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Blue Sky Tag

here's a people that tagged me :p
Syara, Run, Selma
thanks a lot anyway XDD

i dunno how should i do this, many people was tagged me in this Blue Sky Tag XDD
so yep ill try to answer it one by one right now~

1. A Question From Syara

  • What is your goals in life?
Goals in life? to be a good waifu to my husbando~ whoever is it my husbando :p but i hope my husbando was one of my bias list XDD #lol for example~

im sure that u know him right? 😋


ill miss this smile 😍😘


Kise-chaaan~ 😘

and ofc many more~ XDD

  • Do you have any phobia?
nope i thinks XDD

  • Who is your close friend?
my laptop, and im serious XDD

  • Imagine you're in 10 years from now. What will you be?
this boys waifu~ XDD
  • Can you describe your hidden talents?
naaah i dont have a hidden talents XDD

  • What is your favorite animal?
Rabbit!!! even if i never touch them XDD

  • Have you ever try any foreign food?
i tried it when i was at hongkong before XDD we always eats dimsum till we are bored of it 😂

  • What do you like about yourself?
well i Love myself that loves anime~ XDD

  • Describe your bedroom in 4 words,
messy, pink, neat and my world~

  • What is your favorite type of book?
comic!!! XDD well i loved mystery though~ and ensyclopedia too~

  • Who do you admire and want to be like?

2. A Question From Run

  • Have you watched an anime before?
anime is my life though, even if i was so busy with my real-life stuff i still watch it 😛

  • Skip this question if you haven't watched an anime―If you have, what anime is it? 
it was soooo much XDD look at my MAL if you wanted to know~

  • Have you gone to another country before?
yep, i goes to



Hongkong Disneyland
  • Have you moved to another school before?
i did! i've moved two or three time XDD cause we move to a new house~

  • What is your favorite color and why?
i love pink so much, i love something that has a pink colour on it~ cause its a soft colour~ and make me feel calm~ 😁😁

  • What is your phone's brand?
ohh i use Acer Z200 before, but now it was broken 😢😭 and now im borrowing my mom's phone, Samsung Galaxy Mini~

  • Watching a film in your house/the cinema? Why?
ohh! it was at my place didnt have a Cinema Theater, so yeah i have to wait until it shown on the net XDD

  • Describe your blog's layout with one word.
Funny~! hey i love naru's face on my blog 😋

  • Are you happy with your body's weight? Why?
im not fat~ so yeah im happy with my weight~ XDD

  • What is the search engine you're using? (eg. Google, Bing)
ohh i loved google more than anything else XDDD

  • Do you have more than one social media account? Why?

actually i just have one Facebook, until someone was hacked it~ and yeah i made a new one XDD

3. A Question From Selma
  • Explain me anything about you
oh well im sure it was, tell me anything about you XDD but nvm~

1. Not an Anti-Social though, i just have a trauma in my past that make me cant communicate to someone i just met 
2. An Otaku~ An Anime Lovers~ A Food Lovers too~ XDD
3. My life is all about anime....anime...and anime....~

  • Explain me anything about me XD -if you don't know, it's okey-
well i just know your name XDD and i forgot what else XDD sorreh~!

  •  What makes you being a blogger?
at first i make a blog cause of my school stuff, but i cant keep this blog so untouchable~ so yeah i started blogging and write anything that i want XD

  •  How did you start making a blog?
i dont really remember it XDD but i know someone that makes a blog, and tell anything that he wanted to tell, but sorry i didnt remember the URL, cause he was hiatus and the last things i know about him is he sell his blog to someone else 😥😥 and no updated entry till now~ XDD
  • Tell me about your passion
i dont have one i think~ XDD

  • What is your boyfriend type?
my boyfriend type? well i dont have any interested of having a boyfriend, but if you mean is husband, i hope they're was one of my bias list~ 😝

Oz Vessalius~


Ciel Phantomhive~ 😍


Haruka Nanase

and ofc many more XDDD

  • What is your personality type? Introvert? Extrovert? Ambivert?

can i say that half introvert and half extrovert? XDD

  • Your favorite music genre? Why?
i love an international song, like an english song, or OST ANIME XDD cause it will make you understand another language

  • Your favorite movie genre? Why?
fantasy~! like

Harry Potter~



well i love a fantasy one~ XDD ohh and not forget to mentions, a disney film~

  • What's your passion?
dont have any~

  • Your motto?
dont you dare to look behind~! just step forward no matter happens~!

yosha~! finally i can make it XDD sorry if i was soooo late XDD and didnt tag anyone else in this Tag, cause so busy with IRL stuff~
if there's something that u didnt understand, drop a comment! :D

ohh and for a closing~ here's some sad scene that i was crying yesterday~ 😭😭



JUST PLZ?!! 😭😭

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Blue Sky Tag


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