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75 Clever Things On Amazon That Are Insanely Cheap

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There’s nothing like a clever little online find that ends up saving you a ton of time in your routine or even makes a part of your day feel more luxurious. These clever Amazon buys always feels like discovering a sneaky secret to making every day a little bit better. Plus, we all deserve to use an expensive-feeling skincare product, speed up chores, or feel super put-together before we head out of the house.

So, look through these 75 clever things on Amazon that are insanely cheap to find that perfect, sneaky little product to make your routine easier (and a little chicer).

This Customizable Tray To Neatly Store Food Container Lids

YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer


This organizer is specifically for all of those cluttered food container lids that tend to fall out every time you open the cabinet. You can even adjust the five dividers to neatly stack every size and shape of lid you’ve collected. Bonus — the easy-to-clean and simple white design will look sleek next to your food containers or glassware.

A 3-In-1 Makeup Stick With Some Subtle Shimmer

e.l.f. Monochromatic Multi Stick


This multi-stick is so cheap, but it will be seriously functional in your makeup bag. Apply it like a blush, lip balm, or even eyeshadow — you’ll be surprised by its cream-to-powder finish and ability to seamlessly blend. This non-greasy multi-stick is also finished off with a stunning shimmery finish.

This Dish Soap Dispenser With A Convenient Sponge Holder

Aeakey Soap Dispenser and Sponge Holder


Not only does this handy soap dispenser make doing the dishes quicker and cleaner, but it also gives you a tidy spot for your sponge on top. When it’s time for dinner clean-up, simply push down on the sponge, and it will perfectly apply your dish soap (without dripping any on the counter).

These Clips & Straps To Make Bras Comfier & More Adjustable

W-Plus Bra Strap Clips


If you prefer to wear a bra with racerback tops, these clips will convert a standard bra into a racerback-style to conceal your straps. Simply choose from the three colors, hook them on, and your straps will stay comfy and perfectly in place all day. Or you can also hook the adjustable straps between your bra straps for wider tops.

This Adorable Stick-On Pouch To Keep Track Of Your Mouse

Epessa Universal Stick-On Mouse Pouch


If you use a mouse with your laptop, this adorable little pouch creates a convenient spot for you to store it. You can stick this silicone pouch to the wall behind your desk, inside a desk drawer, or even directly onto the back of your laptop — so you always know where your mouse is before you get started for the day. You can also pull it off and stick it somewhere new on your desk without leaving behind glue on your laptop.

A Dog Water Bottle With An Easy-To-Use Bowl

MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle, Leak Proof Portable Puppy Water Dispenser with Drinking Feeder for Pets Outdoor Walking, Hiking, Travel, Food Grade Plastic (12oz, Blue)


This dog water bottle is so easy to toss in your car or in your tote because its leakproof. Simply turn the bottle on its side, change the switch to on, push the easy-to-use button, and the bowl will instantly fill with water for your pup — no more carrying a portable bowl and bottle of water. This 12-ounce bottle also comes with a strap to easily attach it to the leash on your walks.

This Pack Of Stainless Steel Holders For Mess-Free Tacos

Artthome Stainless Steel Taco Holders (4-Pack)


These stainless steel taco holders keep all of your filled tortillas perfectly upright, so you won’t have to clean up any lettuce or stray peppers on your table after dinner or scoop ground beef back into the tortilla from your plate. Not only does this four-pack look restaurant-worthy, but they give you spots for 12 tacos total, so you’ll have plenty for family dinners.

These Easy-To-Use Facial Tools That Also Touch-Up Brows

Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool (3-Pack)


These facial razors can be used for a luxurious at-home dermaplaning session, or you can simply use them to touch up your brows before heading out the door. Able to remove unwanted fine hair and peach fuzz, these tools are a best-seller on Amazon with over 137,000 five-star reviews. Plus, each one comes with a removable cover to make them safe to tuck into a makeup bag.

These Reinforced Packing Cubes That Are Easy To Organize

Shacke Pak - 5 Set Packing Cubes - Travel Organizers with Laundry Bag (Pure Black)


These mesh-top packing cubes are an Amazon shopper favorite with a 4.8-star rating and over 20,000 reviews. The structured pack comes with four sizes of cubes, and each one has reinforced stitching so they’ll stay neat in whatever style of suitcase, tote, or duffle is your go-to on trips. As a bonus, these cubes come with a flexible laundry bag to keep dirty laundry away from your clean stuff.

