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Just An Observation

This post is just an observation. I am in no way attacking anyone or anyone’s beliefs.

I visit quite a few inspirational sites to observe and had come across New website. I liked the approach of how they make God come across as a loving and wonderful force. I included one of their articles in one of my posts (

However, a lot of this detailed life after death based on a near death experience and continuous quotes from books by Swedenborg (who I had never heard of) struck me as kind of odd and contradictory of the bible) and when something doesn’t feel right then sometimes it just isn’t.

I shared two of their articles in another one of my posts (

When I searched to find out who he was I came across the two sites listed below.

It is good that when we have wisdom and understanding ours minds and spirit cannot be lead led astray. A strong mind goes a long way. When God is with us he lets those alarm bells go off!

Everyone has their own perceptions or their own crap. Either way, we all have a mind of our own and when we’re in truth, the Holy Spirit allows us  to discern a view that others are unable to see or heed.

It’s an interesting read though:

Site 1


Site 2

Emanuel Swedenborg was Definitely Unsaved

E. Swedenborg was NOT a Christian, therefore, he is going to hell. Apparently, he is considered as having the highest IQ of anyone in christendom (not everyone in christendom is saved), yet based on what he believes, there is no way he could be saved. It just goes to show you that spiritual knowledge (in your spirit) and regeneration is not related to human intelligence.

The cult of Swedenborg’s (new idea) teachings bear false witness against the Bible, misreading it, and altering it (Revelation 22.18,19). The general tactic of Swedenborg’s unethical conduct is to claim a new idea that was already in the Bible for his own self-exaltation. He goes further to teach outright false teachings too like modalism. It is amazing how someone so smart could be so sinful, not entering new birth, nor able to overcome in life without entering that narrow gate.

Now compare the writings of Watchman Nee, who also was considered as having an off-the-charts IQ. However, Nee was one of the uttermost spiritual Christians that ever lived. Compare their consciences.

Troy Brooks

Compare this cult by consider their so-called new idea with the Bible, then observing their specific error in the note that I (Troy Brooks) wrote that follows under each topic.


  • Bible: If you believe, God will forgive all your sins and give you power over sin. God has a hell for those that are called good yet call Jesus a liar.
  • New Idea: God’s mercy involves helping us become better people. God is willing to forgive everyone, and is more concerned how we live than with what we believe.
  • note: God’s mercy involving helping us become better people is not a new idea. God is willing to forgive everyone, but not everyone believes so they try to live by not believing so before they can live they need to be born again.

Who is Jesus?

  • Bible: God is 3 Persons. Jesus is Son of God, distinct Person from the Father.
  • New Idea: God is One Person: Jesus Christ. The Father is the Soul, the Son is the Body, and the Holy Spirit is the Activity of the One Divine Person.
  • note: By saying God is a Person, this changes the meaning of each Person in the Triune 3 Persons; so God is not a Person who is 3 Persons, that is modalism and confusion which Satan aims for. We have a spirit, soul and body, and God the Father represents God’s authority, where the Son submits, and the Spirit is the life of the Father and the Son that also indwells the born again believer. The Father speaks, the Son creates, and the Spirit renews. When we pray, we pray to the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit. Each of us is separate from God. In other words, God has His own sovereign will and we have our own sovereign will.

The Holy Spirit

  • Bible: The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity.
  • New Idea: The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus Christ. It is the regenerating and enlightening influence of Jesus Christ, not of some third person.
  • note: Jesus had His own human spirit, while the 3rd Person of the Trinity is the life of the Son that is regenerating and enlightening.


  • Bible: We are saved instantly just by believing that Jesus died for our sins. We don’t need to put any effort into our salvation.
  • New Idea: Faith alone is not enough. We must actively resist evil, while acknowledging that the effort to resist comes from God.
  • note: the false pretence of this new idea Bears False Witness against the Bible since after we are saved, engaging in spiritual warfare is necessary to resist the evil spirits, which effort comes from God in cooperation with Him.

