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Happy Easter! | Easter Porch Sign DIY | Easter Decorations

Happy Easter! | Easter Porch Sign DIY | Easter Decorations
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Hey loves! Just wanted to tell you guys happy Easter because who doesn’t love Easter? Let’s not forget though the main thing about Easter isn’t eggs, gifts, candy, baskets, or yummy food, it’s about the creator who gave us these amazing things we have today. Also to kids it’s about the Easter bunny too, lol! So don’t forget that. 

Anyways, I hope you guys all have a lovely Easter full of family, friends, and very yummy food! Before I finish up this post really quick I just had to show you guys this Easter porch sign DIY decoration that I made a few days ago and I absolutely loved it and the way it turned out! It was really easy (especially if you are pretty artistic and crafty). If you’re not extremely artistic and crafty though don’t worry about it just go for it and give it your best shot and I’m sure it’ll come out great!

You will need;

Acrylic Paint (any colors you would like but I recommend pastels or brights, mainly because it’s for Easter and spring is very light and bright)

An old flat board/piece of wood. (be careful in case of splinters in wood)

Paint brushes (Artists type, variety of sizes and shapes, do NOT use a regular paintbrush because it won’t work well for lettering at all)

Old plate or paper plate (to put paint onto to use)

Cup of water (I like to use hot or lukewarm. This is just to clean your brushes)

Paper towel or rag (to dry brushes every time after cleaning them)


The first thing you want to do is grab a damp rag or damp sponge and just wipe off your wood just to be sure it’s clean and dry because if not then you could possibly run into a piece of dirt or grass or something gross and then it’ll just mess up your painting or leave a lump in the painting and look just different or off.

So the next thing you want to do is just paint the entire thing whichever color you’re base color is. As you can see I used a turquoise color blue (only because I didn’t have a light baby blue) and you just need to paint the entire front. You can also paint the sides if you would like too but I didn’t worry about those.

Next, you want to start with the letters. I went in with a very small pointy brush first and some black acrylic paint (use whatever color you like I was out of white or I would’ve used that) then I just carefully and SLOWLY started making my letters. Don’t treat these like you’re writing on a piece of paper or something because they aren’t that simple and are very easy to mess up on. Just take your time with them and they will look great. Art is all about patience.

After you have your letters written and painted go back over them with a flat smaller brush and make them a little thicker. Sort of like I done mine because you want to make sure the letters are big enough so that way people can read the sign. The whole point in porch decorations is so EVERYONE can see them, make sure they can read them too you guys.

Once you have your letters thickened out and they can be read from a distance, let your painting dry. This shouldn’t take longer than 15-20 minutes because it’s acrylic paint so it dries fairly fast.

Now, start on your decorations. You can add whatever you like to decorate it for Easter but for mine I done a variety of different things. For the banners I just drew a black line going across up and down in between the lines of words and then just added little flags and filled them in. I used a variety of different colors for this because I just felt like it looked cutest.

Once I finished with those I just done a variety of different colored polka dots all over the painting just because they add a little extra to the painting and they are just super cute and scream Easter.

After that was done, I just got some bright lime green paint and just got a flat small brush and just started from the bottom with the brush long ways up and just stroked upwards and just made the grass about the length I thought it looked like average grass.

Then I just added in some cute flowers to the bottom near the grass because spring is all about flowers and bright pretty colors. I added a dab of yellow in the middle because well, it looked more like a flower once I done that.

After that I just done a few touch ups and was finished with this adorable Easter project! It turned out great and I absolutely love it and I actually got compliments on it from our neighbor. (Please excuse our paint job on the house we are renting and it I know doesn’t look perfect but we’re renting so we can’t fix it).

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this post and have yourself a great Easter with your friends and family and if you have little ones I hope they enjoy their Easter as well! Thanks for reading loves and check back MWF for new posts and if you enjoyed this post please share and comment and let me know if you tried out my DIY. I would love to see your results as well! 


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Happy Easter! | Easter Porch Sign DIY | Easter Decorations


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