This Nail Lacquer That Promises Perfectly Dry Nails In 1 Minute

OPI Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops


These genius drying drops from OPI promise to turn nail polish from wet to dry and ready-to-go in only one minute, which allows you to finally try that trendy new color you’ve been eyeing. Simply use the easy-to-use dropper and dot this formula on top of your polish, and your nails will be totally dry. Plus, this formula is infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E to keep your cuticles moisturized.

This Compact Set With A Ton Of Handy Kitchen Tools

Pisol Kitchen Gadgets (6 Pieces)


This clever set comes with mini yet highly functional versions of all of your kitchen gadgets, which can save some major space in a drawer. The herb stripper, veggie peeler, cheese grater, citrus zester, bottle opener, and pizza cutter are all made with stainless steel and durable plastic, which will keep them useful for years to come. Plus, these 5-inch tall tools all come on one loop and with a little baggie, which makes them great for camping and other travels.

These Breathable Socks With Moisturizer Built-In

NatraCure Vented Moisturizing Gel Heel Sleeves


These little half socks have a soft gel lining on the heel that’s packed with hydrating shea butter, vitamin E, vitamin F, and even aloe vera to help with calluses. The rest of this easy-to-wear foot treatment is made of a stretchy and super comfy cotton blend fabric. Plus, the top has little ventilation holes and the toes are open, so these moisturizing socks are even cool and comfy enough to sleep in.

A Popular Reading Light That’s Adjustable & Wearable

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, Book Light for Reading in Bed, 3 Colors, 6 Brightness Levels, Bendable Arms, Rechargeable, Long Lasting, Perfect for Reading, Knitting, Camping, Repairing


The necklace-like design of this wearable reading light comes with bendable accents on each side, so you can adjust the two LEDS to the perfect reading angle. It also has brightness settings, and you have full control over how warm your reading light is. Each charge of this USB-C powered device lasts up to 80 hours, which is why this has over 80,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

This Zero-Effort Wine Aerator That You Put Into The Bottle

TenTen Labs Wine Aerator Pourer (2-Pack)


Using this wine aerator is as easy as popping it right on top of your favorite bottle and pouring your usual glass. It has an easy-to-use shape with built-in air holes to add even more oxygen to your glass and enhance the flavor. Best of all: you won’t have to do anything extra to aerate your wine.

These Grippy Stickers To Add Grip To Cute (But Slippery) Shoes

Dr. Shoesert Non-Slip Shoes Pads (3 Pairs)


Stick these textured, non-slip pads to the bottom of those chic loafers or trendy flats that are way too slippery to add some much-needed grip. They come with super durable adhesive, and they hide right under the sole of your shoes, so they won’t be noticeable or mess up the vibe of your outfit.

A Caffeine-Infused Balm That Hydrates & Calms Under Your Eyes

TULA Skin Care Eye Balm


This eye balm is packed with rosehip oil, rosewater, and even hydrating blueberry to nourish, brighten, and firm up your sensitive under-eye skin. It also has a touch of caffeine to help you look a little more awake, even if you’re exhausted. This pretty pink balm comes in an easy-to-use tube, so you can easily sweep it under your eyes before leaving home or even when you’re already out.

A Luxurious Exfoliating Brush That Helps With Bumps & Ingrown Hair

Exfoliating Brush to Treat and Prevent Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs - Eliminate Shaving Irritation for Face, Armpit, Legs, Neck, Bikini Line - Silky Smooth Skin Solution for Men and Women by Dylonic


This easy-to-hold exfoliating brush deserves a spot in your shower caddy because it’s neater to use than salt scrubs but still works wonderfully to exfoliate away dry skin. The silicone bristles work with sensitive skin, and they’ll even prevent painful razor bumps and ingrown hairs if shaving is a part of your routine.