When You Are Born Again

  • Bible: We are saved instantly as soon as we believe in Jesus, without effort or good works.
  • New Idea: Regeneration is a gradual process taking many years, involving effort, love, good works.
  • note: regeneration, being given a new spirit and new life having entered eternal life occurs in a split second, but overcoming in life is a life long process the fruit of which is good works. The new idea rejects initial new birth and bears false witness against the Bible saying it does not teach the overcoming life.

Marriage and Spirituality

  • Bible: Both marriage and staying single are equally valid, depending on each person’s calling.
  • New Idea: Marriage love is heavenly, spiritual, holy, pure and clean.
  • note: the sin of the new idea is that they teach that the Bible says staying single is better, which is bearing false witness against the Bible.

Marriage in Heaven

  • Bible: In the new city their is no marriage, but there is still marriage in the new earth in eternity future.
  • New Idea: Genuine marriage is spiritual and lasts forever.
  • note: the new idea bears false witness against the Bible saying it says there is no marriage in eternity future; that marriage lasts forever. When you leave your body of flesh and blood, your marriage ends then also for you will be resurrected with a newly clothed spiritual body that does not procreate. Only those transferred livingly from the last generation of the millennial kingdom will stay married and multiply and live forever. Those living outside the new city in the new earth still have bodies of flesh and blood.

Sexual Equality

  • Bible: The husband is the head of the household which includes children and the wife, respectfully.
  • New Idea: Husband and wife are equals before God.
  • note: the new idea bears false witness against the Bible thinking that the man as the head of the household somehow means that man and woman are not equal. They equally come before God and should cover their heads with humility. There is a reason God makes man the head of the household, because women tend to be more emotional (this is a medically proven and statistical fact also). Therefore, there is no new idea.

What Angels Do

  • Bible: Heaven is a place of praise and activity.
  • New Idea: Heaven is a place of usefulness.
  • note: the new idea bears false witness against the Bible saying heaven, and when heaven and earth come together in the new city is just a place of relaxation. Heaven and the new city are active and useful, therefore it is not a new idea.

The Inner Meaning of the Bible

  • Bible: The Bible should be taken literally unless otherwise indicated.
  • New Idea: The Bible has an inner meaning.
  • note: It is not a new idea that the Bible has inner meaning. Do you see the pride of the new idea?

Adam and Eve

  • Bible: Adam and Eve were actual people.
  • New Idea: Adam and Eve were symbols of the Lord and His Church.
  • note: Adam and Eve were real individuals who were the first human beings to receive God-consciousness, but Adam was not a symbol of the Lord, though Eve could be taken as a symbol of the church. Adam sinned, Jesus never sinned.


  • Bible: Jesus saved us by receiving the punishment that was meant for us atoning for our sins.
  • New Idea: Jesus saved us by overcoming evil and glorifying His Human form.
  • note: It is not a new idea that Jesus saves us by overcoming evil by His death on the cross, nor is it a new idea that Christ when He was in the flesh was glorified. Again, this is bearing false witness against the Word of God.

The Blood of Jesus

  • Bible: Blood means life; let us drink of his blood and eat of His flesh.
  • New Idea: Blood means Life and Truth; Jesus saves us by giving us life and truth.
  • note:  again, this is not a new idea that the life of the body is in the blood. The shedding of blood is for the forgiveness of sins.

Why Bad Things Happen

  • Bible: God punishes people, bad things are the result of sin.
  • New idea: The Lord wills only good, but permits bad things for the sake of our freedom.
  • note: it is not a new idea that God desires only good or that He allows bad things for the sake of our freedom. Selfishly, claiming this is a new idea, Swedenborg placed himself at the center of the universe, not God.

Who Needs Works?

  • Bible: We are saved by faith (that is new birth) alone apart from the works of the law.
  • New Idea: We are saved by the Lord through love, faith and good works.
  • note: being saved is receiving new birth, which then puts in right position with God to begin to be able to overcome in life. It is not a new idea that overcoming in life includes God’s love, faith and good works.

Who Is Saved?

