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Right after the last election that swept in a new liberal president and super liberal majorities in both houses of congress, I said these words “It is all out in the open now, liberals will have no one else to blame, and all eyes will be on them alone.”

Around eight months later after all of the “Tea Party” hype I said if voters get fed up and decide to change political horses, all you will get is a slower political team into full socialism. I still stand by that. So, to the political team now on the sideline, just hold your horses, you will be swept in in the next two elections.
Then what are you going to do? 

Are you going to be just a slower team into full socialism like in the past, or are you going to take down this Welfare State beast set on enslaving this great predominant Christian nation, otherwise” Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way” a third party movement will be unstoppable. 

I don't care who you are if you tell me health care should be free you are ignorant, a moron, and don't understand freedom or democracy. With your thinking that health care should be free then food, clothing, and housing should be free too there is no difference. If you have a gripe about the price, me too, the price is past the sky is the limit and somewhere out in space due to the Government getting into health care in the first place.

The only way health care could be free is if the doctors, nurses, and other health care provider became slaves and cared for you free of charge. Joking aside, saying it should be free, I know that means the government should pay for it.

The people that believe that don’t have a clue as to where government income actually comes from. Like a little kid believes eggs come only from the grocery store, ninety five percent of the American people believe government income comes only from the tax payers.

Most of the money from individual tax payers and business tax payers comes out of the Profit margin of the barely hanging on small business men and women of America. So, with the government demanding more and more of small business’s profit, soon there won’t be any successful businesses left, because no business can hire or survive unless it makes a profit.

No profit means no businesses or paid employees for the government to tax. Then all of the millions upon millions of do-for-me government dependents our liberal welfare state beast has produced will be rioting in the streets and at each others throats.LOG ENTRY: 13 DECEMBER 2009, 0055 HOURS

Through out my writing I have mention civilization going back to the Stone Age and for that a lot of people think I'm crazy and ignorant. That is because so few understand basic economics. Basic economics starts with the individual nuclear and Extended Family System then leads on to a community bartering system.

However, bartering is an extremely limited economic system because no one may want what you have to offer and then you are stuck. Gold, silver, or some other rare precious metal used as a currency solved the extremely limited bartering problem.

Still, the value of a physical currency is in the currency itself no matter who has it. A government can't manipulate and devalue a physical currency when the value is in the currency itself, or print up and handout money it don't have.

Fast forward to today, the welfare state with its unlimited capacity to tax and print worthless paper money has almost destroyed our nuclear and extended family system along with any capacity to barter. And without these basic foundation building blocks no society can survive through hard times, it is impossible.

Folks, I will sum up by saying, I’m just a lone writer doing my thing, and telling it as I see it. I have a fifty fifty or one out of two chance of being right. Besides, who listens to me, a whole lot of people think I’m a kook and off my rocker anyway.

There really is no guaranteed individual wealth anymore. If you bury or hide money under the mattress today next week there may be a whole new world currency. Also, no individual truly owns property anymore with the cost of property taxes and it may be twice as much next year.

Get a grip people; you better use your vote sensible and vote out these big progressive liberal spenders while you still can. Love you, and thanks for reading my work, God bless. 

Let me throw my two cent worth in here. In my mind there is no limit to how shallow liberals can be. Protect New York City from what! Sure the trial is going to go on and definitely will be protected.

But, it is the roll of the dice and is opening up a can of worms. Can New York City protect every store, hotel, mall, rail road, and on and on like in Tel Aviv. Why invite the unknown, lets just hope my extreme caution is just pesky nonsense.

A minimum wage is like a vehicle with no reverse or an army walled of from any retreat. Getting rid of the minimum wage and cutting taxes to the bone will at least save the USA from total chaos and allow us to live and fight another day.

Where do most citizen tax payers get their money, from their small business employers? Where do businesses get their money, from citizen customers, some of which they themselves employ. As you can see the economy operates as a giant cycle.

Human energy and intelligence creating something of value in the form of food and resources is what keeps this cycle going. And the rewarding byproduct of the whole process is what's called profit. That is what government takes, all taxes ultimately comes from some form of profit.

Sure, government needs a certain amount of profit driven tax money to protect the nation from both foreign and domestic enemies and basic interior needs. But, the USA government was never designed to be a cradle to grave social and family provider.

Now, big government at all levels is taking far too much of small businesses profit for many of them to survive let alone hire anyone. And you gonna tell me mass tax cuts to the bone is not the answer, go fly a kite!!!

STONE AGE Most people with common sense think the biggest threat to the survival of the USA is its financial crisis cause by big government spending. I don't think so, I think what is slowly driving the dagger in the heart of this great nation is what big government has done to our nuclear and extended family system.

