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Brainwaves and Duty Cycles Issue 1 - What's it all about?

Tags: music
Ok, so here’s the deal. I’ve been making experimental, non-genre-centric electronic Music since 1990 under various names and on various synths, samplers and computers. I create music under the monicker Sendy, whose modus operani is intended as a mixture of limitless childlike experimentation and deadly science, mostly based on cut up breakbeat and drum machine de- and re-constructions, constantly evolving synths and esoteric samples. The first music I remember enjoying as a kid was the pop music of the 80’s such as Soft Cell, Japan, Alphaville, mostly synth heavy stuff with an eclectic base of influences that probably laid the foundation for electronic music today despite being essentially pop music.

Next I became fascinated with the music of my Commodore 64, particularly in the hands of people like Rob Hubbard, who made it clear that inside the beige breadbin was a miniature but fully fledged three voice synthesizer capable of doing things most keyboard synths could only dream of. Then jungle and drum and bass took of in the UK underground, completing and rounding out my core influences and setting me up for a lifetime of endless musical ideas. I stand on the shoulders of the 80’s synthpop giants, the original junglists and the micro music moguls on the Commodore 64 and later the Amiga when I create anything, but I also enjoy and am influenced by the acid house scene, early trance and ambient such as KLF and The Orb, the weird and occasionally funky experiments of Aphex Twin and early Luke Vibert tracks, prog rock, and even the odd dance anthem strewn around here and there.

In addition to music I’m also very much interested in video games and game design, 2D graphic design, writing, films, philosophy, and have been known to tolerate people on occasion. Creativity is one of the few things that makes life more than just bearable and nurturing and promoting creativity is at the forefront of everything I do, because I feel there’s something of a war on creativity going on in mainstream culture these days. I also tend to think a lot and so this blog will be a sort of spillage tray for all my ideas to run into; if I get any interaction from readers and we can bounce ideas back and fourth, so much the better.

I know there isn’t much call for crossover music production/videogame/philosophy/random thought blogs, but the idea of separating the threads beyond giving them different tags is unappealing to me, because the common thread running through everything I post here, without being egotistical (or stating the blindingly obvious) is me. Welcome to my dumping ground, testing area and sounding board!

What you can expect:
  • Production techniques, ideas, thoughts on electronic music production, consumption and analysis
  • Synthesizer reviews of both physical and virtual instruments
  • Reviews of music old and new
  • Random crap and anticrap
  • Links to things I’ve created, such as music, computer game levels and hacks, writings, etc
  • Posts questioning some of the qualities of the music scene today which will probably severely age me (I mean seriously what is up with all the microgenres nowadays?!)
  • Pictures of snails

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Brainwaves and Duty Cycles Issue 1 - What's it all about?


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