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Tags: love rose poem

By Donovan Baldwin

whorls of the rose

soft folds of orchid petals

dewdrops on the bloom

a tiny bud opening

caress of morning breeze

rising heat of the sun

sensuous nature


since she was a girl

thought she must be innocent

and then she met him

whirl of confusion

love which had been sought so long

was not pristine pure

seething love and lust

a helping of sacrifice

and hidden desires


seldom black and white

we are complicated art

rainbows of colors

in classical oils

pastels of watercolor

sharp edged acrylics

naked in our essence

humans and angels alike

pass for each other


love has many forms

not all nights are orgies of

physical delights

candlelit dinner

a glance across a table

shared appetizer

strolling public ways

holding hands like shy children

smiling at past sins


feeds me a morsel

covered with a shining sauce

her fingers dripping


lover learns to read

tones and textures of her skin

secret messages


fearing who might hear

she stifles the urgent cries

as desires explode

a quiet nova

in her universe within

she soars among stars

ecstasy is born

deep within her inner space

secret love silent


a look and a word

tearing her garments to rags

she brings him her heat


somehow miracle

we two drops of love's ocean

form our single sea


opens for his words

and his penetrating gaze

tacit submission

in quiet repose

awaits tactile sensations

feeling his poems

featherlight touches

aroused anticipation

urgent crescendo


lips pressed to your cup

its warm fragile edge yielding

pouring forth desires


her garments hang tattered

revealing then concealing

she sways with her need


poem or prayer

lips worshipping each other

a timeless temple


kneeling she told him

i know where I want to go

please lead me astray


wish i wish for her

with me may she ever be

free to be herself


my poems as snares

i smile each time you appear

caught for a moment


i summon demons

who come to me as poets

to light my darkness


abandoned angel

who became his every wish

in their new eden


she met the poet

took his words and walked away

couldn't stand the man


left without his muse

his pouch of words hangs empty

even echoes gone


be who you must be

you owe a poet nothing

leave him to his words


treasuring their touch

naked among autumn's leaves

her poet watching


she chooses the game

then she picks out the toys...

the rule is pleasure


singing in freedom

dark Rose dances in the breeze

before her poet


poet offers images

praises the sound of her song

how she dances for him


lovers share the stars

the sunsets and sunrises...

universe of love


poetry's lonely

just me and a few old words

that once meant something


what's it like to love

and to feel that love retured

to have someone care


Copyright Donovan Baldwin November 12, 2023

This post first appeared on Ravensong Poetry And Writing, please read the originial post: here

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