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Catching Monsters Around the World

Maybe it is because we watched Scooby-Doo and the gang, but the idea of catching Monsters has always intrigued us! Whether it is finding vampires in Transylvania or hunting the rougarou in the swamps of Louisiana, there is just something about dark travel that inspires our Adventure Activities and Experiences Bucket List! Truly, what is it about these creatures of the night that incites people to take pilgrimages to spot real monsters?

Whatever draws people to the unseen dark corners of the earth to spot real monsters around the globe, dark tourism is exciting. So grab your gang, gather your hunting tools, load up the Mystery Machine, and let’s discover 15 places for Catching Monsters around the world to add to your bucket list!

Disclaimer: In no way do Darcee or Eric promote the capture or endangerment of any of the monsters listed below! Darcee also says that anyone who is insistent on trying to catch any of these or other monsters might be crazy and should consult a therapist! But in all seriousness, please be careful when searching for monsters, you might actually find one!

1) Catching Monsters in Transylvania

Perhaps the best location for hunting monsters in the world is Transylvania, Romania. Home to Count Dracula himself, this blood-sucking demon terrorizes the locals from his castle overlooking the town. But be ready as you explore Bran Castle as the Prince of all monsters may be disguised as a bat flying about town.

Before attempting to catch this monster of the night, prepare by reading Dracula by Bram Stoker. Perhaps, Van Helsing can give you insights on the best way to catching monsters like the undead vampire.

Grab your gang, gather your hunting tools, load up the Mystery Machine, and let's discover 15 places for catching monsters around the world to add to your bucket list! #MonsterHunter #CatchingMonsters
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2) Catching the Bogeyman in Mexico

Whether it is El Cucuy in Mexico, El Coco in Latin America, or Pish Taco in Peru, the bogeyman has haunted children for years. Maybe, this nondescript monster was just created by parents to frighten their kids into good behavior. But, nonetheless, this scary monster hides under your bed and is often said to steal bad kids. So double-check your kids’ Airbnb bedroom before they fall asleep!

If you are hoping to catch the bogeyman, we strongly recommend you do your research first. Xavier Garza’s Creepy Creatures and other Cucuys can give you insight on how to hunt this monster of the night!

3) Hunting the Headless Horseman in New York

Most Gen X-ers were introduced to the Headless Horseman in the famous Disney Halloween cartoon. But this ghost of a Hessian soldier who lost his head to a stray cannonball long ago during the Revolutionary War has been haunting Sleepy Hollow, New York for many years! Every Halloween night it is said that he rides through Sleepy Hollow looking for his head. But beware, if he can’t find his head, he’ll take yours to replace it!

To be better prepared for catching this nightrider before you visit Sleepy Hollow, try reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. If anything, poor Ichabod Crane can teach you what not to do if you spot this real monster in person.

4) Hunting the Chupacabra in Puerto Rico

Often confused for a rabid dog, the chupacabra is said to be a vicious blood-sucking animal that terrorizes livestock! In fact, when translated, chupacabra literally means “goat sucker” in Spanish! But don’t let it’s prey let you think it isn’t a real monster. This mean beast can be the size of a small bear, with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail.

Now, finding this monster may be a bit easier if as it has been blamed for attacks as recent as 1995 in Puerto Rico. But before you try to spot this monster, read Tracking the Chupacabra: The vampire beast in fact, fiction, and folklore by Benjamin Radford.

5) Searching for Demons on the Atlantic Coast

Whether it is the Dover Demon in Massachusetts or the Jersey Devil from New Jersey, there is no shortage of demons in America. But the Jersey Devil still seems to make appearances in Leeds Point, New Jersey. According to legend, Mrs. Jane Leeds was giving birth to her 13th child but struggled with the birth. When she finally gave birth, rather than a crying child, she found it to be a demon with a reptilian body, bat wings, horse’s head, and a long forked tail. After looking at her, it flew out of the chimney and now resides in the Pine Barrens woods.

Before hitting the Pine Barrens woods to hunt demons, it would be wise to do your research. We recommend you The Jersey Devil by James F. McCloy.

Dracula, the Mummy, and Zombies, OH MY! Discover 15 places for catching monsters around the world to add to your bucket list! #MonsterHunter #DarkTravel
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6) Spotting the Mummy in Egypt

Discovered in 1922, the mummified body of the 19-year-old pharaoh, King Tutankhamun has been enthralling monster hunters around the world. But it is perhaps the curse that accompanied the discovery of this boy king that really made the mummy a part of dark tourism. After the sudden and unexpected death of Lord Carnarvon who funded the expedition, a rumor of a curse was spread. It was said that all European archaeologists associated with the expedition would be killed.

But before heading to the Tomb of Tutankhamun in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, it may be wise to do a little reading to avoid the curse. Perhaps The Discovery of Tomb of Tutankhamen by Howard Carter may be your best bet since it was he who made the archeological find of the century.

7) Spotting the Witches of Salem, Massachusetts

Witches have been roaming the world perhaps since biblical times throughout Europe and the Middle East. But if it is on your bucket list to find one of these Devil-doting, pagan women of the night, then Salem, Massachusetts is where to go! Though witchcraft was officially criminalized by the British in 1542, the dark magic took over 150 individuals according to the Salem Witch Museum. But it was in January of 1692, where a group of teen girls in Salem suddenly started acting strange. They would talk about being haunted by spirits of other members of their community. This hysteria would lead to the trial, conviction, and execution of nearly 19 supposed witches!

