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We Are The Baby Boomers

We Are The Baby Boomers

Born out of both love and fear……

Off the heals of World War II, a world shaken and unsure of it’s future….if any. The Korean War and men leaving their wives to fight another war. And coming up fast was a war in Vietnam that would endure about 20 years.

Soldiers and wives…….

The fear of never seeing the one’s they loved, their childhood sweethearts, high school sweethearts……that’s enough to be passionate with the one you love. The possibility of never seeing, being with them again, kissing or loving them again.

Subsequently a explosion of the population starting around 1946 and riding through approximately 1964.

We are a large swath of life that came of age tenaciously, forceful, fearless, full of love and we reluctantly yield to those that follow. We have our place, our strength and it’s hard to let go of such a wonderful life.

Sadly, that generation……the Baby Boomers is winding down. Worn and tattered we are slowly shifting dimensions and proceeding on.  A generation that had a huge impact and continues to.  Yes other generations have followed and have had and are impacting the world we live in.  Just none quite a large as baby boomers.

As we grow older we will see more and more baby boomers passing on, that will hit a peak and slowly decline where less of this wonderful generation fades away.

It’s hard to let go.  But let go we must.  There’s more greatness on the horizon of life and as we know, time waits for no man.

We are the baby boomers…..

The leaders of a rebellious generation, the poets, the artist, the musicians, the celebrities, the movie stars, the educators, those who pioneered our space program and other scientific initiatives, the trend setters, and the spirit of freedom for all is slowly and methodically slipping away.

This year, 2016 we experienced this ‘slipping away’ at what feels to be an astounding rate. I since my time is shorter everyday.  And I still have this drive about me, this need to not let go……”No, I’m not finished here!!” But in the end, those words won’t prevail and that spirit will quietly shift its existence to another dimension. An unknown dimension that some of our greatest minds say doesn’t exist. If it doesn’t, that’s all the more reason to live the fullness of breath as we make our way through.

There’s much to do and the energy of life of a baby boomer can’t go to waste!!  There’s too much fun to be had, too much to be seen that hasn’t been seen, so many lives to be touched, and so many dreams to dream.

We are baby boomers.  We won’t go quietly. As we pierced thru society from the start, we’ll tear a hole as we exit.  Too large of a population leaving an ill-equipped planet and society to handle such a movement.  No one could foresee except perhaps a small few.

I find this generation that I was born into exciting and exhilarating!  I’ve seen 7 decades and 2 millenniums.  It’ll be a century before this happens again.  But it won’t have the size or the impact.  How do I know?  Resources without regard.  Squandering vital resources that either aren’t renewable or we’re using faster than that resource can be renewed paints a bleak picture of the future.  I guess it’s the curse of so many.   An evolution of use is near.

I won’t see it.  You see, I’m on the downside of the bell curve of that baby boomer generation.  I’m happy. And I know this sounds silly but I look forward to the exit experience. I’m not gonna rush it, til then I’ll scratch and claw to hang around here.  See what else I can get into.

Don’t disregard the impact you can have on others and your generation.  Every little drop causes a ripple.

Everyday, do something that will move forward in a positive way from a simple smile shared with someone who needs one, a hug for someone who feels rejected, a kiss to remind someone that life is affectionate.

We, we are the baby boomers…. We’re not ready to say good bye yet.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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We Are The Baby Boomers


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