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Street brawl, Filipino Style (basagan ng bungo)

5:30 – I left office. I was waiting for a bus and there’s a fat bald man that was standing right beside me. He waved his hand and I almost collapse to the ground. It was an unpleasant smell. (si manong talaga hindi man lang nag tawas oh, lakas ng anting anting mo nong! Grrr.) I relayed the experience to my twitter just to release my consternation. (yuckerz kasi that manong, haha, bading na bading)

6:45 – I was still on my way home when I realized that I have nothing to do in my crib so I decided to dropped by to my tattoo artist/friend’s shop somewhere in manila. I’ve been twitter-whoring over my cellular phone just to ease the boredom. I watched tv, we ate, sound trip after that, then the tediousness attacks again.

8:34 – I decided to do another inking session to my unfinished tattoo on my left thigh. My friend started to do his thing in his sketch pad. While waiting, I went out for a while to buy booze and a cigar.

9:39 – The rough draft was done. I started to lie down and my artist began to put the stencil into my skin. (I’m still twittering, haha) After some manual modification to the stencil using colored pens, the guide outline ended.

10:00 – The tattoo session started. The pain and sensation started to penetrate my body. Weird isn’t it? Paying a huge amount of Money just to get pain in return.

11:30 – The tattoo was just half way done. My head started to spin, but it was all good. I’m so eager to see the finish product of the art that has been inked into my skin.

12:00 – The tattoo was like a mummy that has been brought out of the casket. The shading already gave life to the design. I started to get pumped up again. My adrenaline arouses. That feeling, the unexplainable feeling, that’s what I’m paying for. The fulfillment. It’s like a huge accomplishment, or should I say rather, it’s more than that.

1:00 – After an extensive phase of pushing ink into my skin, the human art was finally done, I’ve been officially been inked (again, haha)

-=The following proceedings contains violent actions, reader discretion is advised=-

1:13 – I asked my friend/artist, how much does it costs me. He said P X, 000.00, I only have P X, 500.00 in my pocket during that time so I went to the nearest ATM (Ang Tangang Makina) to get some cash. The machine did not dispense any money, I was alarmed because I just watched the news recently and I saw that there is a modus operandi like this. So I tried to grab the money dispenser just to check if there was money glued to other side of it. I was just starting when the security guard grabbed my hand and pushed me against the wall without saying a word. I tried to explained, I tried to plead my case but that f*ck*ng guard wasn’t listening. I’m so annoyed but I’m helpless and can’t do anything.

11:25 - Luckily, community patrol personel (baranggay tanod) walked by the scene and they questioned me and the guard, what happened. I started to explain things; I said that it’s the guard’s duty to protect the bank’s client and not to assault them. The guard said that I was drunk and looked suspicious. (at ang putang ina, nakuha pang laiitin ang pagmumuka ko) he also said that he put an eye on me and when I started to “destroy” the automated teller machine, he just did what he needs to do. Then I said that I wasn’t destroying the machine, I was just checking things, because the machine did not dispense the money that I had withdrawn, it was debited to my balance already but I didn’t get any cash at all, not a single dime in my hand. It was a f*ck*ng P X, 000.00 for Christ’s sake, I’m working so hard just to earn that amount of money. Then the guard said that it was just a P X, 000.00. That was the line that heated me up so much. It’s like all my blood went up to my head. Then I answered, I said, (Para yun lang? Bakit magkano ba isang gabi mo? 350? 400? O sabihin na nating 500 kahit 600 pa yan. Ilang araw mo ng sweldo yang nilalang lang mo. At bakit sasaktan mo ko? Bakit mo pinagduldulan yung muka ko sa pader, anong masama ba ginawa ko? Hindi ako kriminal, kliyente lang ako ng bangkong ito na naglalabas ng pera. Hindi ko kasalanan kung walang inilabas na pera yang makina na yan. Hindi ko kasalanan kung magiging alerto ako, malay ko ba kung may sindikato na naglagay ng pang ipit ng pera dyan.) (Ilang matrona’t bakla ang nagpasasa sa katawan ko, kitain ko lang ang perang yan, haha, eeewwww, nandiri ako dun ah)

11:30 – Out of a sudden, the guard started to say bad words to me such as: (putang ina mo, kinang ina mo ka, tarantado kang gago ka, kebata bata mo ang yabang mong akala mo kung sino ka, kilala mo ba kung sino ako?) (siguro nahurt ko ang kanyang ego) Believe me, it was not my intention to insult him, I’m just making a point. (sino daw ba siya?) Then I replied (bakit may amnesia ka ba? Oo kilala kita ikaw si ****** ayan oh, nakasalut sa uniporme mo, at wag mo kong mumurahin, wag mong sasabihing puta ang nanay ko, magsayaw nga di ginawa nun eh, magputa pa?) The trading of harsh words gave more tension to the situation and the unexpected happened.

11:35 - The guard threw a hand at my nape. (aray, masakit yun ha) then my defensive instinct started to respond, I punched him in the face, a left hook, straight to his chin, followed by another left, tagged on by another right then the (baranggay tanod) stop us both. The chairman came and asked me if I want to press charges against the guard (inpeyrnes kay chairman, mabait siya ha, basag na yung muka ng gwardiya ako pa yung tinanong kung nasaktan daw ba ako) and said that we should go the police station if I want to complain. But then I realized, it was already a long night, if I press charges, it will be a long run, and there will be trial appearances. It’s a messy situation and I don’t want that. (at isa pa, nahabag din naman ako sa gwardiya, kawawa naman)

11:47 – I can’t remember the last time that I had laid my fist into someone’s face, street fight, Filipino style (basagan ng bungo). My hands are so swollen, after all the talks and negotiation, the chairman, the guard and I decided to settle things.

2:08 – I already got home, didn’t pay my artist, I promise him that I’ll just pay him today instead.


I’m not a bad person. (normal na tao lang po ako) It’s not in my nature to hurt anybody. (hindi po ako basagulerong tao, pero kahit ang aso, kakagatin ka pag ginawan mo ng masama) But then a thought sank into my head, I am an educated person, I should had let it passed, I should had left the matter to the (baranggay tanods), I should had not thrown back harsh words and instead I should had stayed quiet. I know I’m the victim here, but the way that I aired my grievances was inappropriate. I’m so ashamed of what I did. But what done is done already. I’ll just accept my mistake and I’ll learn from it. I know that I’m a good person and I know that I’m imperfect, but this imperfection makes me perfectly perfect. (anu daw?!?!?)

It was a long day, but after all that has been said and done, the goodness still prevailed. (ganun lang talaga ang buhay, parang life)

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Street brawl, Filipino Style (basagan ng bungo)


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