This Easy-To-Use Lash Comb That Fixes Clumpy Mascara

MSQ Eyelash Comb


This lash comb is the easiest way to touch up a clumpy mascara or even your go-to mascara that still occasionally gets a little globby. This little stainless steel brush comes with 30 tines to perfectly separate your lashes, and it has an easy-to-hold handle and gentle bristles, so this clever comb is a breeze to use. It also has a cover to protect the bristles in your makeup bag.

An Adjustable Measuring Cup That Works For Wet & Dry Ingredients

OXO Good Grips 2 Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup


This adjustable measuring cup with an easy pour spout is one of those space- and time-saving kitchen wonders, because it works with wet and dry ingredients. It measures in ounces and cups, which makes it doubly useful. It also makes measuring thicker liquids easier because you can simply push down the outer cover to scrape off any left-behind honey instead of trying to scoop it out of a classic measuring cup.

A 3-Pack Of Facial Sprays That Soothe & Hydrate Your Skin

Mario Badescu Facial Spray Collection


This facial spray pack comes with three different formulas, and each one will give you a luxurious skincare moment (without having to do a time-consuming skincare routine). Reach for the rosewater, green tea, or lavender depending on your mood because no matter which one you choose — they all come with hydrating aloe vera and other nourishing, soothing ingredients.

These Reusable Nipple Covers That Come With A Travel Case

Nippies Skin Ultimate Adhesive Nipplecovers Pasties & Travel Case


If you don’t want to wear a bra but still want a seamless look, these easy-to-reuse nipple covers are the things to reach for. They’re made of medical-grade, water-resistant silicone that is gentle on your skin yet stays in place all day. They come in a durable and super compact case, so they’re easy to keep on your dresser or toss into a suitcase.

A Cult-Favorite Pet Hair Roller That’s So Neat & Easy To Use

ChomChom Pet Hair Remover


If there’s one time that a clever gadget is a must — it’s when you’re cleaning up pet fur, so keep one of these reusable lint rollers around. The fabric design grabs onto all of the fur and rolls it right into the fur-holding compartment. Simply open up the back to empty it, and that annoying fur cleanup chore is over super quickly — no sticky tape needed. This pet hair remover is a certified cult-classic with over 112,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

This Satin-Lined Beanie That Keeps Your Hair Frizz-Free

YANIBEST Satin Lined Knit Beanie


This stylish beanie has a gentle satin lining, so it will help prevent hat hair and frizz. No one will know that the inside of this chic beanie is so comfy and silky, because the outside still has a cozy, chic ribbed texture. They’ll just be amazed that your hair still looks flawless when you take off your hat.

  • Available colors: 15
  • Available sizes: One Size

A Set Of Vibrating Facial Rollers That Look So Luxe

DANGSHAN 2-IN-1 Electric Face Massager Roller


These vibrating facial rollers might just be the most luxurious add-on for your skincare drawer, and the metallic finish is chic enough to leave out on the counter. The 3D facial rollers massage and firm up your skin. These beauty tools can help your favorite serums soak into your face better, all while feeling so good.

This Herb Holder That Keeps Your Greens Fresh For Weeks

NOVART XXL Herb Keeper and Herb Saver


With this easy-to-use herb keeper, you can completely save yourself from cleaning out dried or moldy herbs that went to waste in your produce drawer. Instead, fill it with water, and the breathable cup will help your herbs stay fresh for up to three weeks. Simply pull up the holder anytime you need some crisp herbs for dinner. It’s super compact for the fridge, but you can still fit extra-fluffy herbs, like parsley, inside.

An Adjustable Ring Light That Clips Onto Your Screens

GearLight Selfie Ring Light for Computer or Phone - Iphone Compatible LED Lighting for Laptop Webcam, Video Recording - Rechargeable Circle Clip on Ringlight - Cute Stuff & Room Decor for Teen Girls


This USB-rechargeable ring light has a built-in clip specifically for your laptopm or cell phone, so you’ll instantly have nice video call or selfie lighting (without spending a ton of time on setup). It comes with daylight, warm, or white settings and 10 levels of brightness, so you could even clip it to your mirror and use it for any pre-call makeup or touch-ups.

