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The Guy was Dreaming

A dead body was being fished out from a river by the Police. At first, it seemed like a dead body, but the guy was breathing. The guy was dreaming about something. What was he dreaming about?

Here is the thing the guy was dreaming about:
A guy who looked like the guy who was dreaming was lying on a road in a village and many people were standing around him.

One lady present there: What happened to him? How did he get here?

One Guy there: Is he alive?

Then, one of the guys who were present there checked his nerves of his right hand and said, Yes, he is alive. Let’s take him to the Vaidya.

Another guy from the crowd:Yes yes. You are right. Lift him and make him lie on my ‘Bail-gaadi’ (Bullock-cart).

Two men from the crowd Baleshwar and Gyanendra took the senseless guy to the Vaidya
Then, two men from the crowd Baleshwar and Gyanendra took the senseless guy to the Vaidya of the village by the bullock-cart. When they reached the vaidya’s ashram, they told the Vaidya about the senseless guy they found lying on the floor.

After The Vaidya heard about the senseless guy from the guys, he started doing his things with the herbs & shrubs present there and made a paste out of them. Then the Vaidya applied some of it on the guy’s forehead, mixed the remaining paste with water and put some of it inside his mouth by lifting his head a little bit. After the paste got inside his body, he started coughing a bit, woke up.

The Guy (who was senseless): Where am I? What is this place?

Baleshwar: You are at our Vaidya’s ashram. You were not in your senses. Our vaidya treated you, which made you wake up.

Gyanendra: we found you lying on one of the roads of our village and then I and my friend Baleshwar brought you here for your treatment. Do you remember anything how did you get there?

While talking, the three men went to the verandah of the ashram.

The Guy (who was not in his senses): I am Rakesh. I had come to Ujjain for enjoying my holidays but I don’t know how I ended up in this village.

Baleshwar: But this is Ujjain, the capital of the Gupta Empire. You are where you had come to, and what were you saying, “Holidays”, what’s that? And where are you from?

Rakesh: What? It is Ujjain! But this place looks different from the Ujjain I had come to. It was a town but this is a village.

Gyanendra: “Town”? What’s that? But how did you faint?

Rakesh: I had come to Ujjain for visiting the famous “Shiv Mandir” here. When I was getting near the “Mandir”, one guy came from behind, snatched my wallet from my pocket and ran from there. Then, I ran after the guy, but, in the way, somebody hit me on my head and after that, I don’t remember anything.

Baleshwar: “Hey Bholenaath”. We feel so sorry for you, but, what are  “wallet” and “pocket”? I could not understand these words. which “mandir”  were you going to? There are many “mandirs” here.

Rakesh (in his mind):  Oh my God! What’s happening with me? The surroundings here are not looking like that of my time. Everything here looks and seems very ancient. Have I traveled back in time? There is so much greenery here. No buildings, motor vehicles, offices in this place! Every guy is wearing dhoti-kurta here. Oh my God! I am definitely in the Gupta age. What should I do now? Are they going to believe me? I should behave like I don’t remember much.

Gyanendra: What happened, friend? What are you thinking? You look worried.

Rakesh: I don’t remember much, friend. I can’t recall anything from my past right now. I am not even sure the things and the words I said to you are true or I was dreaming about those things.

Baleshwar: Don’t worry friend. You come to my House. You will be very comfortable there, then we will see what we can do there for your help.

Rakesh: “Bahut bahut dhanyawaad mitra” (Thank you so much, friend.)

Baleshwar:  “Dhanyawaad ki kya awashyaktaa hai, sahaayata karna toh mera kartavya hai” (No need to say ‘Thank You’, it’s my duty to help a needy.)

Baleshwar (to Gyanendra): “Bhraata Gyanendra.” (Brother Gyanendra.) Let’s make some arrangements for a “bail-gaadi” (bullock-cart).

Gyanendra and Baleshwar arranged a bullock cart for taking Rakesh to Baleshwar’s house
Gyanendra and Baleshwar arranged a bullock cart for taking Rakesh to Baleshwar’s house. Baleshwar and Rakesh got up to the cart and their journey to Baleshwar’s house started. On the way, Rakesh could seethe lifestyles of the people living in Ujjain which he had heard from tourist guides and read from the history books. The scenes which Rakesh saw around him in the cart, scared him more and made him more worried. He could not see a way back to his home and time. He was feeling very helpless at that time.