No famine, financial collapse, nuclear attack, mass chemical attack, or mass biological attack can destroy this huge nation with our strong nuclear and extended family system along with our minimum bartering capacity, is this statement true or false? Then you be the judge.

In terms of raw survival big government as the welfare state has destroyed everything and left us with a leadership in complete denial along with countless gimmy, gimmy, do for me dependents. Culture and survival wise just about the only option we have left is to regress back to the Stone Age unless our leaders snap out of denial and face cold steel rock hard reality.

Folks, I’m just a lowly lone writer telling it as I see it, pray that I’m wrong. Like a broken record I repeat, no one wants this but it would keep us from going back to the Stone Age. Get rid of the minimum WAGE and cut taxes to the bone across the board.

Then whatever income the government takes in should first go to national defense and administrative cost, and whatever is left go to community kitchens, hospitals, and shelters. Sure, its extreme but it is better than going back to the Stone Age. If anyone has a better solution they better step up now because I see the Stone Age over the horizon.

Everybody is all worked up over health care and socialism. But, unless my advice to get rid of the minimum wage and cut taxes to the bone is taken serious nothing is going to stop the USA and global economy from going back to the Stone Age.

Cost, cost, and more cost is the problem with health care and if the government thinks it can take it over and not pay the cost it will destroy medical care in America. However, it is going to take it over anyway if not today it will be tomorrow, because the only way to stop it would be to dismantle the welfare state and I’ll leave it at that.

And the root reason why medical cost has shot through the roof pass the sky is the limit into outer space is because government got into it in the first place. Anything the government gets into in a free country the cost will always go through the roof because government doesn't adhere to market force principals. Enough said.

As to capitalism versus socialism that is the least of our problems. No form of government can save a nation from doom if it looses its nuclear and extended family foundation, which we have. I know I keep writing the same thing over and over but if I can enlighten just one mover and shaker it will be worth it. Amen.
* Scroll down to read recovery BULL...

This is when one desperately need to stay awake because life, property, or job may be on the line.
Technique: Hold any small object such as a quarter, house keys, car keys, etc. in your hand, if you start to doze off it will drop and when it hits the floor you will snap awake every time, just don't forget to pick it up. *This technique is not design for anyone driving a vehicle.

I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. a shy neurotic uneducated south Georgia USA country boy is now teaching the world basic economics, somebody need to teach it. Ninety nine percent of the American people don't know what is actually powering this big USA and global economic ship.

Without this source power the whole USA and global economy will be left adrift. Almost everyone thinks its power comes from the government and the American tax payers. That is a source but it is not the root source, plus almost all thinking stops there.

Very few probe deeper and discovers who is actually paying taxes to the government. And even those that do acknowledge that it is the business and working people of America, and that is the end of it.

American small businesses do employ far more people in this country than anything else so that must be the main source powering the USA economy. Well, I guess that’s it we have an open and shut case.

Whoa, not so fast, I beg the difference, for the record I will prove that it is something called “Profit” that is the root source that powers the USA economy or any successful economy. We all need a certain amount of food and basic resources to live on. So, whatever amount over what we need to survive on is what’s called extra or profit that we can exchange for money or whatever.

The accumulation of excess profit is what makes one rich or wealthy. A business is only a medium to exchange goods or services for a profit, no profit, no business, no employee, and nothing for the government to tax. Big government at all levels, federal, state, and local has put so many taxes, license fees, permit fees, rules, regulations, and other mandates on a business that it is a miracle anyone makes a profit.

Almost any blood sucking economic system will work for 80-100 years, then its hell to pay. This welfare state system is like a dog chasing its tail because a business is only a means of exchange; all cost must be passed on to the public which in turn raises the cost of living on everyone. I rest my case your honor.The USA economy is now at the point it fits the old proverbial saying: “A straw broke the camels back.”

I once heard this story about a man with a mule that would walk about twenty yards or so stop briefly and continue on and on. Someone asked the owner what was the problem with this mule, why he acted like that?

The owner said the mule was afraid he might not hear the owners command so he stops to listen. Well, I think that same analogy can be applied to the liberals running this country.

They have all of the power and are almost totally in control of this great country. So, what is the problem with them, why are they acting the way they are? I ask why don’t they just follow their own beliefs and convictions and stop all of this stopping for bipartisan support.

The fact is: The idea of taking on responsibility all alone with no one else on hand to shift blame to, scares the hell out of a liberal.

The financial burden load of the welfare state has bankrupted this nation and sent our manufacturing and jobs over seas. But, that is not the worst thing the welfare state beast has done to this great predominate Christian nation.

The worst thing is it has ripped out the inner fabric of this great nation by destroying our nuclear and extended family system, and any capacity to barter, there is no recovery from this, Stone Age here we come. However, the future is never written in stone. Getting rid of the minimum wage and cutting taxes to the bone can still save us.

