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108 Things I'll remember about MNNIT :D

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  1. First day @College: Excitement at its peak
  2. The whole campus: GS,GW,FN,SEW,LH,NLH including all the halls, roof tops, terrace and stairs; well actually the gala time we had there!
  3. Swagat 2K8 : Independence day!
  4. Flying aeroplanes in Class infront of the teacher: Hilarious 1st year memory
  5. Get-togethers with seniors
  6. Teeping/Taaping EG sheets
  7. Successful massbunks in front of the teacher :P
  8. Unsuccessful massbunks due to some attendance-addicted creatures (no offence)
  9. Massbunk coordinators and the zaddozehad they had to do :P
  10. Talking/Passing chits comfortably in class that too by being on 1st/2nd bench
  11. Laughing on a matka’s gestures on his face and he asking “Aap log mere upar hans kyun rahe hain” :P
  12. Your name wrongly pronounced by the teacher. Hell irritating man!!
  13. The moment when a teacher’s mobile rings which has some Akshay-kumar/Govinda type of ringtone
  14. Entering 10-25 minutes late into the class and still getting an entry :P. What a pride feeling, no?
  15. Giving names to professors/batch mates; the list is way too large!
  16. The moment when teacher says “Ye mujhe bhi nahi aata” :P
  17. Sleeping in class with eyes wide open :Yawnnnn
  18. Nodding to the teacher as if you’re really getting what’s actually going on: We’’re just too good at it!
  19. When a teacher cracks a PJ and nobody laughs
  20. Getting a secret pleasure when a teacher walks out of the class - after blasting the whole class on discipline
  21. Getting branded as "the most indisciplined and naa padhne waali branch" by the entire faculty
  22. Copying Practical file/Assignments just few minutes before the deadline
  23. Enjoying the window-view when other members of your group are busy doing the practical :D
  24. Manipulating the readings of an experiment to get the proper graph :P. Seldom did our “sircute”(read ‘circuit’) worked.
  25. Vacants :blessings
  26. Classes being cancelled :blessing in disguise
  27. Cursing the guy who asks doubts
  28. Last five minutes of a ridiculously boring lecture
  29. Cursing the professor who continues teaching after the allotted time
  30. Rushing to the water cooler after every lecture
  31. Getting an SGPA of 9 when you are actually expecting 7 :) or vice versa :X
  32. That ‘rich historical text’ engraved on benches/tables
  33. Scribbling in your notes copy everything apart from what is being taught; from cartoons to poems
  34. Photo-state shops during exam time (Engineering would not have been this easy without a Xerox machine :P)
  35. Getting through a subject while not attending even its single class :P. You’ll be surprised to know that there were others who attended the class but couldn’t get through. *evil grin *
  36. Making new theories in viva-voce and then being addressed with ‘honorable titles’ by our more-so-honorable professors :P
  37. Cheating in exams-both karna and karana :P
  38. Eating Chocolates/Polo/Centrefresh in class and dividing it into as many parts as the no. of chatore’s around
  39. Participating in tech-fest and losing all :P
  40. Participating in cultural-fest and winning some :D
  41. Coordinating an event
  42. Tapra-Bun Makhhan and kulhad mein adrak waali chai
  43. Having jalebis @9 AM
  44. GPL’s-kabhi bhi kahin bhi
  45. “Happy Birthday’s”-Birthday wishes+Scrapbooks+Greeting Cards+Cake+Gifts
  46. Treats-be it sumptuous dinner at restaurants or ‘ungli chaatne wala khana’ at dhabas
  47. Trips especially the ‘travelling’ part
  48. Bunking the class and outing with friends
  49. College canteen: Be it Nescii ki coffee or Bikaner ki Crispy!
  50. Antakshari in College Bus that too at top of the voice
  51. Small little leisurely strolls-in or outside the campus
  52. Aiwayi road trips
  53. Girly Gossips :D :P
  54. Tripling on scooty/Bike: The 3 Idiots
