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Martin World News- emergency declaration edition

So while sitting at the service station this morning, a gentleman mentioned to me that of  59 emergencies declared by our Presidents since 1916, 32 are still on the books.  All but one of these are from Clinton, GW Bush, Obama, or Trump.  I thought it might be an interesting subject to look at, and perhaps I was right.  For example, Congress in 1973 discovered that there were four active emergencies on the books (wow, 4?) and established a committee to see if they were needed.  While two were fairly recent- two from Nixon: a ED for the postal strike in 1970, and the other to help stabilize the economy after he took us off the gold standard- the OTHER two were FDR's bank holiday from 1933, and the other was Truman's Korean War declaration.  And it took Congress a 'mere' 5 years to end them.

So right now, FDR holds the record with an emergency that lasted 45 years.  However, Jimmy Carter is closing in, with his Iran sanctions at 40 years and counting.  So the dividing line is the Clinton administration- only one of 22 before that is active, while 31 of the 37 since are still active.  In fact, the only ones deactivated since Bill Clinton made his first ED (emergency declaration, not... you know) are:

One to prohibit new investment in Myanmar/Burma;
One to allow the NATO bombing of Serbia over Kosovo;
One that banned rough diamonds from Sierra Leone during their civil war;
Bush 2:
Sanctions over the civil war in Ivory Coast;
One to help hospitals during the H1N1 flu outbreak;
...and one for Russian sanctions over what they were doing with enriched uranium from dissembled nukes (surprisingly, this one was declared AFTER the Clinton Foundation supplied that uranium deal to them).

I noticed a lot of the active ones are sanctions against various nations:

Iran (2)
Albania (for sending insurgents into Macedo- er, North Macedonia)
DR Congo
North Korea
Russia (over the Ukraine war)
South Sudan (just to cover all the bases)
Central African Republic
Myanmar (over the Rohingya situation)

I should point out that of this list, Somalia through Burundi are Obama babies.

Among the highlights I found on the list:

Wilson's first ED- to get the nation to make more emergency shipping available just prior to our WWI entrance;

A Roosevelt one that enforced neutrality from the start of war in Europe in September of 1939- until, oddly enough, 1952, in the midst of the NEXT war.;

A string of EDs extending the Export Administration Act of 1979 (which kept defense contractors from joining the Arab boycott of Israel), from Reagan, Clinton, and both Bushes, ordered by Congress to be rescinded in 2018, but kept alive by Trump soon afterwards.

Supposedly that whole 1973 mess led to a law that put a limit on how long they can last, but whatever that limit is, I couldn't find it.  Plus, when the limit hits, the President just re-ups it.  And Congress can always repeal it- of course, that takes 2/3s of each House and the POTUSs signature, so yeah, that's gonna happen.

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Martin World News- emergency declaration edition


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