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Alzheimer’s: A Disease With No Cure

Alzheimer’s: A Disease With No Cure

Alzheimer’s and dementia basics

First of all, it is important for you to know what exactly Alzheimer’s is. Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia. Dementia is a general term used to mention the decline in the mental ability of the patient which is severe enough to interfere in one’s daily life. Memory loss is a perfect example for this.

Dementia is an indication of a variety of structural brain diseases and several system degenerations. Alzheimer’s is presently a common cause, causing a cortical-subcortical degeneration of ascending cholinergic neurons and large pyramidal cells in the cerebral cortex.

Clinically, the disease reflects predominantly worsening of function in the association cortex. Pharmacologically and pathologically, abnormalities are more diffused and extended into sensorimotor cortical areas also.

Alzheimer’s has no current cure

When we talk about the stages of dementia, you will clearly see the symptoms in the patient which will affect their day-to-day life. However, someone who is in the early stages of dementia will be fairly independent and should be able to do most of the things with little help, or perhaps little differently.

The way dementia affects people in the early stages will vary because of the type of dementia they have. Other aspects of their personality, environment and the kind of support they receive will also affect their experience of dementia. Though the signs of this disease vary but few of them are: – memory loss, communication and language problem, can’t pay attention, the problem with reasoning and judgment, and problem in visual perception.

Alzheimer’s is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly ruins memory and thinking skills and, gradually, the ability of the patient to carry out even the simplest tasks. Whereas dementia is more common as people grow older, but it is not a normal part of aging.

In most of the Alzheimer’s patients, you will see that the symptoms first appear in their mid-60s. Estimates can vary, but experts suggest that today more than 5 million Americans may have Alzheimer’s. For your reference here are few symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease:

Know The Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s Disease

1. Memory loss is typically the first symptom of this disease.

2. The second sign is challenges faced during planning and solving problems.

3. Difficulties while performing even the simplest tasks.

4. Having confusion with time or place is also possible.

5. The patient can have a problem with understanding visual images and spatial relationships.

6. Problem with speaking and writing words.

7. Sometimes they misplace things and then find it difficult to figure it out.

8. They face problems in judging situations and people.

9. Patients start to step back from hobbies, social activities or projects.

10. Alzheimer’s disease patients may experience changes in mood and personality.

Just for a fact, Alzheimer’s is currently ranked sixth in the list of leading causes of death in the United States. But recent estimates indicate that the disorder may rank third, as a cause of death for older people, just after heart diseases and cancer.

At present, there is no remedy for Alzheimer’s disease. But there are drug and non-drug treatments that may help with both cognitive and behavioral signs. Researchers are looking for new treatments to alter the course of the disease and improve the quality of life for the patients with dementia.

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Alzheimer’s: A Disease With No Cure


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