  • Bible: Christians are saved and those who have not heard of Christ are saved if they accept the Creator for if they were introduced to Christ they would accept Him.
  • New Idea: Good people from all religions are saved.
  • note: this is a false teaching that the “good self” can save someone. God equally recognizes the noble just as corrupted as the ignoble in refusing Christ. God knows who they are.

Where Angels Come From

  • Bible: Angels were created before humans, but it does not make them a superior race.
  • New Idea: Angels are people who have died and gone to heaven.
  • note: this is a false teaching that angels have died. They have always been in heaven. Angels were not made in the image of God, so angels are not superior to man. Here we can the false teachngs


  • Bible: We are saved by faith alone. When you commune with God, He will increase the fruit of His love in your life daily.
  • New Idea: The most important command is to love God and others.
  • note: Again, this is not a new idea so this is bearing false witness.

God’s Anger

  • Bible: God the Father has a Holy anger and wrath that punishes sinners and condemns them to hell for calling His Son a liar.
  • New Idea: God is always loving and merciful–the anger is just an appearance.
  • note: God is not a false God and is not putting on a show. God does have anger, but it is righteous and holy and not pretentious, not just for appearances. When He returns (His parousia) in the Tribulation, His wrath will pour out upon those that attack the little brother (Jewish nation and Christians), and who take the mark of the beast. It is a time of testing and judgement that ends the dispensation of grace.

The Second Coming

  • Bible: Jesus returns and fulfills His wrath against God-haters which commences the millennial kingdom; the earth is burnt up after the millennium ushering in the new earth in eternity future. Christians and those saved are already save. His second coming is not about initial salvation which was taken care of by the cross, but renewing the earth in a millennial peace by reigning with an iron rod and to give rewards to overcomers.
  • New Idea: Jesus comes as the Spirit of Truth, bringing about spiritual change.
  • note: Jesus returns in Person, not in Spirit. Just as Christ went up in Person, so He shall return in Person from the cloud for all eyes to see. It is a false teaching not found in the Bible that we should allegorize Christ’s return. This is a sign of unsalvation to teach this heresy. It is not even a new idea. There will be change for we will enter a new dispensation, but neither is that a new idea. It was written in the Word of God.

The Rapture

  • Bible: True believers will be caught up “to the throne” (Rev. 7.9) or to the air (! Cor. 15.50-52, 1 Thess. 4.15-17) in Christ’s parousia and those that return with Him (His Holy Myriads, Jude 1.14,15), His overcomers receive the reward of reigning with Christ during the time of recompense (millennial kingdom, Rev. 20.2-6).
  • New Church Idea: Jesus’ coming will elevate our minds to a higher level, not our bodies.

The Resurrection Body

  • Bible: When a saved person dies they go to timeless unawares (good side of Hades/Sheol) to be resurrected to judgement seat, whereby they will receive the reward of the millennial kingdom reigning with Christ or go into loss of rewards called outer darkness outside the light of reward of reigning with Christ (though it has no furnace about it) to be made ready for the new city after the millennium.
  • New Idea: We rise into the spiritual world immediately after death, and never assume our earthly bodies again.
  • note: 1 Thess. 4.15-17 says we are resurrected together at the last trumpet which is the last week consummation of this age. There is nothing in the Bible that says we go straight to fantasy heaven. When we are resurrected at the last trumpet, we are given newly clothed spiritual bodies. You can not enter heaven without one. After the 1000 years, the unsaved are resurrected separately at Great White Throne to be judged and thrown into the lake of fire forever (read all of Rev. 20). Swedenborg has his own ideas with his unregenerated mind.

The Devil

  • Bible: Satan was created as an angel, then rebelled.
  • New Idea: Satan is all of the people in hell working as a unit.
  • note: Satan has his own will and everyone who gets cast into hell has their own independent sovereign will. Swedenborg did not love God nor His Word (66 books of the Bible), whom is Jesus Christ. Swedenborg will be resurrected at GWT from the bad side of Hades to be thrown into the lake of fire for eternity for that is where he wants to go and that is where his cult members want to go too. That is their choice.

Troy Brooks

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Just An Observation


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