Getting rid of the minimum wage and cutting taxes to the bone, you must be crazy, of course that’s not going to happen, the power structure and big money will go down in flames first. If only enough common sense citizens would pledge to vote for people willing to get rid of the minimum wage and cut taxes to the bone this great predominate Christian nation would be saved.

* There is an old saying that: "If you say something long enough and loud enough eventually someone is going to believe you.” Maybe not mine but some nation is going to believe me.

Okay, everybody knows the moon effects crime and the ebb and flow of the tides. Brace yourself, the moon is about to strike back, pun intended, he, he, he...

Draft fear and the liberal media was really what caused the lost in Vietnam.
Even General Giap himself admitted something to that of fact when he said only the America media gave them the hope to fight on.

With bombing accuracy and other high technology US military advantages are ten times greater than back then.

“Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit.” Just an opinion by writer, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. 4 October 2009, 0951 Hours.

My God! My God! Come on folks, economics ain’t rocket science; a hundred and fifty years ago almost everyone knew what I keep telling people. It is not just the shallow minded liberals, hardly anyone anymore have a strong survival instinct.

Anyone that thinks the USA can continue to carry the financial burdens of our big government welfare state is either in complete denial or just plain ignorant. If you think I am a fool and nut case, you are wrong.

History has proven that it is always the masses that are wrong. I have the wisdom and survival instinct to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m right, so help me God. However, reason never changes closed minds.

Very few people truly understand how an economy works as well as I do. Almost everyone think in term of big money, but it is not the amount it is the buying power that counts in the long run.

The other team can’t run up the score if you got the ball. It is the same in economically terms; prices can’t go above what the always larger poorer population can afford to pay. That is unless a big government welfare state unconstitutionally hands out free money on an individual basis.

That act subsidizes high prices, and is what feeds this never ending inflationary spiral that we are caught up in. Sure, you can help the poor, but you can’t hand out cash and food stamps on an individual basis and not destroy the free market place price structure.

That is because there is just two teams the seller (merchants) and the Buyer (consumers). And the government is supposed to fill the role of referee and tax collector. However, that is no longer the case the government is taking tax money from one team and giving it to the other.

Mother Nature says hell no, that breaks nature's supreme law of "Natural selection;" and she is preparing to step in and create a rebirth by starving the whole system back to the Stone Age.

If the government was not hogging the free market place, the free market place would heal itself. Now, the only way to get this beast out of the market place is to starve it out, it has grown far too powerful. Otherwise, there is no way to keep the USA from starving to death in just a very few years, you mark my word.

In my view the USA and the global economy is in a state of mass denial. No one wants to face the cold steel rock hard reality. If I have to repeat it a thousand times, man cannot use figures and intelligence to manage a successful economy because the variables are infinite.

However, there is nothing complicated or secret about how to run a time tested successful economy. There is a proven time tested ideology that has never failed to produce far more food and goods than any one nation can consume.

That ideology is, "Allow free competition and let the free market work,” it is just that simple. But no, today we have all of these learned economists that think they can out smart Mother Nature, wrong. It is like having a vehicle with no reverse, you can’t have a free floating free market place economy with a minimum wage.

You can’t have a lasting free market place economy when sky high taxes and every other kind of government mandate is siphoning off most of a business’s profit. For a democracy to survive and last every individual and family unit must carry its own weight. I keep hearing about a recovery, that is BULLSHIT!

I can only speak for my self, but in my view it is impossible to have a recovery with all of the financial burdens our welfare state is now carrying, after years of adding more and more the load is just too much. Also, I believe unless the minimum wage is junked and taxes cut to the bone more and more businesses are going to fail with even higher unemployment.

Listen up! Profit, profit, profit, is everything, there will be nothing for the government to survive on itself if not enough business’s are making enough profit to stay afloat.

The government can only tax a profitable business, no one making a profit, nothing for the government to tax because not even Joe public gets paid if he doesn't have a job, it’s just that simple. Think about it.

According to the constitution the only financial burdens our federal government should be carrying is to protect the nation from foreign and domestic enemies and to finance a healthy interior department.

But, oh no, we gave the “New deal” a foot in the door and since then liberal politicians from both parties have created this welfare state beast that is determine to grab absolute power and take away our individual freedom.

I say hell no! This beast has taken on financial burdens galore even as small as a hangnail, all out of the hard earned profits of the barely hanging on large and small business men/women of America. I say, snap out of it learned economists, face reality; lets take our bitter medicine and go boldly into the future.
We can do all things through God which strengthens us, Phil. 4-13 paraphrased.

ECONOMIC LECTURE #15 by Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.
High drama, stay tuned for the next episode

PS: The Super Great Thinker Rides Again!


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