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I don't know how I get so lucky..but I know what I want and I get it.

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So as you know I had been SEARCHING for tickets to either of the sold out Panic! at the Disco shows. It started out as mainly wanting to see The Hush Sound but then when I heard about this whole clown dancer thing I HAD to see Panic!
So where I intern there is also a online cd store opperating out of the same office and I was told that one of the guys is a master at getting tickets to sold out shows when ticketmaster releases them the day before. Well it turns out that since the Nokia Theatre isn't Clear Channel their policies are different. So no luck there. That was all I expected him to do, but no. He was determined and emailed about 12 people from different places like mtv and the Conan O'Brein Show etc. But when he left the office he wasn't having much luck. So at like 4:30 Brendan answers the phone and the person asks him how to spell my last name so he did. I asked him who it was and he said it was some reporter who barely spoke english and recieved one of my emails, I gave him a hard time in disbelief but he stuck with it so I gave up. Then at 5:30 (show starts at 7:30) Sal calls to tell me I'm on the house list and gave me all the info. So I head down to the Nokia Theatre in Time Square, give them my ID, expecting to be given a ticket. But no it gets better, the guy hands me a ticket with a VIP Mezzanine pass. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!! So I walk in and I am directed to the Mezzanine right, with tables reserved for Atlantic Records, Panic! at the Disco, and Fueled By Ramen. Forrrreaal!? Of course I don't recognize people for shit so I was like great there's gunna be someone really important and I'm gunna have no clue who it is. Not to mention a girl that goes to my college was there, weird.

The Hush Sound- played first..aFREAKINGmazing. I love them. they are all so adorable and all sooo fucking talented. They played all the songs I love which makes me happy.

The Dresden Dolls- sooooo WEIRD...but good in that weird way. IDK there was just something interesting about them. During the set about 1 song in I can feel that there are people standing like DIRECTLY behind me, like so close that I was afraid to turn around. So I did a side glance and out of the corner of my eye I see the singer and the bass player from The Hush there was a girl I didn't recognize with them. The bassist was standing sooo close to me that if I turned around I probably would have like bumped into him. A few songs in the kids in front of me realised that they were behind me and started whispering. After the Dresden Dolls the Hush guys walked away and the kids in front of me followed and asked for pictures. I'm dumb and didn't cause I was too shy.

Panic! at the Disco (and Luscent Dossier)- Well well well. They were extremely good. The crowd was weird, all kids who heard them on the radio of course and looked out of place. THe Mezzanine suddenly got packed with FBR/Atlantic/Panic! people..some drunk some on their way to being drunk..and pushing people who they didn't know out of the way. About 2 songs in one of the guys left to go somewhere and I gladly stepped up to the railing next to a big scary dude that kinda gave me a look like "What the fuck are you doing herE?" haha but whatevs I figured if they wanted me to move they would tell me and I would. So some guy came and like put his chair right behind me and stood on it and then I was trapped and he stayed there forever even when it was over. But anyway the whole circus thing was actually pretty cool, different, entertaining, it was funny. I think people need to stop being so uptight and freaking out about this stuff. It was mad cool and you'd prolly think so if you took your hipster indie I;m better than everyone stick outta your ass. I mean seriously who has a cicuis caberrat act one stage with them? it was sweet and they all took a bow at the end instead of doing an encore. The band sounded great, the best out of the 3 times I've seen them. They have definately perfected their live performance. And the added members for the tour, a cello/drum machine player and a keyboardit/moogist/synth/sound effect whatever you wat to call him. And it just made the whole thing that much better. As corny as this is going to sound, it was magical. I mean I've always thought that some of their music sounds theatrical and this just made it that much better. Oh and they played all the songs on their album, some with a little remix twist, and they covered Smashing Punpkin's Tonight Tonight and Radiohead's Karma Police.

Overall I was completely impressed by all the bands/acts and the venue. The venue being new was extremely nice.

I just really hate that people are getting so uptight over music lately. It's annoying. It's annoying that bands I love become a joke to people because they have "sold out" by trying to make a living and by being picked up by MTV. Like seriously grow up, you wish you were there. It's about the music, if you love the music you love the music. And unless the band COMPLETELY changes there is no reason to stop liking the band if you truely like them for their music just because they are getting popular. Go ahead hate their new fans, that's finebut their is no reason to hate the music you love. If it makes you happy and it's fun there is nothing wrong with that either. Not all music has to be the most complicated and innovating music. Why can't you just like it and love it because its fun and not so serious. People just pisses me off, the scene just pissed me of.

And I for one can see no blood from the hearts and the wrists you allegedly slit
And I for one wont stand for this if this scene were a parish you'd all be condemned.

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I don't know how I get so lucky..but I know what I want and I get it.


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