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Thoughts On Immune System During Worst Flu Outbreak

I'm in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Worst Flu Outbreak maybe now in American history !!!

Flu outbreak here is one of, if not, worst in nation... Great !!!

If you have symptoms you can easily get a flu test at the emergency room. I'd say Seek treatment quickly and try to wait and see family practitioner but I know if they are anything like mine at home there are no appointments and you might be lucky to get a same-day appointment and this flu outbreak only looks get worse as February is always the peak of flu season.

Either way you need to stay hydrated and drink plenty of fresh clean good healthy water. We are mostly water just keep that in mind. I'm guilty of never drinking enough but soon I'm going to make myself drink a gallon a day just by keeping a gallon jug around and knowing that I have to empty it at least once a day.

I have been blessed so far to somehow avoid being sick this winter and I just hope that I can continue to get through because that would be a rarity for me, and extreme Rarity as winter is usually the most brutal of All Seasons to me by far, having had pneumonia seven times.

There's a reason more than one, that I appreciate the wood stove in the dry air but that to comes at a price and balance is difficult to find but a humidifier goes a long long way once dialed in and my humidifiers are cast iron, a teapot and a sitting hen potpourri cooker that I feel only with water 2 humidify the air.

Soon, I will be already working my wood stove piping as I have dialed in now to precise set up that I will utilize that will be safe easier to maintain.

I will also focus on getting 3 to 4 cords of wood and maintaining that amount at all times has it seasons. I will work on getting that same amount already seasoned and had each stacked safely under shelter, in three seasons end.

The backyard of my home is going to be my main focus this year as I landscape nicely what I have to work with in the range of my projects in a respectable way that makes my projects only more efficient and safer to work on as I continue to build my set of tools and get things here and there more and more squared away.

I'm just happy to be able to be healthy enough to have some projects at all and now I want to make sure that as I gain my health stronger and stronger I fortify my yard has that fortify my life making things healthier and healthier and be easier to maintain. This is the time of putting the puzzle pieces into place and shedding the dead weight. This puts time back upon my side.

I'm looking forward 2 progress in these and other areas of my life so that again time will be on my side and I will have times where I can easily step away and visit dear friends and family without missing a beat elsewhere.

At long last it seems I finally have things RE- rearranged. There's some things I had to do again to get back to where I am and of course only with help but here I am and it's hard to kind of throw it all into a sentence and explain.

It's critical I stay healthy and it's critical I stay away from negative energy and it's critical that I focus on my health so that I can be more effective in my own life and have more to offer my loved ones and my friends along my way because that is the only way that works and it is such a better Road To Tread, however when we are not well in life because of illness then these decisions of Free Will and our dreams are taken away.

Listen to your Body and always have an open mind about nutrition and realize that we change and our body speaks to us loud and clear when we listen and often knows exactly what it needs and we need to remember to trust ourselves but only act upon ourselves with other chemicals if with experience and a doctor's supervision always along that way without exception. Otherwise, it's a dangerous game people play.

  Of the flu, if your body has not ever seen this virus before there are no antigens in order to attack the foreign pathogen that is invaded your body, and so there Is a huge detrimental Force against you robbing you of energy as it steals from you while it multiplies. It's critical to have a healthy immune system and there is plenty of science that says there is no doubt about it that plain Greek yogurt, with probiotics naturally cultured within, is always good for the gut and that is the home to the human microbiome which is really the brain or the origin of the immune system science is proving.

I don't eat Greek yogurt all the time but I do fairly regularly and as soon as anything feels out of balance that's the first thing I go to. I don't overdo it on fruits like too many people suggest because that's way too much sugar, however when it comes to Sugar I can indulge in honey and I don't feel like it has any of this weird detrimental Other attributes that sugar and high-fructose corn syrup seem to offer.

  Diet and nutrition are critical and so is physical activity. if you cheat yourself in either area you can shoot yourself in the long run and that's not a good place to find yourself. When you can sculpt and change your body almost precisely like the finest sculptor with Clay if you are focused and you work hard enough and it really matters not what age, and it's amazing what disease can disappear with your diligent and steadfast upon your way. it's not something that you do alone but it is something that with the help of professionals it's amazing what can still be achieved.

I hope I'm not jinxing myself but amazingly I do not have the flu and this past weekend I was at George Mason University with certainly over 600 kids and even many more adults.

My immune system seems incredibly strong right now and I mean by far better than ever even though I'm still suffering from some things that can bring it down, I'm definitely up quite a few notches from my typical norm.

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Thoughts On Immune System During Worst Flu Outbreak


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