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Today Is A Down Day For Me

Today Is A Down Day For Me

That sounds like an ‘odd’ on for me.  But the ‘down’ is not a negative connotation intention.

I had some oral surgery and a bone graft done yesterday…..And the doctor has put me on some mild Pain Medication, told me no activity, no sun, no alcohol, no fun, no hot foods, no dairy, and no hot beverages for 72 hours….  That puts me around 2pm Saturday.

Let’s see if that happens.

My first day reward is that I’m weigh 2 lbs and 8 ounces lighter.  YEAH!!!

Breakfast was warm changing to cold Cream of Poblano soup.  Right tasty too!!  No crackers thought, but I did indulge in a slight bit of buttered bread (dang!!  I just remembered that butter is dairy.) and 100% dark chocolate.  If you’ve eaten that before you wouldn’t consider it a treat, extremely bitter…..but I like it.  Oh, the reason for no dairy products is it tends to distract the antibiotic away from its purpose and is expelled from the body without doing its mission.

The pain medication is a bit odd, not in its name but in its administration.  Ketorolac…..administered ‘sublingual’!! I’ve had tastier.

So, my only playground is going to be my mind and since the meds produce only a moderate drowsiness (30mg) I’m rather fully functional and the plus side is that I’m not in any pain!  I’ll follow the doctors instructions and finish off the pain medication tomorrow and then use Advil as needed… needed.  I really don’t like pain medication but I’m quite familiar with after surgery pain thus I will adhere to the regime.

I’m really not anticipating any boredom as I’ve got some writing and some research to do.

Today Is A Down Day For Me

Here’s an odd bit of reading that I’m doing.  It’s a tech/science research; “There Is No Such Thing As Race”.  Now this isn’t an opinion article, this is some research that’s done by the ‘American Anthropological Association’ and the ‘American Association of Physical Anthropologists’.  It seriously has my interest and to further that I’m curious on its effect on social behavior.

As I said, I’m reading and it has my interest.  I’m looking forward to learning something very important.  But I’ll leave that alone right here.

I could also learn some Spanish.  That would prove to be helpful and alleviate some of my communication frustration. Did I mention that I took 2 semesters of Spanish in college?

I’m also working with another webhosting company moving my website ( to another server.  Nothing seems simple about this no matter what sales pitch they give.

I have some more (and that’s a lot!) of writings to go thru for my first book.  That’s gonna be fun and seems the most likely to take place first since I like fun!

I’m also a bit frustrated with my progress on my CD so, I’ll take some time to shake that up and work thru my frustration.

No pics here today except for my lovely mug…..

Today Is A Down Day For Me

I do get excited about skin care after my visit to the spa in Costa Rica and being pampered……..I’ve taken a serious liking to being pampered!!  One of the things I loved was sitting in the warm mineral water pools.  So, I did a bit of research and bought me some mineral water to use on my face and feet.  GREAT results!!!  Quick results!!

Also, everyday I’d make over to the volcano ash mud and slap it on my face!  Walk around the resort grounds (I imagine I got more than a few laughs…..but hey, I didn’t give a rip!) make it back to my cabin and gently wash and massage it off.  I spoiled myself.

My next visit to Mahahaul will be to get one of those outdoor massages on the beach!!  Look out beach lovers, I’m on my way!  I’m sure leaving my swim wear on will be strictly enforced.  Dang!!

Oh, something else to bide my time will be planning a few more excursions for this year and I’ve already been researching next year.  I can fly to Rome, Italy for $503!!!!  From there I’d explore the boot, some islands, Venice, Tuscany before heading over to France.  I have things to see and people to visit in France.  I’m also exploring touring by railway.  It sounds intriguing.

Today Is A Down Day For Me

But, for now, the rest of the year…’s Mexico, Central and South America.  In Mexico I want to get to Isla Mujeres (Island of the Woman), still the Mayan Ruins in Coba and I wanna make a flight to the Baja!  Cabo San Lucas, La Paz and such…..I understand it’s beautiful!  Cheap flight from Cancun…’ll be a nice week.

I’ve yet to make it to Belize.  Belize is only about a 3 to 3 1/2 hour car ride.  But, I may have a little legal problem with my car, so that’s been something I’m trying to sort out.

In all of this, what I’m simply saying is that I’ll still be busy over the next 2 1/2 days of doctors orders to enjoy myself.

I do get bored easy but not from lack of things to do or things I enjoy, just not employing the scope of variety.  I’ve very much enjoyed my walks (definitely a no-no), I have a new bottle of tequila (another no-no) but nonetheless I’ll accept the circumstances as a challenge and make the best.

Oh!!  Here’s something…..naw, I’ll save that for another time.

I just Finished Watching Jfk with Kevin Costner…….no, Kevin Costner wasn’t sitting here watching it with me, he’s in the movie.  Perhaps for you I should say, “I just finished watching JFK ‘featuring’ Kevin Costner”.  I saw something eye-opening……caught my interest.

See……I’m playing in my playground.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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Today Is A Down Day For Me


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