Now they say, “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.” Therefore, we strongly recommend you consider reading, The Devil in the Shape of a Woman by Carol Karlsen. Perhaps, this way you can avoid the witch’s curse of disembodied spirits stabbing, choking, or jabbing you with sharp needles.

8) Catching Dr. Frankenstein’s monster in Germany

Being brought to life in a new neighborhood of the city of Darmstadt can already be a difficult adjustment. But couple that with awkward body changes plus your dad being a mad scientist and it becomes an overall scary situation.  Don’t get us wrong, of all the monsters around the world, Dr. Frankenstein’s monster may be the nicest. But, one flash of lightning near his father’s castle and this mongrel can cause a lot of havoc and even death.

Therefore, if you plan on trying to hunt or even capture the big guy, you should read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Not only will this classic tale share with you the views of an outsider and then the monster’s creator, Dr. Frankenstein, himself. But, Shelley also captured the viewpoint of the monster too. So, perhaps getting inside the mind of this mad creation can help in catching him and other monsters.

9) Trapping Werewolves in Germany

Werewolves have been roaming through Germany and other European countries since the middle ages. But it is in the German city of Greifswald that seems to be a prime location for finding these vicious monsters. Perhaps, this is because there may actually be records from the mid-1600s of Greifswald being completely overrun with werewolves. That is of course until someone gathered all the silver buttons, goblets, and belt buckles to melt them down into bullets for their guns. Then they went out and slaughtered the werewolves and saved the city of Greifswald.

But just because these band of warriors rid the town back in the mid-1600s doesn’t mean they are no more. In Germany, rumors have it that a werewolf can be created when a person is outside on either a Wednesday or a Friday night during a full moon and the moonlight shines on the victim’s face. So, in order to trap a newly created werewolf, we recommend that you stock up on lots of silver. Also, consider reading The Werewolf in Paris by Guy Endore to see if it is possible to fully defeat this monster.

10) Discovering Zombies in Haiti

Zombies are all the rage right now! Perhaps this is because of the countless movies and tv shows. But for most Gen X-ers, the intrigue probably started with Michael Jackson’s famous Thriller music video. In all reality, these slow walking, cannibalistic, undead monsters may have started out from the African slaves in Haiti. Possibly slaves of the voodoo priests, these undead creatures are said to do the evil bidding of their masters.

Now though these rotting monsters are slow-moving does not mean you should take them lightly. That is why we strongly recommend you pick up a copy of World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, by Max Brooks.

Is catching monsters on your bucket list? Discover 15 places for catching monsters around the world to add to your bucket list! #MonsterHunter #DarkTravel
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11) Catching the Devil in New Hampshire

The Devil is perhaps the truest incarnate of evil for most monster hunters. Lord of darkness, he can often tempt and even possess the purest of souls. But for those looking to catch the fallen angel, perhaps a trip to New Hampshire is where to start. Whether you search Purgatory Falls, the birthplace of the serial killer H.H. Holmes or you walk the ruins of the Moulton Mansion, the devil has been there.

Now it would seem that the Devil is impossible to kill. However, if you are hell-bent on trying to find this fiendish monster, consider reading The Devil and Daniel Webster by Stephen Vincent Benét. This short story may share some insight on how to at least defeat the Devil in a legal battle for your soul!

12) Finding the Golem of Prague

Not all monsters seem to be truly evil. In fact, it is said that the Golem of Prague was created by a 16th-century rabbi, to protect the Jews from frequent anti-Semitic attacks. Brought to life from mud or clay, it is said that though the Golem is a bit dumb, he is extremely strong and loyal.

Now, though the Golem may have good intentions, it is said that he does get confused and can kill with brute force. Therefore, if you are intent on catching one of these monsters, consider reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon.

14) Finding a Penanggalan in Malaysia

Perhaps one of the grossest and deadliest of monsters, this vampire-like beast haunts Malaysia. Said to be the soul of a beautiful woman, her head now floats with her entrails dragging behind her. Condemned for all eternity, this horrific monster searches for young children and pregnant women to suck their blood.

Supposedly, it is possible to kill this vampiric monster by detaching her head and shredding her organs. But, it would be wise to do lots of research before hunting this evil being. Perhaps consider the harrowing story Penanggalan! An Aussie Vampire Tale by D. I. Russell in which a bunch of Aussies battle a Penanggalan in the great Australian outback.

15) Hunting the Rougarou in the Louisiana Swamps

Growing up in south Louisiana, tales of the Rougarou or Loup Garou were often told to children to keep them from wandering away in the swamplands. Similar to a werewolf, it is said that this monster of the swamp has the head of a wolf with the body of a man. But unlike its European cousin, the rougarou searches not to kill, but to break its curse. According to legend, once the transformation takes place, a person is condemned for 101 days. But once that time has passed, the curse can be broken if the rougarou can find another person to bite which would transfer the curse to them.

Now, we like a good swamp tour as much as the next person. But we strongly advise that you do some reading before trying to catch these monsters of the swamp. Killing the Rougarou by Shawn M. Beasley may give you some insight into the true nature of these terrifying monsters.

Now Off You Go!

So there you have it! 15 places for catching monsters around the world to add to your creepy bucket list! Now is the time to do your research, gather your weapons, and head out! Just Be Careful!

Have you ever searched for one of these major monsters before? Is there any monster on this list that you absolutely want to try and find? Or are these destinations where you can spot real monsters a big HELL NO for you? Tell us all about the scariest destination you have ever been to or the monster you want to hunt in the comments below!

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