This Adorable Foot Exfoliator With A Gentle Glass Design

Bare August Glass Foot File Callus Remover for Feet - Heel Scraper & in Shower Foot Scrubber Dead Skin Remover - Pedicure Foot Buffer for Soft Feet


This curvy pink foot exfoliator is covered in textured glass that will gently fix up calluses, painfully dry heels, or any dry skin that’s been annoying you. Even if your feet are feeling pretty good at the moment — this exfoliator will buff your skin for extra-soft skin without leaving any scratches or uneven spots.

These Stretchy Dusting Slippers & Mop Covers

AIFUSI Mop Slippers (10 Pieces)


Wearing these duster slippers is obviously better than pulling out the actual mop. They’re covered in microfiber bristles that will pick up dust while you walk around doing whatever else is on your list. You can also pop these stretchy dusters onto your mop, or use them on your hands for a variety of tasks.

These Soft & Secure Towels That Dry Hair Quickly

Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for Women and Men | 4 Pack | Bathroom Essential Accessories | Quick Dry Hair Turban for Drying Curly, Long & Thick Hair (Pink, Blue, Grey, White)


Not only are these soft microfiber hair towels gentle on your hair, but the absorbent material will also dry your hair faster. The lightweight material is also great for preventing frizz, especially if you have curly or wavy locks. Beyond their functionality, these spa-worthy towels have a non-bulky design and an elastic loop to keep them secure while you do your skincare.

A Recipe Book With Helpful Stickers & Charts

Clever Fox Recipe Book - Make Your Own Family Cookbook & Blank Recipe Notebook Organizer, Empty Cooking Journal to Write in Recipes, A5 Hardcover, Stores 60 Recipes - Burgundy


This recipe book features enough pages for you to write down up to 60 of your go-to recipes or have loved ones write down family recipes that you’ll be able to pass down for generations. Beyond functional pages with serving sizes, ingredient lists, and notes, this notebook comes with a bunch of adorable stickers, so you can easily mark your favorite meals or neatly label different courses. Plus, you get a measurement chart and built-in cooking glossary to help you out with dinner.

A Cute Velvet Jewelry Case That’s Actually Easy For Travel

Benevolence LA Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Box


This chic jewelry box will make traveling with your go-to pieces way easier than usual because it has secure ring slots, a stretchy pocket, and two small compartments to keep everything neat. Once all of your jewelry is tidy and ready to go, zip it up, and this adorable 3.1-inch velvet case is ready to tuck into your bag.

These Waterproof & Foldable Totes With Handy Clips

Kaxich Foldable Reusable Grocery Shopping Tote Bags (6-Pack)


These durable totes fold up super tiny, and they have sturdy clips on top, so you can strap a bunch of them to your bag before heading out to the grocery store. They come with multiple adorable patterns, and each one can hold up to 10 pounds. Their seriously lightweight fabric is also waterproof in case your ice cream melts on the way home.

A Foldable Phone Stand With The Sleekest Accents

Lamicall Foldable Phone Stand


This phone stand isn’t just adjustable to the angle and height you want, it can also fold up so you can move it from room to room or toss it in your work bag before you head into the office. Despite its compact size, this stand has a sleek, modern design that comes in nine colors. The design is functional, too, which a space on the bottom so you can charge your phone as it sits.

An Aesthetic Bamboo Bathmat That Stays Super Clean

Signature Living Bamboo Bath Mat


This bamboo bathmat feels way more spa-like than a classic woven mat, and it’s also honestly more functional. It sits a little bit off of your bathroom floor, and it’s made of durable bamboo slats to create airflow and keep it perfectly dry. It also comes with three protective layers on top to prevent any mold on this chic bath mat.

This Hydrating Snail Mucin Cream That’s So Luxe

SeoulCeuticals Korean Skin Care Snail Mucin Repair Cream - Korean Moisturizer Night Cream 97.5% Snail Mucin Extract - All In One Recovery Power For The Most Effective Korean Beauty Routine - 2oz


This snail mucin cream will instantly feel like a luxe and expensive step in your routine. It is made with 97.5% snail mucin extract, which moisturizes your skin and locks that moisture in. It also has green tea, vitamin E, shea butter, and more to make it feel even more soothing, nourishing, and luxurious.

