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Do you see 11:11 everywhere ? Here’s why !

Are you seeing 11:11 everywhere nowadays ? You randomly checked out time and it was 11:11 ! You were on the 11th floor of a building at 11:11 ? For once it seems to be fine, but when we start seeing this on a regular basis it becomes a thing to ponder upon! Well, what is the Significance of 11:11 let’s find it out here.

11:11, make a wish! Is what you might have heard of before. The truth of the matter 11:11, is subject to interpretation. There is really no right or wrong answer when it comes to the question of “What does it mean”?.  The more important question here must be “What to do with it ?”. The first thing you do when you go through this phenomenon is :

Being aware!

It is often a sign to be more aware ! Just be alert to what is happening around you and what you are thinking and stay positive.

It can also mean your Angels are reaching out and with awareness you can begin to feel and experience their presence.

Your Angels Are Near!

Seeing this Number often signifies that your Guides and Angels are trying to contact you, as it is a sort of calling card for many spiritual beings.

Take a deep breath, calm your mind, and tune into the messages your guides and angels have for you when they whisper in your ear to look up at the clock right at 11:11. This is what many people experience !


The number 11 is a Master Number and represents impractical idealism, visionary, refinement of ideals, intuition, artistic and inventive genius, fame, refinement fulfilled when working with a practical partner.


Seeing 11:11 is a Reminder that you are one. One will all of life and with All That Is. The past, present, and future are all simultaneously interwoven now, 11:11 reminds us of this Divine interconnectedness of the One Life Force Energy flowing throughout everything!

Wake Up Call:

11:11 signifies your spiritual awakening, as this number seems to be predominantly noticed by those who have begun their spiritual journeys. It may also be seen as a code to unlock your subconscious mind. Best of luck ahead !

Make a Wish!

It’s 11:11 ? Make a wish! It is a reminder that our thoughts are manifesting… When you see this number focus on what you want!

Wake up and take control of consciously creating blessings in your life!

Pay attention, be aware, and know that there is much more going on than can be perceived with our physical senses. 11:11 is a beautiful reminder of the synchronicity present, when we are following our hearts, and moving forward in life with love.

Happy 11:11!

These were the significances you saw about this phenomenon. Let’s hear what renowned paranormalist Uri Geller has to say on this.


The Doorway, The 11:11

This can presently be perceived as a crack between two worlds.

It is like a Bridge which has the inherent potential of linking together two very different spirals of energy.

As we unite together as One, bringing together our fragments of the key, we not only create the key, but we make visible the Doorway.

Thus this bridge functions as an invisible door or a doorway into the Invisible realm.

The 11:11 is the bridge to an entirely different spiral of evolution.

The symbol of 11:11 was pre-encoded into our cellular memory banks long ago.

It is the pre-encoded trigger and the key to the mysteries of the universe and beyond.
Returning our cycle of incarnations upon the Earth. The 11.11 has rested dormantly within us since that faraway position under time-release mechanisation, combined with sealed orders which would only open when the 11.11 was fully activated. It has been gently sleeping, awaiting the moment of triggering. And now the 11:11 is finally activated…

Some of you have recognised this symbol as something of significance, yet have been unaware of its true meaning. With the advent of digital clocks many years ago, the significance of 11:11 began to make itself felt, often appearing on clocks at times of accelerated awareness. For those of you who have know that 11:11 was something special, we now need you to come forth into positions of leadership. For you are important parts of the key.

11 isn’t just a precursor to danger etc – it’s the whole point! 1+1 = 2 – unity, togetherness, peace. September 11 was a tragic event – no-one would question that – but if it leads to people realising that the only way for this race to survive is togetherness and peace, maybe those deaths will not be in vain.


So this is an awesome phenomenon! Isn’t it?  Hope you try some of these next time you see this phenomenon.

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Do you see 11:11 everywhere ? Here’s why !


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