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If You’re Instantly Attracted To A Man, He’s Bad For You

The following is an excerpt from Book II: Men of my new book for women, Lady. It will be released on February 14, 2019. Click here to be notified by email when Lady is released.

If you were born in Europe, America, Canada, or Australia, you were raised in an environment that trained you to forsake your angel and feed your Devil. Just being able to read English enables me to confirm that treating you badly, or at least showing that I don’t care about you, will excite you enough to start giving me the attention I need to fornicate with you. I’ve done it too many times to count, and have taught tens of thousands of men around the world to do the same.

Even though I’ve shared a few game tricks with you, you’ll still fall for them until you make a conscious effort to starve your devil and stop pursuing the reward of sex with an exciting, high-status man. What you may think of as listening to your instincts is really your devil feeding you harmful instructions. Trusting your instincts when your angel is absent will result in pursuing men who do not commit to you, and this pattern will continue for decades until the type of man you prefer no longer finds you attractive.

The first step to breaking this cycle and making better decisions is to overlay your malformed instincts with logic. With every man you meet, when the time comes to decide whether or not to take the interaction to a more intimate level, ask yourself the following: “Is this the type of man who will provide and protect?” If the answer is no, you should not go any further unless you don’t mind getting pumped and dumped.

A man who is not ready to Provide or protect is feeding his own devil, which means he pursues sex for pleasure, variety, novelty, ego gratification, and excitement, and once these benefits disappear, which they usually do in a matter of weeks, he will bail on you without feeling any guilt. As I’m sure you already know, you cannot turn a player into a husband by convincing or persuading him to starve his devil. He must make the personal decision to listen to his angel before he meets you. This means that what you see is what you get. Apart from some superficial aspects, such as a man’s hairstyle or clothing, you will not change the essence of who a man is. If he changes a significant aspect of who he is, it will be because he made a conscious decision to change and not because of your influence.

Let’s say that you’re in a nightclub with your friends for a birthday party. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a man talking to a beautiful woman who seems to be engaged in the conversation. He is stylish and one of the most attractive men in the room. He eventually walks up to you and introduces himself as Eric.

Eric’s conversation is smooth, and next thing you know you’re at the bar with him while he orders a drink from a bartender who knows his name. You can’t help but giggle at his jokes. He then cuts the conversation short and asks for your number while another beautiful woman seems eager to talk to him. Should you give him your number?

Let’s ask our logical question: “Is this the type of man who will provide and protect?” This is an easy no. A man doesn’t work on his game and hit the nightlife in order to get married and settle down, especially if he’s getting attention from many beautiful women. This man will give you excitement but nothing more, and you won’t be able to hold his attention for long even if you’re beautiful yourself because commitment with one beautiful girl is not what his devil wants.

Now imagine you’re in a crowded café reading a book. An average-looking man who desperately needs a style makeover asks whether he can share your table. As you’re getting ready to leave, he asks what kind of book you’re reading and if you like it. You notice that perspiration is forming on his forehead. You politely respond to him, and he does his best to maintain the conversation, but there are many awkward silences. He introduces himself as Bobby.

You are not immediately attracted to Bobby, but he seems to be a nice man with some redeeming qualities and a stable job. He finally asks for your number. Should you give it to him? To help you decide, realize that men who are not smooth around women find it very time-consuming and laborious to find just one woman to date. They prefer to focus on work, hobbies, sports, or socializing with friends. Because of this, they will avoid pumping and dumping a girl they’re interested in since it takes too much effort to find another girl, causing them to focus more on relationships than casual sex. Therefore, Bobby is a far better candidate than Eric to provide and protect.

On one extreme we have Exciting Eric and on the other we have Boring Bobby. Most of your encounters with men will fall somewhere in between. The problem is that your devil prefers Exciting Eric, who is ideal for one night only. It is likely that there have been many Boring Bobbies in your life who you put in the friend zone for safekeeping until the day when you could no longer get the attention of an Exciting Eric, but the problem with this strategy is that Boring Bobby will eventually find a girl who recognizes his worth.

You may argue that Bobby doesn’t give you “butterflies.” There isn’t any “chemistry.” He doesn’t have any “interesting” hobbies. He’s not “spontaneous” enough. He lacks “confidence.” All these complaints are from your devil, which wants you to find a man who can give you a temporary emotional high. If you insist on chasing emotional highs, it will be impossible for commitment to blossom.

Men will have sex with a girl they don’t care about simply to experience an orgasm or two, but they will only commit to a girl they believe has genuine worth. If you’ve been pumped and dumped, it means you were pursuing men who either weren’t looking to provide and protect or who wanted a relationship with a girl whose value was higher than yours. Remember that you want to find a man who sees your value as so high that he thinks he can’t get any better. From your devil’s perspective, it will be with a man who doesn’t seem like the best you can get. In other words, if your devil likes a man, beware! Your devil will always push you towards someone who will not provide and protect for what should be the rest of your life.

The above excerpt was taken from my new book Lady. It will be released on paperback, e-book, and audiobook on Valentine’s Day. Click here to be notified by email when Lady is released.

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If You’re Instantly Attracted To A Man, He’s Bad For You


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