The cart reached Baleshwar’s house in the evening. First Baleshwar got down from the cart and then helped Rakesh to get down. Baleshwar took out some ‘cowries’ from his little ‘Thaili’ (bag) and gave them to the cart driver.

Rakesh: What were those things which you gave to the driver?

Baleshwar: Hey Bholenaath! You have forgotten even the basic needs of a man. These are the things for which a man works for, these are the things for which the cart driver drove us to my house. If we would not have had these ‘cowries’, then, he would not have helped us reach here.

Rakesh (to Baleshwar): Ohh I see.

Rakesh (in his mind): So, ‘cowries’ are the money here. Oh my God, to know more, I have to act dumber now.

Rakesh (to Baleshwar): So, how did you get these ‘cowries’?

Baleshwar: Surely, I will tell you, but, at first, let’s enter my house.

The house was a kachcha house with wooden doors on the entrance and the windows. Baleshwar knocked on the door. After hearing the knock, a lady in saree with the ‘Ghoonghat’ on his head opened the door. The lady greeted Rakesh with the ‘Namaste’ pose and then Rakesh also greeted her back with the ‘Namaste’ pose.

Baleshwar (by pointing his hand to the lady): She is my wife.

Baleshwar (to his wife): He is our guest, Rakesh. He is going to live here for some time. He is not well right now, so, we have to take good care of him.

Baleshwar’s wife took water from a ‘Mitti ki Matki’ (container made of clay), put it in a glass made of clay and gave it to me.

Rakesh (to Baleshwar’s wife): ‘Dhanyawaad’ (Thank you).

She nodded in reply to Rakesh’s ‘Thank You’.

Baleshwar (to Rakesh): See, this is my beautiful house. I, my wife and younger brother live here. We have two rooms and a little place for “Chulha”. In the night you and I will sleep in this room.

Rakesh (in his mind): There is no bed here. I think he is talking about sleeping on the floor.

Baleshwar (to Rakesh): Now let’s sit on the verandah and enjoy the cool breeze of air.

Rakesh: So, now tell me, how you got those cowries?

Baleshwar: I do farming for a person’s crop fields. The person gives me cowries for taking care of his crop fields.

Rakesh: ohh. Now I understood.

Baleshwar: When I go to the field tomorrow for farming, I will take you with me.

Rakesh: I will love to go with you and I can also help you there.

Baleshwar: Really? Do you know ‘farming’? Ohh sorry, I had forgotten that you don’t remember much, but you don’t worry, the vaidya has asked us to visit the ashram as he is going to treat you for making your memory back. Till you get back your memory, you will live here like my family member.

Rakesh: Thank you so much. I will always be grateful to you and hope I could help you in the present and future.

Baleshwar and Rakesh kept on talking till the night. Then, Baleshwar’s wife served food for them. There were rotis, kheer and kaddu ki sabzi on the plates.

Rakesh: Maate why don’t you bring your plate and eat with us.

Baleshwar (by waving his hand to Rakesh): No no. Our women don’t eat while the men are eating. They eat after the men of the family finish eating.

Rakesh: Ohh. Forgive me, I did not know that.

Baleshwar (with a smile): “Koi baat nahin” (It’s okay).

Rakesh: Bhraata (brother) Baleshwar, where is your younger brother?

Baleshwar: He has gone to the next village for work.

Rakesh: Does he do farming like you?

Baleshwar: No, he does many things but not farming, most of the time he sells crafts and idols of Gods, but he doesn’t tell me openly about what other things he does and how he brings even more cowries than me.

Then, all went to sleep. 

The next morning, Baleshwar and Rakesh went for farming. Rakesh got the chance to see the farming in ancient India live and learned many things from Baleshwar. Like this day, for many days, Rakesh went for farming with Baleshwar and helped him in it.

One day, early morning, in the verandah of Baleshwar’s house,

Rakesh (in his mind): For how many days is this going to continue? Will I have to live like this forever? I have to find a way. I have to go to the place where they had found me, I think I can find some links there.

While Rakesh was thinking these things, a guy was heading towards Baleshwar’s house. The guy looked familiar to Rakesh.

Rakesh (in his mind): I have seen him somewhere, but where?

To be Continued…….

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The Guy was Dreaming


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