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The Hashtag Marketing – A Growing Trend On Social Media.

The Hashtag Marketing – A growing trend on Social Media.

Hashtag  gained its popularity among the young generations immersed on the Social media platform. But, Hashtag is much bigger in the field of digital marketing. From Facebook to Twitter and Google Plus, we can never ignore the importance of Hashtags #. In Digital Marketing, #tag is more or like a tool that helps in generating better leads and targeting the potential audience who can convert into customers.

Today, we have brought you a complete guide for understanding the Hashtag Marketing. So, get ready to unveil all the secrets behind #hashtag- A tool that you have been using unknowingly for months and years.

What is Hashtag Marketing?

Social media posts keep on flooding every single day. From your breakfast to hectic office day and from a romantic dinner to sleepless nights, we all love to share our daily happenings with the whole world and social media platforms are where we go for it. Why? Because we think social media has the power to understand our ideas and concerns that the people around us will never appreciate. But, your posts can only reach to a limited circle (your friends and their mutual friends). If your idea is big, you will need a bigger audience too.

A hashtag can be defined as a keyword that anyone can include in their posts, videos, texts, updates, and comment sections. They are an integral part of social media strategy. Including hashtags in your social media posts will fetch you bigger audience and enhance the idea by categorizing it for better insights.

The hashtags on your post will redirect your fans to the business page and you can have a conversation about further business plans. The number of visitors turning into customers has been quite impressive since the introduction of hashtags.

Who Invented Hashtags?

Chris Messina, a former Google employee as a designer in Google+, is the man behind the usage of hashtags. Back then, the idea was very fresh and unpopular but no one knew it to be a leading sensation in the business era.

The importance of Hashtags

Imagine you are sitting in a café and enjoying a cup of coffee peacefully. Suddenly, a group of people enters the café and they are talking about a product you launched. One guy is talking all good about its benefits, advantages, cheaper cost, and availability. But, there are these two other people who take the side of your business rival’s product. In their defense they say, the other company provides better information and their marketing standards are convincing.

It is devastating. Isn’t it?

Every inch of your nerves and bones will be racing to jump into the conversation and answer to them. Then do it. What is holding you from inside? But not in the café! Take it to social media. These were just some bunch of people. Imagine the number of people who have the same queries and concerns unanswered because you choose to keep it simple and sweet.

You see, old and traditional ways cannot build impression everywhere. There are some places where you need to answer the audience according to their level of understanding. Hashtags can help you categorize your business prospects and

  • Categorize your posts
  • Grab the user’s attention
  • Drive better conversions

Channel the power of social media and see what wonders it creates in your business within a few months.

How to use Hashtags for campaigns?


Yes! Create your own stories. It can be anything. Your business journey, your role as a leader, your first experience with employees, your first board meeting, or your new product launch motivation. People on social media crave for new and fresh stories that can inspire them and answer to their own self-problems. You can relate to your audience by knowing them. Put 2-3 hashtags like #inspiringstories, #productname, #yourcompanyname. This way, people can directly connect with you if your interests match with them.

Do Not Go for Own Hashtags

There are many hashtag users with irrelevant tags in their campaign. They think it looks unique but it rather looks foolish. Stick to understandable hashtags. Don’t go for something too cheesy or too boring tags. Convincing the people on social media is a complex process because there are many other capable of grabbing your audience’s attention.

Wrapping Up

A piece of advice, “Never ever go for long hashtags like #hash#tags#Objective#of#your#post”. People will ignore it as soon as they lay their eyes on it. Moreover, it doesn’t justify your business efforts too, Right?

Simple yet powerful hashtags will do wonders for your business.

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The Hashtag Marketing – A Growing Trend On Social Media.


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