Making an ebook and give it away for free is a good way to increase visitors. You can create one for free from your blog posts. COPY - PASTE - export as PDF, find a free pdf host, upload and share a download link. Incentive doesn't need to be an ebook, it can be a real world object too - a flower giveaway for a Valentines Day for example.
When creating content inclooding ebooks, software or just an advice keep in mind that it has to have value for your audience otherwise will be useless.

People loves their problems solved. You can help them with your expertise and post about subject or make a how to video and upload it on Youtube and spread the word about it on social media. Don't forget to put link back to your main site/post.

Similar as a forum signature is to make an email signature that includes your name, address and certainly a link to your homepage. You use your mail signature in every email you send.

Basically these are the free methods of getting free traffic to your site. As they seems easy to use that is not the case in practice. At first seems that they don't deliver any results at all, but in long terms surely worth the effort and time spent as you see traffic and audience increase

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Struggle for traffic


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