These Adorable Sandwich Cutters That Are So Popular

Savoychef Sandwich Cutters and Sealers


This pack of adorable and easy-to-use sandwich cutters will honestly be so useful in your kitchen. They de-crust and seal the edges of sandwiches, and you get three different fun shapes to choose from, which makes lunch for your kids (and yourself) fresh and fun. These sandwich cutters are a fan-favorite on Amazon with a 4.5-star review and over 6,000 purchases in the last month.

A Pack Of Necklace Extenders With Lobster Claw Closures

Menkey Necklace Extenders (10 Pieces)


Keeping these easy-to-use necklace extenders around is a must. This pack comes with five different lengths from 2 to 7 inches, so you can make chokers or your favorite necklace a little longer to go with your top or a specific neckline. The durable, tarnish-resistant pieces also come with silver, rose gold, or yellow gold finishes, so they’ll blend right in with your jewelry.

  • Available colors: 4

This Trendy Insulated Tumbler With A Near-Perfect Rating

Simple Modern 40 oz Tumbler with Handle and Straw Lid


This tumbler proves that carrying around an insulated tumbler can look surprisingly cool. The minimalist matte design looks seriously expensive and comes in nearly 40 colors for a custom-to-you look. Meanwhile, the stainless steel design and leakproof lid keep your water or cold brew chilled for hours. It’s also topped off with an adorable (and easy to hold) curvy handle and a matching straw.

A Gentle Detangling Brush With An Ergonomic Handle

Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush for Adults


This detangling brush has a seriously clever curvy handle that’s comfy to hold onto while you work on the tangles. The actual bristles are also completely bead-free, so they won’t hurt your scalp or tug on the tangles. Instead — the cone-shaped bristles will gently separate knots while you brush, which is why this fan-favorite brush has over 52,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

These Wireless Lights With A Slim Under-Cabinet Design

Brilliant Evolution Wireless Color Changing 6 Pack RGB LED Lights with 2 Remotes | LED Under Cabinet Lighting | Closet Light | Battery Powered Lights | LED Lights for Bedroom | Stick On Lights


These super slim LED lights come with durable stickers and optional screws, so it’s super easy to add them around your home (think: underneath kitchen cabinets or inside closets). This wireless pack comes with two remotes that you can use to set timers, dim the lights, and change between six different colors to make them feel extra custom.

This Stylish Bag With 3 Different Carrying Options

CLUCI Convertible Backpack Purse


This minimalist bag comes with backpack straps for travel, a tote-style strap that’s perfect for grocery runs, and a handle that makes this event-worthy. It’s made of faux leather with two easy-to-access zipper pockets on the front that add a chic little design moment. For how simple and sleek it looks, it also comes with pockets on each side and a ton of room inside.

  • Available colors: 27

A Foam Hand Soap Dispenser That You Can Attach To The Wall

LAOPAO Soap Dispenser


Not only is this soap dispenser automatic, but the matte white or black design will also look so chic next to your bathroom or kitchen sink. It dispenses luxurious foam soap — even if you only have classic liquid soap (just add water). It also comes with a matching and easy-to-setup holder for your wall if you want a bit more space on your counter.

An Easy-To-Use Lip Exfoliator That’s Compact & Mess-Free

e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator


This genius lip exfoliator proves that exfoliating your lips before a lip mask or gloss doesn’t have to involve a messy scrub. Simply roll up the gently exfoliating and moisturizing formula and apply it just like a lipstick. This mess-free, moisturizing treatment is also easy to wipe off before you reach for your go-to lip product.

These Wax Paper Bags To Label & Save Pricey Cheese

Formaticum Cheese Storage Bags (30-Pack)


These porous wax paper bags are specifically to keep the cheese in your fridge perfectly fresh and ready for eating. They come with spots to label the type of cheese, kind of milk, and the date before you wrap up that cheese you splurged on. Once it’s all wrapped up, these easy-to-use bags are super breathable, and they stop your cheese from drying out or getting moldy.

These Breathable Headphones That Are Comfy Enough For Bedtime

Perytong Sleep Headphones


These sleep headphones are made of stretchy and breathable fabric, so you can be comfy and listen to your favorite calming podcast or music without disturbing others around you. It also has easy-to-use controls on the front, and the material is snug enough to make these a good option for jogging.

