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10 Most Mischievous Moments

Hey everyone

It's been a busy January for me, but I hope you are all having an amazing 2016 so far. So I got tagged by my fellow blog sister Miss Felistas (please check out her blog) to do a 10 things post about me, so I'm taking this time to share a little bit about how I grew up and the naughty girl I was back then so you can appreciate the amazing, intelligent woman I am now. I hope you enjoy and laugh at my naughtiness, I'm sure some of you will relate because African Parents are something else.

1. When I was around 8-10 years old I was at my grandparent's home and me and my cousins were playing with this boy and his brother, so I kinda had a crush on this boy and me and him went to the bathroom and I kissed him, (goodness me, how the hell did I know how to kiss at that age) so we get out of the bathroom and guess who is there just grandmother. I was in so much shock I swear I was frozen but the lies just came right out of me it was perfect. I said I was just showing him the toilet and I started crying, and that was it, got away with it.

2. Now you would think I learnt something from number 1 but nope same old me, when I was 16, I went back to my grandparents home and we stayed there for a week, that first couple of days, I met 3 boys that I kissed on the same day and the first night, my male cousin and I went for a "walk", he had his girlfriend and I was with this new guy I'd met on that day, we just went for a lovely romantic walk but I got home around 10pm and my grandma and my mum were just sitting there waiting. You know what got me though, I got into trouble but not my cousin. Typical right.

3. I was quite a sneaky kid. So when I was around 14, I met this guy at a Zimbabwean party in a different city then we started "dating" and we would talk for hours at night and one day his mother caught him, went through his phone and did her research and got my home number. She called and spoke to my mother and told my mother I was a "slut" and that I was going after her son. So my mother was very calm over the phone and was defending me, so I'm thinking she is on my side, but nope. She flipped out and took my phone, revoked all tv, social events, everything.

4. So what was meant to happen with this phone being taken from me was, I could use it during the day but had to give it to my parents at 5pm everyday. My friend at the time had the same phone as me and actually got a new phone so she was using that phone as back up. So I asked to use it and what I did was give my parents her phone which was switched off and I would secretly use my phone at night, and I actually would use it whilst at dinner and no one knew, I got away with this for months and actually got a new phone on my birthday and punishment was over in a few days then my so called friend tells her mum that I have her phone and her mother tells mine. GAME OVER!

5.  I used to be in a high school where I was the only black kid and it was an all girls school. So I was friends with these girls, kinda bullies but I was also friends with everyone, I floated. So these 2 girls were having a fight with this one South African white girl and I was in the middle as I was friends with both of them so I was trying to be peacemaker and it wasnt really working. So one day, I walked past this South African girl and smiled and she says "BITCH" as she walks past me. I say nothing but the next time I see her and trying to address this and she is giving me attitude and I completely lost my temper and literally dragged her, slapped and double slapped her. So we got called into Principal and I lied. I said she called me a "BLACK BITCH" and I got a day off, no suspension and no record of anything and she got detention for 3 days. Mum wasnt so happy though but had Dad on my side. So when I found God years later, I apologized, I felt so terrible.

6. I was once dating this guy and it was long distance so he came to visit me, keep in mind all my relationships were secrets because my parents would actually kill me. So this guy picks me up and we get some lunch and we go hang out where he was staying, little did I know that he was friends with someone who was friends with my parents. When this guy saw me walk into his house and when I saw him we both froze and he quickly said "I wont say anything" and I looked down and went into the kitchen. So awkward!!

7. I was in a relationship with this guy and we had been family friends since I first arrived to NZ so like 4 years, and one day we were at this Zimbabwean party and I was about to leave and not paying attention and all googoo gaagaa for this guy, we kiss at the top of the stairs and when I turn around I see my mother at the bottom of the stairs. I was internally panicking but she says nothing so I assume she saw nothing. The next day I swear I thought she was going to kill me. She had scissors in her hands and was trying to cut my hair. I denied, denied, denied and she eventually stopped. No conversation about that since.

8. So this same guy I was with (the family friend) his mother found out we were together and called me, to tell me she wanted us to break up because we were like brother and sister. It was the most embarrassing thing I have ever experienced but she never told my mother and I was never able to look at her the same again

9. I had this boyfriend when I was 14/15 who was from Congo and was a refugee and didnt speak very good English but I was attracted to the foreign. So I find out 4 months later that this guy cheated on me, and I somehow hacked into his social media, pretty sure it was Bebo or Myspace at the time and I sent emails to all his contacts and wrote on his page that he was a cheater and we broke up but I still had access to his page a couple of months later and I emailed his girlfriend some sh*t and they ended up breaking up. I was actually that crazy ex girlfriend once.

10. When I turned 18 years old, I actually think I grew a big head and met this friend and she wanted me to come over for a sleep over, so I didnt even ask my mother I just said "hey I'm going" and that's it and she was like "no you are not". I swear I actually said "I'm 18 now I can do whatever I want". I saw my mother's eyes turn black like she was possessed because she lost it and we were yelling at each other, she told me to pack my things and leave. She even called my dad who was at work and put him on loudspeaker as she yelled at me. I escaped with my life and my head shrunk after that.

There you go guys. My most mischievous moments, I look back and laugh now because the amount of secrecy and sneakiness I had in me. I kinda blame my African parents but then again it may have been my nature, so that's me, if you want to share your most mischievous moment/s please comment. I'd love to hear your stories.

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10 Most Mischievous Moments


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