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“The White European Culture Is Dead”

Every Monday at noon I send an email out to my newsletter subscribers, where I share pictures, updates, and interesting e-mails that I receive from readers. Here is one such e-mail from a white man in England…

I just listened to your video on educating Women. Just like some things true for the individual can be extrapolated to make a general truth about the culture/society, I wanted to share a thought with you.

Milo talks about how feminism is cancer. Is he not on to something? You’d know from your education in science how mutations in our genes cause natural processes to become hijacked and eventually go on to kill the host. Our Western culture is infected with bad ideas and the cancer has been spreading uncontrollably. Brexit and Trump are a bout of chemotherapy but I wonder about its chances of success.

Our culture is dead. Our women (cells) are not reproducing. The organism is approaching death. There is widespread dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Few remember things from the past. People are delusional. The organism is approaching insanity. Fake news is seen as the real news. Women are told they can be men.

The green field where our culture developed is now being taken over by younger men. He’s smart and is just waiting for us, the old man, to die. He is reproducing; he understands the wisdom of his old book – barbaric as it may be, it seems to make him understand the destruction of women. Soon he will just need to put a pillow over our face and we will slide away.

You can see what I’m getting at.

I’ve been working recently with two Muslim guys. They are hard working, they are family men. They pray together. Their bonds are so strong. Their tribe is connected; they have a common identity. They have a brotherhood. I can’t hate Muslims. They are just of a different tribe and they are beating us at the fundamentals of life. We are like old married men, separated from our old friends, isolated and growing old, lonely, longing for the days of old when we have a collective memory of how things used to be. We are so weak that we invite the more manly Muslims to come into our field because we kind of know the writing’s on the wall.

Your video message is so true. It all comes back to the basics of existence. You don’t maintain your body, your cells start to die. They stop reproducing. Unless Trump comes out with a make babies message, the white, European culture is dead.

And it is a race thing. Broad generalisations are true when it comes to race. Africans don’t care for liberty. Asians like conformity. Hispanics are not too smart. Whites have a balance that others don’t have. We have that mix of traits that leaves us balanced and adaptable. Africans are impulsive and beastly. Asians are too smart and too small and weak. You get my general point.

None of us are racial supremacists but we must understand the general nature of different races. But who can you convince? Talk about race is social suicide. Talk about women is social suicide. Even talking about it won’t stop the decline though.

The percentage of whites in the US is around 65%. This is declining year on year. I’m in the UK and it’s declining here too. In Europe it’s worse. The Muslims will take over in two generations.

We have crippled ourselves with our feel good platitudes and luxury and comfort. There are not enough like you or I or the guys on the forum to make a change.

Even the recent discourse on immigration is always about how immigration is good. The terrorist country ban is “only temporary”. Our culture is totally fucked up. Women should be having 3-4 children in their 20s. If this doesn’t happen, our people will go the way of the other animals in nature who didn’t reproduce in large enough numbers.

Jack Donovan had a great quote in “The Way of Men”: “Ideology is peaceful; history is violent.”

A war will come when it’s too late. I can’t help but feel that my money is not on European/Western culture to survive. Not when I look at the strength in the Muslim world. They’re not sophisticated like us, but they are doing the basics. Mating, allowing men to lead and rule, praying. We can’t beat that when they start to outnumber us.

This has been something of a rambling screed, I accept. I just wanted to reach out to you. You have made a huge impact on my life. I don’t have many who I can talk to about this kind of thing.

You made a comment on your life, and how you’re just sitting there doing a podcast. I want you to know that you are still helping so many men with this, insignificant as it may seem to you.

I’m inclined to agree that Muslims are the new “barbarians.” They will invade the West, adopt some of our technology and customs, and become the new civilized masses that have a higher birth rate than Westerners. And then the new barbarians, most likely Africans, who are even more fertile than Muslims, will repeat the cycle. Nature only cares about strength and fertility. We, as infertile and sterile beings, are the “error” in its eyes, and unless we wake up soon and re-focus on family and tradition, we will simply be replaced by those who do.

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“The White European Culture Is Dead”


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