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Raymi Gets 3DPrinting in Toronto, 3D Selfie Statue

It was November 2017 when I experienced 3D Printing at MY3DAGENCY at 5 Dickens Street near Gerrard and Logan. As you can see below, I got printed.

3DPrinting is what science geeks used to call additive manufacturing and refers to several different systems both theoretical processes and existing methods used to create three dimensional objects in which layers of material are sprayed over and over again to make an object.  I say theoretical because right now most 3d printed objects are made of dust; nobody can print a steel wrench that works. so in one sense they are 3D, but really they are one dimensional in terms of composition. 

Regardless, these items are formed (and can be manipulated) using computers reading a file that is like a topographic map except in 3D. Can you imagine that? Anyway in the picture to the right I’m holding two and a half ounces of gypsum that was made by spraying it as sticky dust in accordance with a file you’ll see Michael making below. This dust is special because it looks like me. Its a voodoo dust doll.

Everyone says 3D printing will change the world, and I’ve even heard it said that common everyday items will someday be printed on demand in the home. So for example if you have an itchy back you can buy the information to make a custom backscratcher and simply have it printed up and ready to use a few minutes later.  So people will never have itchy backs again. Toothbrushes are the same but if you forget to brush and get gum disease and lose all your teeth you can always 3D print more.  They’re doing that already; dental labs are early adopters of 3D printing technology.

These technicians specialize in 3D printing people and that starts with consultation, scanning, preparing images files and then printing the files in their own 3D printer. I’m going to walk you all through the process, or should I say processes.

Michael is an entrepreneur and engineer. As an active 3D printer he’s part of the revolution that’s happening all over the world, and most particularly here in Toronto.  He selected the devices and put together the mix of high tech gadgets that make it all possible inside My3DAgency’s spacious HQ.

Michael is an Expert at Measuring People and Objects with Light

Michael uses structured light and photogrammetry  which means measuring things with photographs i believe but in this case he uses light and photography to make incredibly accurate 3D image files. This is how mining and pipeline companies make maps of the arctic and mountain wilderness regions before drilling or laying any pipe. They jump in a twin engine Cesna and fly low over the area making 3D maps using photogrammetry. That way they get the lay of the land and can begin dynamiting immediately without having to hack through undergrowth or scuff up their Carhartts climbing over rocks. The same technology was applied to my contours that day.

Okay so this is what I looked like in real life before ‘the cementing’.  It looks good, but was completely unacceptable to Michael. Did I mention the need for a consultation before the photo scanning appointment? He didn’t like the black shiny clothes, but all the same he went forth with the scanning procedure because he could see I wasn’t about to change , except the sunglasses, which he switched to my other glasses and he actually applied these in post.

Michael Gossack went to work recording every surface detail and he was all done in about six minutes. You can’t see it in the pictures, but I’m standing on a rotating dais which might otherwise be called a Lazy Susan (how did such a thing ever come to be called that?). Anyway, I stood motionless for six minutes which may seem like doing nothing but its harder than you think.

3D files can be used for other applications including making digital humans for visual effects purposes in movies. How do you think they complete Hollywood films when the main actor dies or gets fired? They do it all in post now with 3D imaging.  If you have a file like the one you see below, then you can make the actor do anything. While we’re on the subject I predict its just a matter of time before we see the first movie made with entirely dead actors. Humphrey Bogart opposite John Wayne with Marilyn Monroe and Kathryn Hepburn as love interests. It would probably be cheaper to make than normal movies with live actors, but it would get real awkward at the Academy Awards if one of the dead performers won a trophy.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. The powder dry object absorbs moisture like the desert misses the rain, but in this case its not water, or blood, sweat or tears, but rather some kind of oil that makes the object hard and gives the exterior a lifelike surface. Its glaze, a full body shellac that sometimes I wish I could squirt it on myself for real.

The figurine is actually very lifelike in the right lighting!

The base is customized from Yasss with my name and blog address.

This is my first 3D print.  Now I have a statue of myself on my desk at work and when i make my  time capsule this will be included. Michael asked me to share the fact that if you, like me are also heavily involved in social media then perhaps you can sell your 3D print online, and you can involve a charity and if you do that then Michael will help you as your partner.

Should I sell my 3D printed statue on demand? Do you want one?

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Raymi Gets 3DPrinting in Toronto, 3D Selfie Statue


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