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Positive Thoughts, Here We Go

Kota Kinabalu International Airport, September 2014

So, I struggled for awhile after creating the "new shell" of this blog. I chose a pretty wallpaper, painstakingly aligned my widgets to make sure nothing was crooked (yes, am anal like that), even asked my best friend if I should start blogging again. And then, nothing.

I haven't been consistently writing for a long time. Back in high school, I used to pen fanfiction - these childlike stories about my favourite celebrities - and entertained secret fantasies about becoming the next best author the world had seen. I wrote for both my school and college magazines and started my own blog some time in Form 4 or 5, and diligently blogged away about anything under the sun until my uni days. I really wanted to pursue journalism, until my boring realist parents convinced me that accounting and finance would give me a cushier bank account.  Meh. But that's a story for another day. Point is, writing doesn't come as naturally as it used to. But, I'm hoping it's something that I'm just rusty at, something that can come back with a bit of rekindling. Hopefully this blog will allow me to find the joy in writing that I used to feel. :)

Anyway, at the beginning of last month, my friend Laura tagged me to take on a positivity challenge. Being the natural procrastinator that I am, I haven't done it...yet. I didn't really want to do it on Facebook, because I feel like that's a space where I have to censor my thoughts most of the time. I toyed with the idea of putting it on Instagram instead, but I think really, the best place for me to do it would be here. Who knows, maybe this will help me kick off a spurt of blogging! The challenge is reaaaaaally simple (I know, I know, I really should have done it much earlier). Just list down three positive thoughts for 5 consecutive days.

However, being the rebel that I am, I'm going to tweak things a little and make it three positive thoughts or things I'm thankful for, and... I'm going to do it over 5 consecutive posts instead. :p Here we go!

Day #1: Taking to high skies and new lands

 ​​ The Peak, Hong Kong, September 2011 

1. I am so thankful that travel is so easy in this day and age. The travel bug has bitten me and I hope it never leaves. I love that I can open an AirAsia website and book myself a flight when I feel like it, and not have it burn a hole in my pocket.  ​   ​​

Bandung, March 2012 (omg, I just realised I'm wearing the exact same thing as the HK pic above wtf. I swear I have more clothes than this.)

2. I'm glad for the people I've travelled with - all the memories we've made and all the good times and laughter shared. There's nothing quite like seeing the world through your eyes, but with the eyes of the people you love as well. Here's to more to come!

​​Holy-moly amazing seafood, Kota Kinabalu, September 2014
3. Last but not least, I'm awfully thankful for a job that's given me some opportunity for travel thus far. It's not certain that we'll get to travel all the time, but so far, I've gotten to go to Penang, KK and very soon in November... overseas! *ahhhsoexcited

I think I've written an introduction to the challenge that's actually far longer than the actual challenge itself (heh) but am hopeful that I'll continue with this. Spread the positive thoughts! :)

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Positive Thoughts, Here We Go


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