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LinkedIn Skill Endorsements: Are They Important?

We all have Linkedin Skill Endorsements, however this is most likely one of the most neglected areas of a LinkedIn profile. We are going to look at our owner’s LinkedIn profile skill endorsements, and determine why he should or shouldn’t focus on his skill endorsements. Additionally, we will give a brief overview of the value of building your LinkedIn connections, and the value they may or may not bring.

Why Everyone Needs a LinkedIn Account

This is an absolutely easy area to address, as this is “The” designated social platform for professional networking. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, please go get one, as LinkedIn could be a crucial tool for anyone, regardless of what industry they work in. LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, which purchased the platform in 2016 for $26 billion. Now, let’s take a look at Brad’s profile, and pick on him a little bit, all in good fun. You can click the picture to look at his profile, and connect with him, if you want. Feel free to pick on him for this article as well.

LinkedIn Skill Endorsements versus LinkedIn Connections

So, we can see in the image above, that Brad has 2,510 connections. When someone views his public profile, they will first see that he has 500+ connections, however they can dig a bit deeper to find his exact number of connections. As of this post, the maximum number of connections anyone on LinkedIn can have, is 30,000.

The maximum number of skill endorsements for LinkedIn, is currently 99, and the maximum number of skills is 50. Once someone has received 99 endorsements for a particular skill, the skill endorsement will read 99+. It doesn’t seem like much of a feat to max out all of your skill endorsements, but you would be amazed at how many people have thousands of connections, with skill endorsements still in the single digits. Maybe we are using one of those people as an example in this article. What if we shared with you that our owner only has a total of 331 skill endorsements, out of 4,950 that would max his endorsements, for a total of 13% endorsements amongst his connections? Crazy, right? Check out the screenshot below, as it should truly amaze you. Maybe he just isn’t skilled at what he does

Looks to us, like he is better at selling what we do, than he is at doing the work. At least, that is what a prospective client would think by looking at this. We surely shouldn’t trust his strategic planning skills, hire him for online marketing, and please don’t touch our social media marketing. While this may sound humorous, this is exactly what prospective clients look at, before making a decision to trust us with their business at Brand Presence Agency. Based on his connections, there isn’t a single reason why he shouldn’t be maxed out for every skill, so why isn’t he? The answer is really simple. He never asked for skill endorsements, so he received what others may happened upon.

The Myth about LinkedIn Connections

We’re going to ruffle some feathers here, as there is a large number of LinkedIn users who will adamently disagree with what we say next about connections. A large number of people feel you should only connect with people you have done business with, or know personally. This is 100% untrue, as a prospective client may choose to take their business elsewhere, based on how many connections someone has. Additionally, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, meaning that a connection of a connection, may turn to you for your expertise for their company. So, how many connections should you have on LinkedIn? 30,000, or at least 25,000 connections, leaving a bit of room for a prospective client to connect with you. We know, we know…we are absolutely wrong about that, right? Let’s put this out there for the nay sayers to chew on for a moment. If you have 25,000 connections, and your competitor only has 50, do you seem more proficient at what you do in their eyes? You absolutely do!

Brand Presence Agency: Who We Are

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