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All the best Team

It has been 10 years, and time has just flied by. I never thought that I'll spend 10 years of my life in Tejas, but at the same time I never thought that I will leave Tejas, when I am here writing my last mail being in Tejas, I am not sure how will a life be without some personalities whom anyone would like to treasure.

It all starts with Vasantha, a fatherly figure to me. Why fatherly figure, because with him there is always a feeling that he is there to protect you. He may scold, he may be high pitch some time which is for your good but at the same time he is there to protect and to inspire with all lovely stories and experiences of lifetime. Whenever he talked about me, he always started with the platinum card which I lost and the instance gave a birth to some models which will stay in Tejas. He quoted fighting with all the biggies against working on the existing perl framework, because I wanted to work with TCL but what nobody knows that his fight for choosing TCL was never known to me. This is the level of trust and support he has, which is truly beyond imagination. I am sure, if it would be someone else other than 'THE VASANTHA', he would be asking me first as why don't you work with perl and on the existing framework but instead Vasanth chose to trust and have faith. Now with this, do you have a chance or an option to not deliver. There are numerous instances, but this instance is particularly important as it reflects his personality.

Vasu, like an elder brother and most caring person. My wife doesn't trust me, as she trusts him. If I am with him, be it trekking or being out anywhere I'll not get any call or any concern from her. I wanted to go Laddakh, and I got a permission to go only if Vasu goes with me. True professional, a thinker, with ultra high energy, a very innovative and creative mind. Whatsoever we did in Tejas, it came from him. He can judge people and I've rarely seen him going wrong. Be it anything, personal or professional if I have to take the guidance he is the first person to approach to, and I lost out big time when I didn't. We sat hours, discussing the processes, automation, about team, about risks and decisions, pros and cons and most of the time we has a convinced and concluded outcome. And there were times, when I was not convinced what he wanted but when I see the results of even those instances where we went him, the end results were positive.

Vikram. A true gentleman and he is not from this world. You always seem him clear mind and hardly tensed. You'll never find a person on this earth who is unhappy with him or who would abuse him. He always shares what he has, and he always cares. Be it anything, he gives 100%, people love his as a manager, he is great in technical, he is great in academics, he is great in relationships, what else. He is great in everything. His parents are proud and lucky as they have son like him, his neighbours are lucky and we're lucky to have a colleague like him.

Celsus, when I think about him the first thing which comes in my mind he is witty and has a great sense of humour and this was the only impression I had for almost 2 years before he was working with me. But what is more relevant about him, he is the guy who would not like to compromise. He can think and implement. One year, he asked me 'How to be a star?', and next year he was. You just give him something, tell him how to do it and then just forget. Be sure, it will be done with the highest quality. He is person who tries to experiment, always learns from his mistakes and those are never repeated again, and he always improves.

Anant. Mind of a professor. When you think of knowledge, you think about Anant. Not sure what is the hard capacity, but it's huge. Anything done by him starts from ground zero research and all the aspects covered for which some minds can't even think. When he speaks and explains a topic, even dumbest of minds can understand. You love to listen to him. He is a great planner, implementer and proved himself in everything starting from automation, tool development, verification and a handling an out of the box project like NEC. At one point of time, I gave up but there were hardly few instances where he cribbed.

Fahad. Don't talk about him, awards in his cube speak. He is a different person. He has his hands in everything and understands everything. He learns on the fly and thinks straight. If you're not able to solve a problem, brainstorm with him and for sure you'll get a solution. Anything done by him will have an outcome far more than what you expected and when its before you, you began to think 'Oh... this can be done this way also.' You see him work, you get to know the definition of passion. Even smallest things done by him, will have something special in it.

Manju, Bharath, Vara, Guru : These are few very dedicated guys and example to others. In spite of tough times, they stayed together. You give them more and more challenges and they are well accepted with the smiling face. Passionate about their work and never cribbing. There're some very great qualities which will get you going.

Mahesh, Vineet, Madhavi, Syed, Nidheesh, Ashoka, Karthik, Maneesh, Chinmay, Harsha, Rituj, Amit, Suhas, Gayathri, Chethan, Shreya, Sindhura, Rituraj, Ghulam, Ariz, Faisal, Musheer: Thank you guys. Though there were very few times I interacted directly but with the interaction we had I can tell that you'll go a long way. Just keep the desire to go ahead burning. Never compromise, and speak up for what you believe. You are at right place, and exploit it to the fullest.
Gayathri: Thank you for starting the culture for Birthday wishes, which we lost long time back.

Just last few things, which you may have heard of already from me...

Always fight for what you believe and what is right. Even if you're alone. It gives you a sense of justice and proud to yourself.

Speak up and take it up with concerned authorities. I've seen many people who keep it to themselves and the execute, 'What is the point is raising it, when we know that nothing will happen. It works like this only?' Who guaranteed that? When you know, that nothing will happen, then it makes more sense to try and speak else you're loosing whatsoever little possibility to make things better. And if you don't speak, you don't have an authority to complain as well. Try, fail then say that I tried at highest level and I can't do more. Tejas has a very great and open culture where you can enter to anybody's cabin and speak-up your mind. It'll not be taken negatively. Exploit it. Be somewhere else, and you'll know that you'll be in a shell, confined.

Create and Innovate: There's too much to do. If you look around, you will find plenty of things which can be made better. Try it, and see the level of satisfaction that gives you beyond your daily routine job. Discuss with your peers, leads and managers. I am sure if it's within interest of company you'll be supported. And believe me that the differentiation which these things will create in your career, you'll never get by doing the defined things. This is what will take you to the next level.

And at last, life is always fair. If you average out, what life has given you, you'll find out that it was always on par. There're times when we don't get something we deserve and we complain. But there're other times as well where life gives you, when you don't deserve. We never say, that no we didn't deserve it. Work for your passion not for your job, money will follow you. The career span is 30-40 years, so always thing long term. Work for your passion and money/designation will follow you. You start doing opposite, initial few years may be good but when you realize it may be late. Remember a dailog in movie Guru... "Door ka nafa (profit), nazdeeki nuksan se behtar (better) hai..."

Have written long but hope I have made some point. You are always welcome, if I can be of any help to you. My phone number is with you, you can drop any time to my home. Will stop now.

Thank you All, thanks for everything.

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All the best Team


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