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4 Ways to Manage Stress and Boost Mental Health

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The pandemic has made it much harder for everyone to go about their lives. The stresses associated
with the coronavirus are enough to make even the most positive person’s mental health a little worse
for wear. Luckily, there are some ways to center yourself and prioritize self-care in the midst of the
widespread health crisis. Keep reading to learn what you can do to keep your body and mind healthy.


Exercising is important because it keeps us both mentally and physically healthy. Regular exercise
improves your cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of certain diseases. If you don’t feel motivated
to get up off your couch – you’re not alone. However, a great way to break the cycle and get yourself
ready to exercise is by signing up for an athletic event.

You don’t need to sign up for an extreme event, either. You can focus on a smaller goal like a 5k run, for
example. Many events and competitions are being held virtually but still offer online training plans.
Many people thrive with a structured training plan in place.

If you’re not the competition type, you can also just focus on becoming more active during the day.
Thirty minutes of yoga or daily walks around the block are great ways to introduce movement into your
daily routine. Try to aim to exercise at least 5 days a week. If that initially seems like too much, start with
three days a week and work your way up to five. Live with someone in your household? Consider
including them into your fitness goals so you have an accountability buddy.

Pay attention to your diet:

It’s very easy to lose your appetite when you’re stressed out – or, alternatively, you might eat more due
to stress. Regardless, your relationship with food is incredibly important, especially when it comes to
your health and emotional well-being. In order for your brain and body to function properly, you need
the right nutrients. Although it’s easy to order fast food and other quick but unhealthy options, focusing
on consuming whole, unprocessed foods can make you feel considerably better.

If you hate cooking or feel as if you don’t have enough time between work and other obligations, you
may want to consider investing in a meal box subscription. If you actually enjoy the process of cooking,
there are plenty of subscriptions that send you all the ingredients you need to put together a delicious
meal. But, if you don’t enjoy cooking and you prefer to avoid the kitchen, you can also opt for meal box
subscriptions that are pre-cooked. All you have to do is pop your meal into the microwave or thaw it out
on the stove.

Try out supplements:

If you’re been dealing with stress and anxiety, you might be surprised by how much supplements can
ease your mind. For example, CBD gummies for anxiety can help you feel calm and relaxed. In tandem
with exercise and the right food, CBD can make huge improvements in your mood and optimism.

Prioritize sleep:

When you don’t sleep well, your entire life suffers. We all know how it feels to wake up groggy and
grumpy after a night of bad sleep. As much as you can, try to avoid an inconsistent sleep schedule. And,
even if you can’t maintain the same bedtime every night, try to get your body acclimated to a consistent
wake-up time. Your body will naturally start waking at a similar time every morning, which will help you
get into the groove of a regular bedtime as well.

It’s also a good idea to incorporate good sleep hygiene. Make sure that you put away all your blue-light
emitting devices at least two hours before bedtime. Create a relaxing ritual you practice each night – it
could be reading a new book, taking a warm bath, or practicing gentle yoga.

Takeaways: Prioritizing Your Health:

Although we’re living in unprecedented times, there are ways to reduce the feelings of anxiety and
stress that come along with the constant uncertainty. Try to focus on your basic needs: food, sleep,
exercise, and self-care. With these tips, you can feel a little more positive and wake up ready to face the
day with a more optimistic mindset.

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4 Ways to Manage Stress and Boost Mental Health


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