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Become More Self-Driven

Do it for other people, for the sake of the world, or Simply because you would love to have certain things. No reason is worse than any other!

The whole point is that you find something that actually makes you feel inspired!

Regardless of what the reason is, if you are not Inspired then you won’t find the drive to work on it.

If you are not inspired by being charitable and rather by owning a mansion then no matter how charitable you are it will not get you moving. And that’s not a bad thing, nor is it a good thing, it is simply the way your mind works. It’s not your fault!

What’s stupid, however, is if you try to force inspiration from things that simply don’t inspire you.

It doesn’t matter what your reason is as long as you have one that makes you want to do something!

Allow yourself to be a little selfish when it comes to your dreams and pick the motivators that motivate you.

Because, even if you are as selfish as you can be in your dream, you will still need to work hard, be motivated and you still need to want to perform better to reach that dream. By doing all of that you will undoubtedly set an amazing example for other people, which can give more than a lot of good intended things done specifically for others!

Develop a dream that is so juicy, so worth achieving, that you cannot not work towards it.

Then, connect this dream to some cause that drives you!

Do not focus on anyone else, on how logical it is or on how reasonable it sounds.

If it makes you feel inspired then take it!

If you want $100,000,000.00 then have that be your goal! If you want to run a 3-minute mile or shoot fireballs out of your hands then have that be your goal! And if you want to be charitable, give to others or just explore the world then have that be your goal!

At this stage no goal is more noble or important than another!

What makes you want to do more? What makes you want to live this life? What drives you?

This will take some time to find, but once you do there is only one last thing: holding yourself accountable to what you said you would do.

Break down the goal into some daily habits and do them no matter what.

That’s it. That is how you become self-driven. It’s a simple, two-step, process:

  1. Create a strong, emotional, personal reason..
  2. Commit to yourself.

This process starts with you doing what you said you would do and holding yourself to your own word.

Remember that at the end of it all no one will care whether or not you actually achieved your goal. In fact, no one will even care what it was.

The only one who suffers if you didn’t do it is you. And the only one who will feel that incredible sense of accomplishment if you do do it is also you.

Every time you are doing something you set out to do you win!

And every time you don’t you let yourself down.

Do it because it means something to you. Not because others told you to do it, not because it is good for the world, and not because you would get respect or recognition.

Do it for you!

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Become More Self-Driven


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