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Bitcoin Set To Quickly Double Or More In Next Month, Or Even Week ?

Have you been paying attention to bitcoin? Have you done your due diligence?

Are you studying Bitcoin at all? Blockchain technology? How about Futures Trading of Bitcoin? How about Diversified Bitcoin funds? How about you study who Michael Novogratz is, and what his personal investment strategies are when he is revealed a little online as far as what he's going to do with his own Money, as he will absolutely put his money where his mouth is, and he speaks from not a place of ignorance!!!

I'm going to BET right now that Bitcoin doubles in the next month if not far quicker. It's meteoric rate of growth is only growing an exponential numbers right now and it's really still the ground floor as hard as it is for some to believe.

If you have not done your own due diligence it's time but let me tell you the driving Factor behind Bitcoin, when people say that there is no intrinsic value to bitcoin because there's nothing tangible to touch, is that people are sick and tired of banks abusing them. It's really quite simple and hear your accounting Ledger sheet is in your hands and you are in control of your money virtually instantly and as commonly as it's reported that this is not a safe channel for your money and that it is hidden and used by people in the black market, indeed 3 reputable sites like coinbase or I should say services such as coinbase, you have many safeguards built-in and there is no real true anonymity as you will register for the service and you will be asked for specific types of identification and verification based upon where you live simple as that.

If you want to be scared you can remain scared or you can stop being ignorant and educate yourself of the facts and understand what Bitcoin is before you knock it and have a deeper fundamental understanding of what bit coin offers through blockchain technology and even more so that blockchain technology itself is a breakthrough technology app on digital platforms that will revolutionize just not how we spend money but many other marketplaces to as it guarantees transactions in a transparent manner but also so much more and furthermore also, again do your own due diligence.

I suggested my local city and vest and all cities across the country and all different jurisdictions and into tease because again we're not going to see this type of meteor growth in any other Marketplace is more than likely and when I saw this first happening with different businesses across the internet and IPS which are in Shoal public offerings, well it's just certain patterns that you look for and with an increasing demand for scrap as the price of scrap is rising that means our economy is starting to chug and soon will be running at full force and that demand will only go up for all materials as we rebuild infrastructure and build anew.

I think we will see an easy doubling a Bitcoin over the next month but more than likely I think we will see a double in a week or two. Controversial Lee and opposing most people's beliefs, Bitcoin is only becoming more and more of a solidified transparent and consistent Marketplace that people Trust whereas banks have only proven for decades to abused their own clientele and lend money Beyond the predatory lending of loan sharks. Once you are done with the bank they are done with you forever in your life is ruined. They know that they bet they are merciless and with your own money keep that in mind. As a service institution they should provide a service that does not make their CEOs reap the rewards from the gains from the money borrowed by the investors which is the clientele base most often and of course the stock and bond holders which usually are members of the services provided typically but certainly not always.

Jamie dimon is quickly becoming the laughing stock as he starts changing Jamie dimon is quickly becoming the laughing stock as he starts changing his tune each week but at least the old dinosaur understands that he better remain flexible or else Outkast he will be as he should have been already long ago. Voice recognition doesn't even recognize him LOL.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time editing through this I think you can read through here and get the basic gist of the conversation and my point is just study coinbase and open up a wallet you don't even have to make a minor investment at all just open up your wallet and understand what that particular Crossroads is to the conduit that you could have access to. The only logical reasons that I can find to not invest or none of this time. All I hear is fear and I'm not going to be run away by fear. I don't think anybody should run from fear but sometimes runs straight at fear directly in its face and get to know the enemy and find out if that enemy is really thine friend, however of course with the great state of caution, but for god sakes don't remain paralyzed and lost in the pack!

Mark my words and Watch What Happens!

$17,738 p/BC right now !

It will surge past 20,000 and indeed break 22 252 22500 where I expect it will drop back down to 20,000 and maintain and then probably double by the month's end and that first run up will happen starting Monday. These are bold predictions but look at the data sets available and look at the trends and I don't think anybody would go wrong here !!!

We could have invested and lost everything by this point or we could have invested and reality says we would have done this as a city.

Well you can go look at my original article and it's date and see what Bitcoin was then and it's almost tripled. It's only been just a little more than 60 days.

What if we had $10,000 in there? Don't we piss that away on studies telling us to do what we already know to do all the time? Yeah exactly and so 0 or $30,000 was the question today? Do you want a future for this city or do you want nothing more as nothing much we have gotten except maintenance of a run-down Old City instead of the rebuilding of our infrastructure which we must demand from Larry Hogan and not just our state but our respected federal government as well as our respected state government and that starts here at a local level with aggressive Progressive ideas that will liberate our future and indeed guarantee it for generations to come instead of guaranteeing more of the same which is a culture of shame that is killing Our Youth and stealing our lives and selling out every single one of us when right now we need to focus on bringing big business into our area and showing them that we are the best host around and there is no better place in the United States to reside!

I think we can be one of the cities of the future where we are perfectly balanced with population and infrastructure and we don't overdo things and we offer only the finest reversing the terrible Trend that hold us in terrible terrible black gridlock now with old money and the good old boys all holding the keys.

Money is a powerful tool, indeed the most powerful tool it is, and we need to ensure that we will have that tool in our possession so that we can all mold a great future together and not be led further astray by those that seem to want to take care of themselves instead of their constituents. I'm not pointing fingers at any one particular person and I indeed like most of the people that are in places serving today and I think that is only going to get better and better as we further vet our elected officials carefully and consider those that we are going to vote for but more importantly it's time for people to step up and get involved because the more that you are not involved then you just give away everything because you let these people make amendments and you let these people vote on Topix without speaking your voice because you think showing up at the voting booth is doing your job and it's not doing a job if you don't play an active role in local politics and pay attention to what's going on!!!

Wake up !!?

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Bitcoin Set To Quickly Double Or More In Next Month, Or Even Week ?


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