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D.. They maryland people got that Money alot of them are retired aint that the truth I been in this area all my life I know who is the real and the fake you could give me the wrong look and I can tel it’s fake.

When you out freelancing when I was but who would have thougth of a tight situation. If an had done osmetthing like that he would have beem in the joint,. Shut your ass whenyou dothose country white boyshe did this much time they sdon’t give you the bad side when you be turning over in yourr cell anddn worrying if you aare ging to make it. The niggers be running the sys tem that’a the tru deal but he need to stop that Shit. He wawsz taking pictures of them instagRAM HE TOLFD he w\AS TO doing something slight like he was paranoid or somewthing whatever he did Idon’t want it caught up with me. I am the typw of n I need a green light all day but they want to start chilling watch tv some nigger got the cool when I WAS locked up pne of the niggers was there the nigger was running with something I thougth the other who was running the shots Ws there one of them caught 25 he won’t see the street again 23 he wad tall and getting that money on the side don’t let that n get you caught up like l that the shit that I am tellinng you I had to learn from n ging real live n they point a kjjint in your hand they give you dirty ass shit. We ain’t get no money we out therre just like you they son’t knw ho w to be locked up and have no money if you was good on the street n gonna taake you on the wong if you don’t have no resurces you might get your knofe aand og go to war I beej in the system is tacos and rat that’a all there when ms copnner the lorto anythin shw got on the commisaary you got a god 5 10 yrd to learn you outrwo sertainshit im too ols I W these nigger aout non in this area you ain

t in my situation when you get cauth up gptp wpk all those n wjo got locked wish they were home roll out on his ass I m thinnkit I GOT GET MY PISTIOL OF OR YOU HOLD THIS PISTOL BUT WHEN THE POLEICE JUMP OUT YOU GTO TAKE THAT FOR YOUR MAN YOUR LOOK AT ME CAN TELL I ALREADY PLAYED THE GAME Son’t get caught up with them n my isis said that I took my cuz to a strip club my brother say why they got to lear to grow up fast in the street like me women get jeallus of me im gonna call the police 6 mos in jail you ca;t hol a f jpb mk call the policeon you you hanging wwwwwwith n this is my man we party I gp totrigger for this man you ain’t goonna t do the shit I HAD TOSO WHEN YOU get that num they ain’t gonn a send you no money

you can’t tell a n that when you hogh and dringing you can’t give advise look my par treated mye wrong that’s how I got to thed shelter i was too young you eget ten or 5 five yerqsr now you wull understand you  fan’t be like me the n i ran with were differnt con’t v with anybosy they want to chill out in the system you  know what I M SAY ING  n but you gott take goo out of thesituationif  you want to do something don’t do it half way thats what i was saying but i i an’t f with you it is what itis i just trying to make sense with himw esp the man I was locked up with i threw all his shit on the t he was on the yard playing bball all day and sttank i a herr to eget  my housing oC other client I don’t want no fridns you know how hard it is to get in htis placce  if you working for someone I went thrugh dha you wwnwent to the wrpeopel but I culd nt amake it becaise pf the jobs I had it don’t take nothe  toget here  a phone call c how the ficj can you live like that  she gaved me 20 $ to toget to work worrjing a festival last year they give you that at dhs too but I don’t want to live in one of them in dc md her it’s clean I got evicted after three it’s gonna be out here d yo have to be goo c they loo out for yo be like me

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