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The Ultimate Guide to Moving.

If you guys have been following my posts and reading them and read how to cope with moving away from friends and family, then you would know that I’m moving pretty soon! Now I’m moving a pretty long ways away from home so packing all of our stuff, especially my clothes, isn’t going to be very easy. Well, it wasn’t until I came up with these helpful useful tips! If you’re moving soon then here is my ultimate guide to moving to help you guys with your move and make it so much easier on you to Pack everything up and go.

1.       Make a Binder.
    In the binder add;
Master Contacts List, for your new Doctors, Utilities, Landlord, and all the important numbers you will need.
To Do List, to keep track of what you haven’t done yet and still need to get done before the move and after.
Box Inventory List, this will keep track of your boxes and also what contents are inside of the boxes.
Utilities/Budget, to keep up with how much everything is going to be from rent all the way down to decorations and food.
Moving Checklist, you already have the to do list, but this is for actually moving. Use this list to help you get done things like packing, changing your address, and add a timeline to the entire checklist to let you know when it needs to be done.

2.       Get all of your Supplies.

Get all of your supplies ready ahead of time. Boxes, tape, crates, bubble wrap, and whatever it might be that your using go ahead and get it ahead of time so you can pack whenever you get good and ready to.

3.       Pack Clothes in Trash Bags.

Clean trash bags of course, but just leave your clothes on the hanger and then just pull the garbage bag over them tie it up once you get to the top of the hanger and load them all up. Using this technique it will help you to pack and unpack all of your clothes ten times faster because all you have to do is take your bag off, and then just hang them right back up! Plus, it keeps them from getting wet or dirty if you spill something or if they are in the back of a vehicle and it rains.

4.       Pack Plates Horizontal and Paper Plates in Between.

Doing this it’s going to keep your plates from breaking so easily. They have something in between them besides glass so they can’t hit each other too hard and then end up breaking. It’s a good idea if you want to keep your plates safe and sound during the move because moving can be a little rough on breakable items.

5.       Wrap & Separate all Breakables.

By doing this I mean set one box or crate aside for your breakable items, honestly it would even help better to pack these in a suitcase/backpack/purses because they are much softer. If you don’t want to do that though, set a box or crate aside. Line it with either newspaper, bubble wrap, or even a pillowcase or sheet or an old shirt. Start wrapping all of your items with something like I stated to line the box/crate with and just wrap them completely and lie them gently down in the container. Try to make sure you put them in a spot they won’t try and roll around so much in also. When you load your valuables try to keep them in the front and as far away from heavy things such as furniture and heavy boxes so they don’t slide and crush your breakables box and breakables. Make sure you have a few other boxes in between your breakables boxes and furniture that way if furniture does slide around, it will move those other boxes before it gets to the breakables box.

6.       Clean Up Before.

Clean your old and new house before moving. This way you don’t have to worry about it on moving day and all you have to worry about is moving your things and getting unpacked.

7.       Get Everything Done Ahead.

From turning on utilities to ordering furniture and getting it delivered, try your best to get it done head of time. Doing this will make it easier when you move because everything’s already taken care of so all you need to worry about is getting your things moved.

8.       Pack and Unpack One Room at a Time.

Going by one room at a time will make everything so much easier and so much more organized. Not only that but it will also help whenever you’re doing your box inventory because you’ll know what was in what room and what goes in which room.

9.       Keep Important Documents with You.

Medical records, birth certificates, rental and utility documents, keep them in a folder/file folder with you on the road. Not only will you most likely need them when you get to the new home but your also not going to want to lose them anywhere during the move!    

10.    Declutter Before Moving.

Get rid of honestly every and anything you can think of that you don’t need. The more you get rid of, the less stress there will be while moving.

11.    Use up Food and Cleaning Products.

Honestly, you don’t want or need to bring old almost empty cleaning products. Now if they are still almost completely full and almost brand new, bring them along and don’t try to use them up. But if they are down to halfway or less than that even use them up or throw them out. You can always buy more when you get moved honestly. Same thing with food, if it’s almost gone or expired or stale throw it out! Like I said, you can just buy more when you get to your new place.

12.    Keep Electronics with you.

Laptops, tablets, phones (obviously), and computer(s), keep them all in a backpack or suitcase near/with you in your vehicle so you know nothing happens to them because they will be with you. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if I lost my laptop or it got stolen because it’s how I work, same with my phone because it’s my lifeline.

So there you have it you guys, my Ultimate Guide to Moving. Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading and this guide was super helpful to you! Be safe and enjoy your new home!

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The Ultimate Guide to Moving.


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