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Jeremy is entering the so called age of the 'terrible three'.  The age where  toddlers become self aware or more self aware and like Skynet in terminator decide to take over the world wreaking destruction on everything around it.  Or so I am led to believe.

Self Aware..... 

Jeremy is 3. He is tall but being dad, I don't how tall but he is at least 20kg so he is big. He is strong, he is fast, he is ingenious, he is creative, he repeats language, he is learning the alphabet, he is almost ready to be toilet trained, he can tell stories, he can make Lego phones and hold conversations on them, he can build anything you ask with Lego, he knows songs, he can watch TV upside down and he can sleep for 12 hours straight.

He can also run up stairs in silent mode, throw things that break, climb up where I didn't know you could climb, open things that don't need opening and break things and feel sad because of it being broken however, he also makes me smile far more than he makes me annoyed.

Jeremy has a great level of spoken English and awareness of words. He can count to 10 if pushed but cannot always count to 4 correctly. His level of reading is very limited as I have not started him learning the alphabet yet and he likes to scribble a lot. His Indonesian language skills I really don't know as I never hear it but he can speak Indonesian, he certainly knows Indonesian and reacts to it.

Due to my working hours I never get to see him with other children but I am told he interacts well with other children but often in English as he doesn't know or understand that other children speak Indonesian. I hope this will change. I would love him to play with more children but there is no where in the area to play and we don't know anyone personally with children the same age so it is difficult.

Saying that though, he is more than happy at home and we take him places as often as we can and during the day he goes to gran and sometimes goes somewhere with her so he is experiencing many things, people and places all of which will help shape him and develop his understanding.

Happy playing, but how expensive is  Duplo?!

Play is fun but he is still in destructive mode with many things. Lego, Thomas and Hot wheels dominate but he will play happily with anything else and likes to play with the balls and rackets we have, but he has no eye hand coordination yet so its not much use.  His dependency on his tab is waning at the moment and he will happily sit and watch Nickelodean JR for quite some time and that is refreshing and nice to see.

Watching TV

I am teaching him to clean my bike, which currently involves him spraying water everywhere, sitting in the bucket and then adding too much soap and cleaning the same spot on the bike but he likes it and it will in time teach him something useful.

On the hunt for a bus

His current demands are to ride trains, go find buses (happily not Pokemon and long may that last) and he constantly asks 'whats going on' and 'are you happy' which is nice and all I need to do now is have him answer his own questions.

Listen to his speaking, its amazing

Terrible threes? No I don't see that. His tantrums, yelling and being stubborn are part of childhood and with support and kindness and lots of energy expelled by mum and dad and our house keeper and everyone else that looks after him, he is a happy go lucky, super inquisitive little boy who wants and demands fun, attention, time, hugs, love and toys.

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