A Rust-Resistant Canister For Fresher Morning Coffee

Bean Envy Coffee Canister - 22.5 oz Coffee Storage Container and Organizer w/Stainless Steel Scoop, Date Tracker & Co2-Release Valve - Essential Coffee Accessories, Steel


This stainless steel coffee canister with a Co2-release valve will look sleek on your countertop, and it will keep your coffee fresh and ready to go for busy mornings. It also comes with a matching rust-resistant scoop on the side, so you won’t have to track down a clean spoon.

This Electric Swatter That Quickly Takes Care Of Bugs

Zap It! Electric Fly Swatter Racket & Mosquito Zapper - High Duty 4,000 Volt Electric Bug Zapper Racket - Fly Killer USB Rechargeable Fly Zapper Indoor Safe - Mini


This electric swatter is way better than keeping a flimsy fly swatter around because you can take care of bugs while they’re in the air. Whether they’re hanging out on the wall or annoying you at your desk, this rechargeable swatter can handle them. It also comes with a triple layer of safety mesh and a little built-in light to guide your way while you swat at extra-annoying bugs.

This Chic Magnetic Knife Strip That’s Easy To Install

Cucino Magnetic Knife Strip Adhesive - No Drilling 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall


Give your kitchen an expensive-looking update for very little money with this magnetic knife strip. Its strong magnets are enough to hold five of your go-to chef’s knives, clearing up counter space that a clunky knife block once used, all while giving your kitchen a custom-built look. This strip is super easy to install, too, just peel off the back to reveal strong 3M adhesive.

This Collapsible Water Bottle That Holds 17 Ounces

HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottle


This water bottle is truly collapsible because the silicone material collapses to be completely flat, so it will fit in all of your go-to bags (even on-trend mini bags). On top, this bottle comes with a super sturdy handle and a pop-up straw, so it’s easy to take a sip of your water or cold brew while you’re busy running errands.

This Metallic Lash Curler With Comfy Anti-Tugging Pads

Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler with Satin Bag & Refill Pads - Award Winning - No Pinching, Just Dramatically Curled Eyelashes for a Lash Lift in Seconds (Rose Gold)


Not only does this lash curler come with a chic and shiny finish, but it also comes with anti-tugging and anti-pinching pads. These cushioned pads make curling your lashes easier (and way comfier), and you get two refill pads. Meanwhile the stainless steel handle will apply the exact same pressure to all of your lashes.

A Versatile Clip-On Strainer For Easier Pouring & Storage

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Pot Strainer and Pasta Strainer - Adjustable Silicone Clip On Strainer for Pots, Pans, and Bowls - Purple


This clip-on strainer with a non-stick silicone design might just be the most clever way to make those potato or pasta nights even easier. The built-in clips and the flexible material are sturdy enough to work with any pot, bowl, or pan, and it comes with a pouring spout to prevent spills. When you’re done, this whole contraption collapses for compact, tidy storage.

This Slim, Tidy Organizer For Your Chargers & Mouse

BAGSMART Electronics Organizer


This chic little bag is easiest way to carry all of your chargers, your laptop mouse for work, and more. It has six tidy mesh pockets and seven compartments with straps, so your various cords will be organized and all in one place. When zipped close, this organizer is just 1.4 inches thick, so you can slip it into a work or travel bag with ease.

A Pro-Worthy Drying Mat With A 4.9-Star Rating On Amazon

A Bar Above Heavy Duty Bar Mat


This silicone drying mat will seriously elevate your kitchen because it the textured design and deep grooves will catch any drips, keeping your counter water-free. It’s just like the heavy-duty mats you see at bars and restaurants, so it also has a non-slip design to keep all of your drying glassware safe. There’s a reason why this kitchen workhorse has a 4.9-star rating on Amazon after 1,000 reviews.

This Vitamin C Serum That’s Seriously Brightening

Tree of Life Vitamin C Brightening Facial Serum with Moisturizing Vitamin E for Glowing Radiant Skin; Smoothing Boost Serum for Face, Clean Dermatologist-Tested Skin care, 1 Fl Oz


Using this vitamin C serum will instantly make your routine feel a little fancier because the brightening aloe vera and jojoba oil formula will leave you looking fresh-faced, moisturized, and glowing. The moisturizing and non-sticky finish will also work under makeup — always a plus — so you can use this serum in the morning or at night.

