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From What I Read, The Past Is Better Than The Present!

From What I Read, The Past Is Better Than The Present!

Surprising? Or maybe I’m out of sync with life…..  I like the present, it’s the only thing I can do something with.

The past is gone…..unchangeable.

The future hasn’t arrived….

The present is where I live and it’s in my hands to mold and I can shape my future.  But the past…….it’s gone. It’s dead. There’s no life in the past no matter how badly I want it to be in my present.  And my present is shaping my future…….  That posses a problem for the future.  Albeit unknown.

What’s brought this up is I’m reading thru social media sites and there is so much that’s written of the past.  I’m Thinking I may be off the mark.

I guess the past is comfortable, even if it’s a painful place.  People are familiar with the past and familiarity is comfort regardless of the event.

In the ‘now’……let’s strive to do something positive, fun, meaningful and build on it.  I don’t think that recalling a ride on the merry-go-round would be more fun than riding.

I really don’t want to give examples.  It could be assumed that I have a cold heart.  And maybe I do.  I never……never think of those who have passed to the other side that I’ve known and perhaps even loved. Some are associated with some very bad and painful memories.  I can’t see myself revisiting that.

You might ask, “What are you running from?”

From What I Read, The Past Is Better Than The Present!

I think it’s more like life perpetually moves forward and so should I.  I don’t talk to dead people unless they are here…….talking to me.  That’s reasonable.  I’ve been visited, would’ve like to have chatted…..but that didn’t happen.  I guess they were busy doing their ghost thing.

I think my motivation to stay focused on now comes from that involuntary issue of not being pleased with certain events of the past.  And, I know…..there’s nothing I can do to change the past.  So…’s my now and the future that I value so much.

Maybe I didn’t love enough, those who have passed.

I don’t give it much thought except for this moment for this writing.

I just see so many people that keep looking back!  Like they say, “I miss doing such and such a thing.”  My thought…….go do it!  After all, it was the doing in the first place!!!  Do it again!!!  What?  You can’t??  You can basically do anything you want to do.  Wanting to do something and forbidding yourself the pleasure is SICK!!  Masochistic!

My today is different from a year ago.  A year ago I was living in St. Petersburg, Florida….I owned a house with a pool near the Gulf of Mexico.  Today I live in Mexico on the shore of the Caribbean.  That’s different. And I’m not thinking about moving back to St. Petersburg……I might, but I’m not thinking about it.

My today is different from yesterday.  It is a bit different here this week than usual, it’ Holy week…..leading up to Easter.  Too many of the wrong people, doing the wrong things, in the places I like to be.  But, I move forward…..yesterday was a major planning day.  Most all of that was done.  I’ve my eyes on Italy, Greece, Spain and France.

From What I Read, The Past Is Better Than The Present!

Today, BEACH!!!!  Beach and beer…..  I’ll more than likely see different people, have different conversations and do something a bit different.  I don’t always snorkel, so I think I’ll snorkel and take some underwater pictures. Make friends….

Maybe I’ll make an earnest attempt at learning Spanish this week…..hell, I’ve been here 6 months!  I still have gotten much past ‘Hola’!

The last week of this month (April) I’ll be in Puerto Rico, visiting the Arecibo Observatory and do a bit of island hopping.

Doing this and other things are more appealing to me than reminiscing of a trip in my youth to Biloxi, Mississippi.  And meeting someone new is more exciting than thinking of an old girlfriend.  Or the high school prom.

I sort of live thinking the next moment is gonna be the BEST!  It doesn’t allow for dwelling on a past event or person.

I think I’ll stay this way……To each their own.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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From What I Read, The Past Is Better Than The Present!


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