  55. Power-cuts during exams :P :P
  56. Photographs and photo sessions :D
  57. Small-little fights and then the roothna-manana process
  58. Group studies and suddenly diverting to a more interesting topic
  59. Nite-outs
  60. Facebook-ing: the innumerable groups you have to join,’status’ updates, and the weird stuff being shared
  61. Culrav 2k12: Enticing is the word!
  62. CDC:Kyunki accha lagta hai :)
  63. Eating magi from a plate shared by six other girls
  64. Getting shocked when you have attendance shortage and it’s on public domain and you’re the only girl in the list
  65. Power-cuts in labs especially when the circuit wasn’t working
  66. Talking to your single girl pals about the dearth of "accha ladka log" in campus vicinity :P :P
  67. Teasing non-single souls about their better halves.
  68. Teasing friends for their crushes and calling their names aloud when they are passing by :D
  69. Teasing friends in the name of guys whom they hate the most :P
  70. Getting awesome compliments from random people :P :D
  71. Mimic-ing all the teachers - the good and the bad
  72. The day CTs/Endsems get over
  73. Texting in class
  74. Listening to the ‘interesting’ conversation of the bench behind or the bench infront
  75. Roommates/Blockmates/Wingmates and the perfect bond we share :D
  76. Hostel mess: the kharaab khana, the accha khana and the 'espaesal' khana plus the crowd at the hostel canteen
  77. Hostel courtyard: a place to eat, sing, dance, study, play, walk and talk
  78. Sharing things be it T-shirts, Shoes or Study material
  79. Exclusive celebrations in hostel be it lohri,holi or diwali
  80. Sayonara: the extensive preparations followed by unlimited masti
  81. Playing cards late night in hostel
  82. Practice sessions during culturals
  83. Those movies/serials we saw together
  84. Our special slogans: yai hai,yai h; sab lite hai ;Aaooo Aaooo; gangu bai, Ek do teen chaar-band karo ye atyaachar :P…… etc & etc
  85. Those totally baseless stupidest conversations/adventures with friends : kyunki pagalpanti bhi zaroori hai :) followed by incredible pet-mein-dard-karane -waale-aankhon -se-aansoo-nikalne-waale laughter sessions
  86. Basky Court: dhoop mein basketball khelne ka bhi apna maza hota hai  :)
  87. Exhaustive shopping cum window shopping :P :P
  88. Day dreaming/Planning about our obscure future
  89. Hooting :anywhere, everywhere :P
  90. Project Presentation mein apni ‘udwana’ no matter you worked for 2 hours or 2 months: ghor beizatti :P
  91. The one and only Protest we witnessed followed by sleeping on road with thousand others :P
  92. Making spunky videos of professors teaching in class :P
  93. Clicking in class :)
  94. Branch T-shirts: Awesomeness :D
  95. MP hall ki raunak during fests
  96. Playing songs on loudspeaker and then dancing like mads :D
  97. Excitement-filled hours long Packing for home :D
  98. The day results are out and ‘Next semester mein bhi nahi padhenge ‘ attitude
  99. That entirely new vocab we learnt here :P
  100. Those times when you fell ill and were overwhelmingly taken care off
  101. Wo log jo dasste hain :P
  102. Voice modulations in class: azeebogareeb aawaaz nikalna and taali bajana thing :D
  103. TPO: much thanks!
  104. Bucket Party after placement :D
  105. The company you are placed in: First job is indeed special!
  106. That moment when your besties got the job
  107. Souvenir: getting/giving nicknames was way too funny.
          And last but undoubtedly the greatest:

 108.  The best-est buddies(read 'FRIENDS for LIFETIME') we earned here with whom we have lived all above and much much much more :)

PS 1:Rukhsat 2k12-in waiting :)
PS 2:There are umpteenth other moments.Everything cannot be shared. :P
PS 3:Thank you PM and SB for helping me with this list :)
PS 4: Do leave your comments :)

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108 Things I'll remember about MNNIT :D


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