These Soft Cat Pillows That Look So Adorable

homelifthub Pillows for Cats (3-Pack)


These adorable little cat pillows are covered in moisture-resistant, fluffy, and soft fabric to keep your kitty comfy. Plus, they’re dotted with adorable fruit patterns, like strawberries and cherries, which makes these way cuter than a sandal on the floor. When your fur baby isn’t lounging on these easy-to-cuddle U-shaped pillows, they’ll honestly look like adorable throw pillows on your couch.

A Pickle Wine Stopper That’s Surprisingly Functional

Genuine Fred PICKLED Wine Stopper


This hilarious pickle-shaped wine stopper is quirky enough to start conversations at dinner parties and still functional enough to keep your wine fresh. Even with its fun design, it’s just as easy to use as the stopper you usually reach for after opening a bottle, which is why this quirky yet functional piece has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

This Wax Styling Stick That Also Moisturizes Your Hair

Samnyte Hair Wax Stick


This hair wax stick is in everyone’s bag right now because it keeps every strand in place, but it’s also packed with nourishing ingredients. With castor oil and avocado oil, this wax stick will almost act like a moisturizing hair treatment every time you touch up your hair without leaving a greasy finish.

These Stretchy Clothing Clips To Create Fitted Looks

Fashion Fit Dress Cinch Clip - 3 Dress Clips Back Cinch Clothes Clips, Sweater Clasps, Adjust The Fit of Your Clothing, Garments, Dresses, Cardigan, Shirts, Or Jackets for Tailored Look.


These adjustable clothing clips are super easy to add to the back of an oversized tee that you want to be a little more fitted. They’re also easy to remove, so you can switch up your look mid-day. These stretchy clips also work with a ton of different looks, like jackets, dresses, and more, and they’re super discreet.

These Essential Oil Steamers To Toss In The Shower

Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers - Variety Pack of 6 Shower Bombs with Essential Oils. Self Care and Relaxation Shower Steamer for Women and Men. Blue Set


These easy-to-use shower steamers are an easy way to elevate your morning shower without adding a bunch of time to your routine. Simply toss one in the bottom of the shower, and these colorful discs will release luxurious essential oils. They’re also long-lasting enough to use for your everything showers, and they won’t clog your drain or stain your tub post-shower.

This 3-In-1 Wireless Charger To Unfold & Use Anywhere

UCOMX Nano 3 in 1 Wireless Charger


This foldable charger will save so much space on your nightstand and in your travel or work bag. When you unfold this chic matte white charger, you instantly have a wireless charging spot for your phone, earbuds, and even your smartwatch. If you don’t have a ton of space, you can even keep it folded up and still use it as a stand because the magnetic design will keep your phone in place.

These Winged Liner Stamps To Speed Up Your Routine

The Flick Stick Winged Eyeliner Stamp


If you want to do an elevated makeup look but lack the skills, this clever little eyeliner stamp will seriously speed up your routine. It has an easy-to-use winged eyeliner stamp on one side and a classic liner brush on the other to finish off the perfect wing. This budget-friendly pack also comes with a left and a right wing stamp to make it even easier to use.

These Anti-Bunching Laundry Tools To Dry Sheets Quickly

Wad-Free for Bed Sheets


These clever laundry tools prevent your bed sheets from getting all tangled or bunched up in the dryer, so every inch of them will get dry (the first time). It’s super easy to loop the corners of your fitted or flat sheet through these tools, and they won’t leave behind any wrinkles on your linens.

These Best-Selling Bike Shorts With Clever Hidden Pockets

BALEAF Biker Shorts


These squat-proof and moisture-wicking bike shorts are such a good go-to because they come with hidden, built-in pockets on each side. They blend right in with the seams of the high-waisted shorts, and they give you a super handy spot for your phone (or wallet to get coffee after your walk).

  • Available colors: 35
  • Available sizes: X-Small — 6X-Large

These Adorable, Ab

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75 Clever Things On Amazon That Are Insanely Cheap


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