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I Have To Do What I Haven’t Done…..

I Have To Do What I Haven’t Done…..

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This has nothing directly to do with you, the reader.  This is all about ME!  You see I haven’t really done the things I want to do and I’m to blame.  No one is stopping me except for me, myself and I.  And that must STOP!

I now have to do what I haven’t done…..

I don’t know about you, but for the most part, I’m in control of the things that I want to do and my happiness.

Personally, I find that doing is exhilarating.  It encourages me to do and do some more.  And that’s what I want to do…

I’ve left so much undone in the name of being unselfish.  Really, I was just making an excuse out of fear and being somewhat loathsome.  I can be tough on myself.  I can be more honest with myself without being mean to myself as others would in the name of ‘honesty’.

Putting people before me hasn’t worked out.  That may sound a bit selfish or, I don’t know……out of place as we as humans should put others before ourselves (some type of philosophical shit like that).  I think that’s probably what some of you think, but bear with me a moment.  You see, there’s nothing wrong giving of one’s self and putting the needs of others above yourself if two things exist.  1. That you have the resources to put others above yourself.  2. You’re not doing it just to make yourself feel good about yourself.

I Have To Do What I Haven’t Done…..

I’m not good at reading people’s minds.  But, I am upfront with people as to why I do something for them and it’s most never out of feeling I owe someone something.  Maybe that’s bad on my part, but if someone does me a favor it should be out of the kindness of their heart…….not for receiving something in return.  When I do something for someone never expect anything in return.

I am quit sufficient on my own and I appreciate solitude.  I don’t need people as mixers in my life.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t have friends or acquaintances that I don’t think highly of, or that I don’t enjoy their company. I just don’t need that constantly, nor do I need it for a crutch.  Besides I prefer quality over quantity.

I like to have people want to be part of what I do…only if they want to be an active participant, not a spectator. Support is good, company is good, and I like that sort of thing.  But, I believe I can also do it alone when I feel I need to and no one is there.

I have to do what I haven’t done and that’s a lot.  And since I’m not independently wealthy and I don’t have a ‘gofundme’ page to fund my endeavors, I have to be creative going about doing what I haven’t done.

That’s the GREAT thing!  Being ‘creative’.

Name one thing that I haven’t done that I want to do…… For one thing I want to complete my second CD.  Honestly I think the music is EXCITING!!

Another thing I want to do is hit the road and travel.  I no longer have a home that I’m homesick for and the best cure is adventure and discovering something new… to me.

There’s so much to see and experience.  For me, that’s where I want to be, experiencing.

I Have To Do What I Haven’t Done…..

So, after all of that……I’m rearranging my time between the start of next week and my flight on September 27th to Portugal.  And I’m not sure how I’ll do what I’ll do or where I’ll find myself.  My friend Roger down on the Caribbean coast of Mexico says I can hang a hammock at his place.  This is very tempting.  Then, maybe I’ll do that train tour, and maybe I’ll use room comps at casinos.  I do have options.  I can also float around airbnb to airbnb.

The why’s I haven’t been doing are personal…..other than I mentioned earlier above.  I’ve made a committment to someone…..but, I’m thinking I can fulfill that commitment without depriving myself of my doing.

And that’s where my creativity and work comes in…..believe me, it’s very challenging.  I’m at a point where it’s easier to be miserable.  It’s just that I have a low tolerance of misery.

I’m finding this therapeutic.  Maybe, just maybe you may even be able to apply it to your life and your situations.

Believe me, I know that I’m not cornering the market on misery.  Some of you have a great deal more under more complex situations.  Break away.  We’ll make it together!

I think I make it harder on myself too.  Solutions are easier than we think…..the solution is simply in the ‘doing’.

That is simple.

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On my way…..later.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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I Have To Do What I Haven’t Done…..


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