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Our Politicians Are Truly Harishchandra But For Wrong Cause

Most of the Indian politicians and government officials are like King Harishchandra or are certainly carrying the gene of honesty of Harichandra but for the wrong cause.

King Harishchandra was described as very honest king. Therefore one may wonder how the Corrupt politicians and corrupt government employees can be compared with the honest king – Harishchandra. If we reflect the story of Harishchandra in Markandaya purana, then people may find the comparison quite logical and perfect.


Harishchandra had to forfeit kingdom and all his wealth to Sage Vishwamitra due to his prior commitment and to raise more money offer to the sage he even sold his wife and son to a rich man.

Finally, he also allowed himself to be sold to an outcaste Chandala (the caste culture that was prevalent then) and became a worker in a cremation ground. His main job was to collect the fee from those who bring dead bodies to the crematorium.

One day his wife brought their dead son for cremation but the duty-bound Harishchandra did not let her proceed without paying the fee. On seeing his sincerity, God appeared and gave moksha and that is how the story goes.


Most of our corrupt politicians and corrupt government officials are also as sincere and as dutiful as Harishchandra but the only difference is in collecting bribes. Even their son or wife or sister ask for any favor or to get their application moved fast in the government department, these politicians and government officials cannot do any favor even to their close relatives without collecting bribe from them because they are so trained to such instinct. It means they are indiscriminately corrupt or in other word are unbiased corrupt.

unbiased corrupt

One may wonder how the gene of sincerity and dutifulness of politicians and some government officials in collecting bribe from everyone without any discrimination can be compared with the exemplary virtuous qualifies of Harishchandra? Harishchandra was sincere for good cause but the corrupt politicians and government officials are also sincere for a wrong cause that is demanding bride.

We do not know whether they would give some concession to their relatives or not. But certainly would collect bride and without which they cannot do any job.

Who knows all these corrupt officials and politicians also may attain moksha like Harishchandra. The more corrupt is the politician the likely inflow of money to the party fund is also going to be more. Similarly more the corrupt the government official, the department that would get more bribe revenue to divide amongst themselves and to share with the political boss.

political boss

Naturally, the corrupt politician will be liked very much by the party and so is the most corrupt official. This can be compared to moksha as these officials can easily gather promotion, can choose the place of work etc., and similarly, for the corrupt politicians, they also can influence ticket distribution, candidate selection, fixing and finalizing deals etc.

No one can blame or complain about our politicians and government officials in their commitment. The only difference is that their commitment lies mostly in collecting bribes and not doing any worthwhile duties for the nation. They are as committed and sincere as Harishchandra but for wrong reasons.


If we study the commitment of some of our politicians and government officials purely from the per se of commitment, our politicians may even beat Harishchandra. The question to be answered by our Geneticists is that do genes change their expression exactly opposite of what they were once. If the answer is yes, then all these corrupt politicians and government officials would have inherited such gene possibly from Harishchandra and it would have got mutated for bribe and corruption.

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Our Politicians Are Truly Harishchandra But For Wrong Cause


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